How To Use Reaction Roles Bot Discord? Reaction Roles Commands!

Since the launch of Discord, gamers are enjoying and utilizing it to interact with each other. Discord slowly gradually became the most popular chatting application for its gamer users with 150 million users all over the world. Reaction roles depict one of the features which makes Discord different from others. In this post we’ll show you how to use Reaction Roles Bot Discord.

The bot creates extraordinary and awesome reaction roles. The statistics shows how much it’s in demand, as it was added to more than 545k servers and still counting. Along with creating roles with embeds it has messaging features also for all of its users. It eases the work of users by choosing reaction roles of their choices through reactions is the most liked feature of the bot. 

For knowing how to add Reaction Roles to your server. Browser >> Reaction Roles Bot Website >> Invite bot >> select the Server >> Authorize >> Captcha >> get back to your server you’ll find your bot over there. But, you need to read a bit to find how to use Reaction Roles Bot Discord.

This post is all about exploring the fun and exciting benefits of Reactions bot. Learn how to use it, commands, features and a lot more. A good reading will help you with it. Go, proceed further!

What Are Reaction Roles And Its Features?

What Are Reaction Roles And Its Features

Before getting into how to use Reaction Roles Bot Discord, let’s discover what Reaction Role actually is! Reaction Role allows the users to acquire a role clicking on a reaction. Other than general features, reaction roles also alter their color based upon the role of the message sender. For instance, it’ll turn green if the sender carries moderator privileges and purple if the sender is a male. You are even allowed to explore which permission comes with which role.  

All aside, the main feature of the bot which made it absolutely different and unique from others is creating your reaction on the bot. One is allowed to create custom reaction roles and the bot will give guidance and offer everything required for the same, so that users may find ease in creating reaction roles. In addition, you can also modify your custom reactions and make changes in emojis and many more according to your choice by using the edit command. The bot hence offer its users amazing benefits, easy management and a simple interface which can be accessed by any of its users at the first use.  

At last, the latest premium version of Reaction Role bot which includes a few more amazing and ultra features which are double fun in using. Do if you are planning to get into this premium version, do try these amazing features with a price. 

How To Add Reaction Bot To Your Discord Server?

How To Add Reaction Bot To Your Discord Server

One can learn how to use Reaction Roles Bot Discord only when they know how to add it. This bot is highly useful for Discord admins in adding reactions to the Carl Bot. After adding the bot successfully to your Discord server, the members can give roles to themselves in just a minute. You’ve to follow the given instructions to add the bot to your server:

  1. Enter the browser of your device and open the official Website of Reaction Role bot.
  1. Tap on the Invite button on the top right corner of the screen.
  1. Select the Server of your choice after that.
  1. Grant Permissions to the bot to function properly.
  1. Next, tap on Authorize.
  1. Fill Captcha for human verification.
  1. Head back to the selected server where you added your bot to access it.

How To Use Reaction Role Bot Discord?

How To Use Reaction Role Bot Discord

You can add 250 roles to the server of your choice with Carl Bot. This bot lets you build a number of roles for a user if you want.

  1. First add the Carl Bot to your server.
  1. Create New Roles from Server Settings.

Here’s how to create a Role: 

  1. Open Server Settings.
  2. Open Discord Server.
  3. Tap on the Arrow next to the server’s name.
  4. Tap on Server Settings.
  5. Select Roles from the sidebar.
  6. Tap on the Add icon (+).
  7. Name your new role.
  8. Make sure that Carl Bot is mentioned at number 1 of the list
  9. Tap on Save Changes to complete creation of the new role. 

NOTE: Here make sure that the server shows the role members apart from online members. And for that, launch Roles and switch the box besides this option.

  1. Create Reaction Roles and select the Channel.
  1. Add Colors, Title and Description.
  1. Add Emojis and Names to every role.
  1. Enter Done and the process is complete!

Wallah! You’ve completed the procedure of adding reaction roles with the aid of Carl Bot. Carl Bot will immediately ask every newbee to select a role. After adding reaction roles it will be easy for you to learn how to use Reaction Roles Bot Discord.

Other than adding roles, the Carl Bot self-operates various other functions which will take a lot of time and effort if a human does the same. It comes ready-made along with the commands so that you can customize it to match your requirements. It is very useful for managing a room in an organized manner by self-operating tasks like starting games, counting the number of users and removing spam messages.

Wrapping Up

In order to make Discord server engaging and interactive, adding reaction roles is the solution. Users are allowed to assign roles to themselves and set you free to manage your channels. Doesn’t whether it’s an animated GIF or a simple thumbs up, reaction roles are an unfailing way to keep users involved while self-operating tasks which would take much more time to complete. 

In this post we’ve tried our best to understand how to use Reaction Roles Bot Discord. Do let us know which ones are your favourite emojis for your Discord reaction roles! 


Q1. How To Use Reaction Roles In BOT Reactions?


  1. Add Carl Bot to your server
  2. Create New Roles
  3. Make Reaction Roles
  4. Select the Channel
  5. Add a title, description and colors
  6. Add emojis and names to every role

Q2. What Is The Reaction Role Bot?

Ans. Reaction Roles is a bot which let you distribute roles to users in your Discord Server. 

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