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Correct me if I am wrong. This 21st-century digital era is ruled by digital games and Anime. What would be better than having both of them on the same platform? So, here we are with the article on How To Use Mudae Bot Discord and Mudae bot commands.

Well, if you are reading about the Mudae bot you must be aware of what they are. But, for the record let us tell you that Mudae bots are entertainment bots that bring the Anime characters and Multiplayer Online Anime Games to your Discord server. If you are a die-hard anime fan then what’s stopping you from using the Mudae Bot. Don’t worry about how to use Mudae Bot Discord, leave that to us and continue reading to know Mudae bot commands.

Well, you can invite the Mudae bot to your server through its official website. But, you know what would be easier? We have provided you the link that will directly take you to your server page and ask you to choose the server to which you want to invite the Mudae Bot.

The only invite is not enough. You got to know the Mudae bot commands that will help you in running the Mudae bot. So, here we are with proper tutorials on “How To Use Mudae Bot Discord” with the Mudae Bot Commands.

How To Use Mudae Bot Discord?

In this tutorial on “How to use Mudae Bot Discord”, we will come across how to invite the bot to the Discord server, what commands it follows and what all it can do. But, before starting with how to use Mudae Bot on Discord let us know what exactly is the Mudae Bot.

What Is Mudae Bot Discord?

How To Use Mudae Bot Discord

Before starting with what is Mudae Bot in Discord. Let us know why the Mudae bot is getting so much attention? It is because it is the most invited bot on the Discord servers. By June 2021 the Mudae Bot has invited up to 9 million discord servers and that is a huge number.

Mudae bots are discord-based entertainment bots that are made especially for Anime lovers. If you are fond of anime then this bot will best serve your purpose on your server. Mudae bot is specialized in hosting several online Multiplayer games (MOBA) dedicated to Anime characters or movies such as a gacha character roulette and Pokemon roulette. 

The rising popularity of Anime can be one of the reasons why Mudae Bot has found its special space in the Discord servers.

How To Invite Mudae Bot To The Discord Server?

How To Invite Mudae Bot To The Discord Server

The very first thing in the tutorial on “How To Use Mudae Bot Discord” is that you have the mudae invite, the Bot to the Discord server. You can invite the Mudae bot either from its official website or you can use the link given below and follow the following steps.

To invite Mudae Bot to Discord Server > Mudae Bot Invite Link > Discord Account > Login > Select server > give permission > authorize

  1. You can directly invite the Mudae bot through this Mudae Bot Invite link
  2. Clicking on the link above will take you to the Discord account on your device and will ask for the server you wish to invite the bot to. If you have not logged in to the discord application, it will ask you to log in first and after that, you can select the discord server.
  3. Next, you will be asked to give some permissions to the Mudae bot. Be careful while authorizing the permission to the bot. After all the permissions are granted. You have successfully invited the bot to your Discord Server.

Recommendation: Join the Mudae support community. The people in the community will always help you when you are stuck with the Mudae bot somewhere.

How To Use Mudae Bot Discord?

How To Use Mudae Bot Discord

Now that you have learned how to invite the Mudae Bot to your server let’s move on to the major part of the tutorial which is How To Use Mudae Bot Discord. Remember all the commands you give to the Mudae bot start with the ‘$’ sign. Let us start with some of the basic commands and then we will move to the other categories of the Bot commands.

$waifu ($w) – This command will roll out a random female anime character or a female game.

$husbandos ($h) – This command will roll out a random male anime character or a male game.

$marry ($m) – This command will randomly roll out either a male or female Anime character.

Mudae Bot Commands

Mudae Bot Command-List

There are more than 450 commands for the Mudae Bot. Here we are with the list of the most important ones.

Mudae Bot Commands-Anime

  • $quote: Random quote from anime.
  • $quotimage: Random quote followed by a random image. Then, imagine the story…
  • $mudanime: Random phrases inspired by known animes.
  • $loli: Try it?
  • $rdmperso: Random character from
  • $rdmpokemon: Random Pokémon.
  • $searchpkm: Search for a Pokémon.

Mudae Commands-Harem Arrangement

  • $mymarry: Inventory of your conquests.
  • $marryexchange: Exchange characters with the mentioned player.
  • $give: Gift the mentioned player (limited)
  • $firstmarry: Change your favorite character.
  • $sortmarry: Sort your characters.
  • $divorce: Divorce a character.
  • $profile: Display your server profile.

Mudae Commands-Search

  • $infomarry: Search for a character. Example: $im Rem
  • $infomarrya: Search for a series.
  • $left: Number of characters left for your server.
  • $fn: Find notes in your harem from the $note command.
  • $fnall: Find notes in all harems of the server.
  • $top: Top 1000 characters. Or $top #<rank>
  • $topserv: Server character ranking.

Mudae Commands-Customization

  • $note: Add a message next to a character in your harem.
  • $changeimg: Change the main image of a character.
  • $addimg: (moderator) Add a custom image for an existing character.
  • $randomimg: Randomize images during your rolls.
  • $rollsleft: Change where the ‘2 rolls left’ message is displayed.
  • $alist: See available aliases for a character.
  • $alias: Swap the main name for an available alias.
  • $alias2: Change the secondary alias to whatever text you want.
  • $noteimg: Add a message for an image.
  • $addcustom: (moderator) Add a custom character for your server.

Mudae Commands-Words

  • Use $noun, $adverb, $adject, $vrb in your sentences to add a random word.
  • $phrase: Random sentence.
  • $poem: Random poem.
  • $say (or $saymudae)
  • $invert
  • Part of the words database comes from

Mudae Commands-Utility

  • $bonus: Your list of unlocked bonuses.
  • $overview: Your list of player settings.
  • $togglewestern: Disable/enable western series from your animanga rolls.
  • $toggleirl: Disable/enable series with IRL people for your rolls.
  • $setfooter: Display name/series under the image during your rolls.
  • $imglink: Display image links during your rolls.
  • $hideinfodisable: Hide the emoji indicating a character is disabled (for $im/$mmi)
  • $personalrare: Change the spawn rarity of owned characters.
  • $tip: Display a tip.
  • $rolls: Vote for Mudae and get a rolls reset ($vote to check).
  • $daily: Obtain a roll reset every 20 hours.

Mudae Commands-Moderation

  • $forcedivorce: (admin) Release a character.
  • $cleanuser: (admin) Reset harem and wishes from a user.
  • $userdivorce: Reset the harem of the character’s owner.
  • $thanos: (admin) Randomly divorce half of a user harem.
  • $thanosall: (admin) Divorce half of the harem of each player on the server.
  • $bitesthedust: (server owner) Reset all harems of the server.
  • $clearnotes: (admin) Clear the notes of a user.
  • $clearwishes: (admin) Reset the wishes of a user.
  • $resetalias2: (admin) Reset all $alias2 for a user’s characters OR unclaimed characters.
  • Or $resetalias for their $alias / $resetimg for their $changeimg
  • $fullreset: (admin) List of full reset commands (aliases, images, wishes, disabled lists, embed colors, keys…)

Mudae Commands-Server

  • $settings: List of the server settings.
  • $setrare: (admin) Change the spawn rarity of owned characters.
  • $settimer: (admin) Change the number of seconds during which you can claim a character.
  • $setrolls: (admin) Decrease or increase the number of rolls for the whole server.
  • $setclaim: (admin + server premium I/II) Change the claimed interval (up to one per hour).
  • Can be used by non-premium to increase the interval.
  • $shifthour: (admin) Shift the exact hour of the claim reset.
  • $setinterval: (admin + server premium II) Change the exact minute of the claim/rolls reset.
  • $haremlimit: (admin) Change the maximum number of characters per user.
  • $togglereact: (admin) Change the automatic addition of hearts under the rolls.

Mudae Commands-Countdown

  • $cdn
  • $kirby // $kirchoco //$tea
  • $chocoshark // $bear // $eater
  • $beam : Blow up what you hate.
  • $customcd
  • Example: $customcd 10 :chestnut: :deciduous_tree: :chipmunk:

Mudae Bot Cheats

Mudae Bot Cheats

If you are wondering how to get more rolls in Mudae, then here are the top 6 Mudae bot cheats that will help you increase the number of rolls in the entire server.

To use Mudae Bot Cheats > $setrolls command > $vote > $wish > Kakera Badges > $gamemode 2

  1. Get Mudae Bot Premium and use the “$setrolls” command to increase your rolls.
  2. Use the Vote Command ($vote) and get a free roll reset.
  3. Create a wishlist ($wish).
  4. Spend Kakera on Kakera Badges.
  5. Change Game Mode by using “$gamemode 2“.

Wrap Up:

Well, that was all in the tutorial on “How To Use Mudae Bot Discord”. We hope now you are clear with what Mudae bots are and how to invite them. We have also listed the most important Mudae bot commands for you in our article. If you still have questions in your head then do write to us in the comments section. You can use the Midjourney Discord bot to make your own AI Art too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do You Get The Character You Want In Mudae?

To place a character on your wishlist, type “ $wish ” and follow the command with the character’s name. The command will notify you when you manage to roll the character. “ $wishdel ” allows you to add any waifu and husbando to your wishlist.

Q. How Many Characters Are There In Mudae?

Mudae Bot is well known for its roulette characters, which offer a variety of characters. You get to use a total of 80,000 rollable anime characters, including manga and video game characters.

Q. How To Transfer Mudae Characters?

There are two ways to transfer Mudae characters: you can use $haremcopy and/or $kakeracopy if you have Player Premium II. Or, you can copy your soulmates over using $soulcopy.

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