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Discord is the perfect place for gamers from the past years. Discord did not only came as a big advantage but also as a platform where a user can meet another with similar interests. All of this became possible because of one of the key features of Discord with which it leaves behind its every other competitor. This key feature is the discord bots. One of them we’re going to explore today. Nekotina Bot! It’s turn to learn how to use Nekotina Bot Discord.

This bot is designed by developers from all over the world offers awesome service to its users on Discord. This bot has 700,000+ active users and it’s completely in Spanish language. You’ll have fun accessing it’s simple and intuitive commands. You can engage with this multi-functional bot and it’s NSFW commands which can make your Discord server even more unique and attractive.

We’ll learn how to use Nekotina Bot Discord, but later. First add it. Nekotina Bot Website >> Invite button >> select Server >> Authorization >> Captcha >> Done! You’ll find your bot in the selected server. You’ll get to know how to use in the below mentioned sections.

This post will guide you with using the Nekotina Bot, Nekotina commands what are its features and functions etc. All of this at one place! Good to hear right? It’s even better to read for your own knowledge, so why to waste time! Let’s begin. 

What Is Nekotina Bot And What Are It’s Features?

What Is Nekotina Bot And What Are It's Features

Before learning how to use Nekotina Bot Discord, first learn the basics of Nekotina Bot – features.

Nekotina Bot is a recent launch but still achieved a lot more and gained it’s position among best choice of users on Discord. The Nekotina Bot is another perfect piece designed by finest developers from Spain. This Spanish bot is entirely dedicated to its users and offering them the best gaming services on Discord. This bot gained amazing attraction from users on Discord. The bot is still gaining exposure and numbers which will result in good statistics.

When it comes to Nikotina’s features, it has simple and user-friendly interface making it easy and fun to use. The bot’s main function is to play music which can relax your mind and calm you down. The bot also includes you moderation features and roleplay with some of the other amazing fun games which let you gain coins which can be spent later on different purposes. 

Economy features is one of the best features of the bot and server economy services which are fun to do activities on the server. Another prime feature of the bot which outshines the bot is that it has simple to understand commands. One can easily access the commands and understand it’s mechanism by trying it at once. At first try any user can learn it’s mechanism. These bots on Discord giving tough competition to each other.

In such cases, the Nekotina Bot is a latest one, stood up from ground and touching sky on server. It has became the top choices of server admins and discord members because of it’s exciting features offered by the bot itself. Being a Spanish bot, it is still gaining exposure on a large scale. This bot a highly recommended one from our end. 

How To Use Nekotina Bot Discord?

How To Use Nekotina Bot Discord

You can easily learn how to use Nekotina Bot Discord once you will add it your server. One can make use of invite link to add the Nekotina Bot to your Discord server. To successfully add the Nekotina Bot do as the given instructions says:

  1. Go to Nekotina Bot Website via web browser on your device.
  1. Tap on the Invite button on the top.
  1. Select the Server in  which you want to add the bot.
  1. Give Authorization so that bot may function properly.
  1. Fill up the Captcha.
  1. Get back to the Discord Server where you have added Nekotina Bot.
  1. You will get the Nekotina Bot Message in the General Text Channel.
  1. From now onwards, you’ll be able to access the Nekotina Bot completely.

Congo! You’ve successfully added the Nekotina Bot on your server. 

Nekotina Bot Commands

  1. !help action
  2. !help reaction
  3. !help anime
  4. !help club
  5. !help config
  6. !help currency
  7. !help fun
  8. !help info
  9. !help misc
  10. !help manager
  11. !help marriage
  12. !help mod
  13. !help music
  14. !help utility

How To Fix Nekotina Bot Not Working?

Few times the Nekotina Bot stops functioning and catches error, like it may stop responding and it may be offline. This may occur because of Discord Server down. If you go through the same check on the Nekotina Support Discord Page. Also remember that have given enough permissions to Nekotina Bot, it can be done from the Settings tab.

If it still doesn’t work, then remember you didn’t change the Nekotina Bot default prefix.

Wrapping Up

With Nekotina Bot you perform multiple activities like roleplay, playing music, moderate etc. The best feature of this bot is it’s amazing management of the server economy. If you want to become get started with it, go with the help command. It will help you with all the other commands.

In this post we’ve discussed how to use Nekotina Bot Discord, it’s features, set-up process, commands etc. If you’ve any doubts regarding Nekotina Bot, drop it in the comment section.

Q1. How To Use Bot Command In Discord?

Ans. Enter the command into the text box and click on enter. The bot will guide you through any follow up discord commands.

Q2. What Can ProBot Do?

Ans. ProBot is a customizable Discord Bot with functions like moderation, leveling and welcoming.

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