How To Use Soccer Guru Bot Discord? Soccer Guru Bot Commands!

Sink into the world of Soccer with Soccer Guru Bot on Discord servers where you can enjoy predictions and Live scores, FUT, FIFA cards, and many more, but for that, you need to learn how to use Soccer Guru Bot Discord.

Who is not a football fan nowaday? Sports are the best form of passing time with joy and fun. Also, this can be seen live and it would fill you with a thrill on the spot. However this bot has multiple exciting sports over there, but we will talk about Soccer here.

To know how to use Soccer Guru bot Discord you need to learn how to add Soccer bot first, and for that head to the Official Soccer Guru bot >>> tap on Add To Server button >>> Login to your Discord server >>> select the Server >>> give Authorization for the bot >>> check the Add Bot to server >>> click on Authorize button >>> apply Command >>> server ready for Customisation. Let’s see what the other section says.

So, now you know a Lil bit about how to add Soccer Guru bot, but do you know its features? Its commands? What to do when it gets stuck? We consider it a no! So, now you should read like a good person to know all of these before adding this bot to your server. So, 1, 2, 3 go read.

Features Of Soccer Guru Bot Discord

Features Of Soccer Guru Bot Discord

The Soccer Guru Bot is accessible to Discord users all over the world. The Soccer Guru Bot has multiple features that keep the users engaged during playing the match. The main features of the bot include letting users bet while they judge the match. The bot is based on a theme that allows players to create their soccer team which is known as Ultimate 11 by the bot. There’s a virtual economy system that functions within the bot. The rest of the features are leveling and gaming, the bot also has an amazing FIFA feature on it. 

Users can collaborate with other teams and form teams to fight with other teams on Discord. There is also a system to vote for players and rankings are made accordingly. The other feature that the bot offers is the cooldown feature, and the Soccer Guru has a premium package in which players can unlock a few of the most amazing features by just giving a small charge for it. The premium features of the bot are auto votes, promotions, trackers, demotion, etc.

However, if you love soccer, then the Soccer Guru bot is your go-to entertainment source. The bot can simply be set up on the Discord server, and because of its service and offerings only it received a rating of 4.8 stars among the players of the entire world. 

How To Use Soccer Guru Bot Discord?

How To Add Soccer Guru Bot In Your Discord Server

It’s damn simple to add the Soccer Guru Bot to your Discord server. Below is the manual to add the Soccer Guru bot to your Discord server. Follow these steps on how to use Soccer Guru Bot Discord.

  1. Head to the Official Website of Soccer Guru Bot on your server.
  1. Then, tap on the Add To Server option.
  1. Next, log in to your Discord server.
  1. After that, select the Server from the given options where you wish to show the Soccer Guru bot.
  1. Grant Authorization for the bot to control and manage your Discord server.
  1. Tick mark the Add Bot option to the server and tap on the Authorization option.
  1. Now, implement the Command and proceed with Customisation Process

Soccer Guru Bot Discord Commands

Soccer Guru Bot Discord Commands

Soccer Guru takes responsibility for keeping you updated every time, it keeps a record of each and every soccer match going live all over the world, anywhere. The bot entertains players with the live scores and the commentary and players enjoy their place.

Here are Soccer Guru Bot Discord commands enlisted:

General Commands

sg!faqs :: Frequently asked questions.

sg!help :: Commands list.

sg!info :: Provides information about the bot.

sg!invite :: Shows the invite link of Soccer Guru.

sg!prefix :: Change the prefix of the bot.

sg! premium :: Lists benefits for premium users.

sg! togglevotereminder :: Turn on/off vote reminder from the bot.

sg!vote :: Earn extra credits, cards and commands to use.

Guild Commands

sg!togglecat :: Turn on/off categories for your guild.

sg!togglecommand :: Turn on/off commands for your guild.

Cards Commands

sg!name :: Set your custom club name.

Premium Commands

sg!coach :: Shows a profile for a coach.

sg!promote :: Promote a server with your premium subscription.

sg!teamstats :: Statistics of a team from the chosen league.

Sports Betting Commands

sg!bookmakers :: List of all available Bookmakers.

sg!markets :: List of all available betting markets.

sg!predict :: Prediction for a match.

Economy Commands

sg!daily :: Claim a daily reward of 500 credits.

sg!flip :: Flips a coin.

sg!money :: Check how many credits you’ve earned.

sg!rank :: Check your current rank.

sg!ranks :: Displays list of ranks users can obtain.

sg!rob :: Steal credits from a user. Pay the amount if caught.

Sports Commands

sg!country :: Display leagues from the country specified.

sg!fixtures :: Upcoming fixtures for a team.

sg!h2h :: Head to Head results between 2 teams.

sg!lineups :: Lineup for a match.

sg!quote :: Gives a funny football quote.

sg!table :: League table of a given league.

sg!team :: Team profile of your choice.

sg!topscores :: Topscorers from a chosen league.

How To Fix Soccer Guru Not Working?

Since you know as to how to use Soccer Guru Bot Discord, you must be aware of how how to fix Soccer Guru Bot Discord. Sometimes, the Invite Tracker Bot may have some issues, like it may not respond and it may be offline. 

A few of the times, Tracker Bot might have some error, like it may stop responding, might get offline.

This can be because of a bot server down because of any reason, if you go through any issue check in the Track Support Community Server.

Here, you may look for the recent announcements and support channels. They’ll surely help you.

Wrapping Up:

That’s all for how to use Soccer Guru Bot Discord.

Soccer Guru has brought the sport to your resting place through the Discord server. With the help of commands, you can track what’s happening in live matches around the world. Give yourself a place while betting with predictions or simply build your own Ultimate Xl team with the help of our virtual economy system.


Q1. How To Use Discord Bot?

Ans. Enter “node bot. js” in the Command Prompt.

Q2. How To Turn On Discord Bots?

Ans. Website >>> Login (Discord credentials) >>> Authorize >>> Set Up.

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