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It’s the ultimate guide to using OWO Bot on Discord to play and enjoy OWO Bot with the help of OWO commands on your Discord server. But, how to play? In this post, we’ll explain exactly the same i.e. How to use OWO bot Discord. If this is what attracts you then stay.

In OWO Bot Discord, users usually build zoos and hunt animals. The OWO zoo is filled with a variety of wild animals, where you are allowed to catch animals. However, the primary command about OWO bot is related to animals, which you can hunt, sell, sacrifice and battle against each other.

To know how to use OWO bot Discord you need to add it first and for that: Invite OWO bot >>> Login >>>Connect with your Server in which you wanna invite the OWO Bot >>> Grant Permission Access >>> Click on Authorize button >>> The bot is added to your server. You’re not done here, who’ll learn playing OWO Bot Discord?

You’re right! Great then. In this post, we’ve briefed almost everything about OWO Bot Discord, how to use OWO Bot Discord, and How To Use OWO Bot Discord which can help you. Don’t delay dude! Go, take control of the post & read.

What Is OWO Bot?

What Is OWO Bot

The OWO bot’s theme is building zoos and hunting animals. Hence, the primary commands about OWO bot are related to animals that can hunt, sell, sacrifice and battle against each other.

The OWO bot zoo is loaded with a variety of wildlife animals where you can hunt animals, specialize your zoo, go battle with other zoo owners, improvise your hunting ability, and much more.

The OWO bot has its own currency known as cowoncy, one can use this currency for a number of purposes like in battle, buying weapons, equipment, etc. Other than the Zoo Game the OWO bot has a variety of social Discord commands and fun which gives a great experience to members of the server. 

How To Add OWO Bot To Discord?

How To Add OWO Bot To Discord

Adding the OWO bot to your Discord server is a very simple task that anyone can perform. To add an OWO bot you have to simply invite the OWO bot to the general channel or your preferred channel.

  1. Search on Google for “OWO bot Invite” to invite the OWO bot, it’ll provide you with the Discord Official Website containing the invite link.
  1. Click on the Invite Link and then, Connect your Discord server to which you want to invite the bot. Make sure that you are Logged In to your Discord server, before clicking on the link.
  1. Select the Server and grant Permission Access. Automatically, it’ll have Administrator Access to the Discord server, if you don’t want to grant administrator access then Unselect the administrator access option from permission access. When you are satisfied with the options in the permission access then you can tap on the Authorize button.

The OWO bot has been added to your server in the general message channel but the bot will be inactive before you accept their rules and regulations.

How To Accept OWO Bot Rules?

To activate the OWO bot, enter “OWO daily” and a message box will appear with a rule and link to the OWO server community. Tap on the thumbs-up symbol beneath the message and the bot will become active and working. OWO bot has been added successfully and activated in your general Discord server channel. You can now explore the OWO bot various features with the help of commands listed below just you have to enter “OWO help” and all the commands will appear.

Also, if you’re going through some issue that you’re not able to solve with the OWO bot then you can join their community server. You can easily tap on the link to join their server and you will find the link on their initial rules agreement message.

How To Use OWO Bot Discord Commands

What Are The OWO Bot Commands

Exclude brackets when typing commands:

  1. {} = Optional user input
  1. [] = Optional arguments
  1. Case Sensitive – Lowercase

Every note has a prefix before commands. The OWO bot prefix is “OWO” followed by the command.

All Ranking Commands – Top, My

  1. Top command (top/rank/ranking): This shows the top ranking of a particular category.
  1. My Command (my/guild/me): You can select your rank within the server or globally.

Moneybag: Economy Commands

All Economy Commands – cowoncy, give, daily, vote, quest, checklist, shop, buy.

  1. Cowoncy Command (cowoncy, money, currency, cash, credit, balance): check back at your cowoncy balance.
  1. Give Command (give, send): Send some cowoncy to other members. This command must include a @username and an amount.
  1. Daily Command: Pick your daily cowoncy every day after 12am PST! Daily streaks will give you extra cowoncy.
  1. Vote Command: Vote on Discord Bot List to receive daily cowoncy.
  1. Quest Command (quest, q): Pick a quest daily and complete them to earn rewards! You can also have one quest reroll each day! You can earn a new quest after 12am PST.
  1. Checklist Command (checklist, task, tasks, cl): Get a list of everything you’ve left to do.
  1. Shop Command (shop, market): Spend your cowoncy on a few of the items.
  1. Buy Command: Buy a product from the shop.

Seedling: Animal Commands

All Animal Commands – zoo, hunt, sell, battle, inventory, equip, autohunt, battlesetting.

  1. Zoo Command (zoo, z): Shows your zoo. Few animals are unique than others. Use the ‘display’ args to show all your animals from your past.
  1. Hunt Command (hunt, h, catch): Hunt for animals to put in your zoo. Higher ranks are harder to find. 
  1. Sell Command: Sell animals from your zoo, it’ll not affect your zoo score. You are also allowed to sell weapons by their unique weapon ID. Selling animals will not prevent you from using them in battle.
  1. Inventory Command (inventory, inv): Shows your inventory. Use ‘owo equip’ to use them.
  1. Equipment Command (equip, use): Use an item from your inventory.
  1. Autohunt Command (autohunt, huntbot, hb, ah): Use autohunt to hunt down animals automatically. Update huntbot for more efficient hunts.

Hugging: Action Commands

The OWO Bot will tag the user with the implanted gifs as per your action commands. Also, the action commands need you to add the name of the user by “@username”. You can follow the similar methods for other action commands:

  1. Remember the prefix of “owo”. First write the prefix then follow the action word.
  2. Select one of the action commands from the list given below:
  • hug
  • kiss
  • nom
  • pat
  • bite
  • slap
  • stare
  • punch
  • wave
  • bully
  • hold
  • kill
  • tickle

These are intuitive action commands, these commands will decide the gifs to select from its database.

  1. Write the action word then tag the user with the help of “@”, is: OWO cuddle @randy, owo kill @martha etc.

Wrapping Up:

That’s all for How To Use OWO Bot Discord.

A friendly and fun area to shred your favorite bot OwO. The server features giveaways tons of channels and bots to play with, and more. OWO has a huge variety of amazing social commands which adds an aspect of joy to your experience on discord. OWO bot primary commands are related to the animals, selling, sacrifice and battle.

Hunt for animals and fight other players.


Q1. What Does The OWO Bot Do In Discord?

Ans. OWO has a huge variety of social commands which adds spice to the game. OWO’s bot primary commands are related to the animals, selling, sacrifice and battle. 

Q2. How To Play OWO Bot?

Ans. In OWO, you’ve to collect animals and battle with other users. Hunt for animals and fight other playersain cowoncy, buy equipment, weapons etc. And fight. 

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