How To Use Tatsu Bot Discord? Tatsu Bot Commands Guide!

Bringing you another popular bot of Discord that is based on social perspectives. This bot’s job is to make your server enjoyable and fun. It’s the Tatsu Bot. It’s another masterpiece, created by a few experienced developers. If you also want to know what the fun features of Tatsu Bot taste like then let’s discuss how to use Tatsu Bot Discord.

This bot has a huge fan base on Discord. It has impressive features, prime and regular ones. Both are unique in their own way. The bot also offers incentive activities that let members earn XPs and also level them up depending upon amazing factors. It also has Reputation features, is highly in demand, and is loved by users. 

Don’t rush directly to learn how to use Tatsu Bot Discord, follow the pattern. Adding Tatsu Bot on Discord comes first, and to do the same you need to open Website >> Add To Server >> Login >> Select the Server >> Authorization >> Add Bot To A Server >> Go back to your Discord >> bot added. See how simple it was! The Tatsu user manual is even simpler, waiting for you below!

It’s just the upper layer, you need to dig deeper to get what you actually need. From features to how to fix Tatsu Bot if it caught bug! You’ll get everything here. So we guess there’s no reason left to wait anymore! Go read.

In-built Search And Other Features Of Tatsu Bot 

In-built Search And Other Features Of Tatsu Bot

The introduction must have told you many things, still, there is much more to explore about Tatsu Bot, so before hopping on how to use Tatsu Bot Discord, let’s discuss some of its features.

  1. It has a Voting feature through which users make decisions.
  2. The Search feature shows the top results of searches from top sites, browsers, and apps.
  3. The Reputation feature is gained by every member of the server, which is then shown on their profile.
  4. It has a Credit feature which acts as the currency offered by the bot. It’s used by members to buy customizations.
  5. The customization feature is supposed to be unlocked by the member having a high amount of credits.
  6. It has a user-friendly interface, which can be customized by the users as per their choice.
  7. The Reminder feature for events whose notifications are sent by the bot so that you may get to know about the gathering immediately.

Hence, because of all these features, this bot deserves a check out once, at least. We highly suggest you add this bot to your Discord server. The bot is not just the best but also perfect in its own way. 

Tatsu Bot Commands

Tatsu Bot Commands
  1. /fishy cast – Cast out a rod and catch fish!
  1. /fishy inventory – This shows your current inventory for fishy.
  1. /fishy rarefish – Shows off a collection of fish.
  1. /fishy redeem – Redeems a rare fish.
  1. /fishy sell – Sell your fishy stuff.
  1. /fishy stats – Displays your fishing statistics.
  1. /pet interact clean – Cleans up after your Tatsugotchi’s dirty mess.
  1. /pet interact feed – Feeds your hungry pet.
  1. /pet interact play – Playing with your Tatsugotchi
  1. /pet interact prestige – Level up your pet’s prestige at the price of resetting its cost.
  1. /pet interact train – Teaches some tricks to your Tatsugotchi.
  1. /pet interact visit – Shows one of the other user’s rooms with both of your Tatsugotchi.
  1. /pet interact walk – Take Tatsugotchi out for a walk.
  1. /pet misc capsules – Select a Tatsugotchi capsule from available options.
  1. /pet misc carer – Select a carer from available options.
  1. /pet misc chartlists – Down the drop rates of a pet capsule.
  1. /pet misc edit – Opens up a universal edit menu for the whole of Tatsugotchi.
  1. /pet misc nickname – Give a nickname to your Tatsugotchi.
  1. /pet misc nursery – Views all your Tatsugotchi with their respective statistics.
  1. /pet misc unwrap – Unwraps one of your wrapped Tatsugotchi.
  1. /shop – Opens shop menu to use the event shop, global store or expedition store.

How To Use Tatsu Bot Discord?

How To Use Tatsu Bot Discord

As you have already gone through the Tatsu Bot command section, it’s time to learn how to use Tatsu Bot Discord. As we all already learned that all the features of Tatsu Bot are amazing and you should give it a try! Then we guess, there’s no need to explain to you the need to add Tatsu Bot to your server and use it.

  1. Open the browser and go to the Tatsu Bot Website.
  1. Click on the Add To Server option.
  1. Sign in to your Discord account.
  1. Select the Server from the given list.
  1. Give Authorisation to the bot.
  1. Click on Add Bot To A Server option

Here you go, after this you’ll find Tatsu Bot on your Discord server, fully ready to use. 

How To Fix The Tatsu Bot Not Working?

Oftentimes, the Tatsu Invite Tracker bot does not work properly. Like it stops in mid, gets offline anytime, may not respond, etc. These may be due bot server being down because of some reason. Check in the Invite Tracker Support Community Server if you find such an issue.

Also remember that you have given enough permissions to the Tatsu bot; this can be done from Settings.

Wrapping Up

Tatsu bot has gained the love of hundreds and thousands of users from all over the world. Its features and offerings have won the hearts of all the players. The bot lets its users customize a number of things into the bot according to their taste which is wonderful. Through this bot, many, many people got their sources of entertainment and fun.

Well, in this post we’ve successfully learned how to use Tatsu Bot Discord. Other than that, it’s commands, features, setup, etc. If you’ve any doubts or queries do let us know in the comment section.


Q1. How To Get Started With Tatsu?

Ans. There are no hard and fast rules to start using the Tatsu bot; you just need to Add The Bot, and you’ll get access automatically.

Q2. How Does Tatsu Work?

Ans. A member needs to send a message, and Tatsu will reward them with global XP and server score.

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