How To Use Katheryne Bot Discord? Katheryne Bot Invite And Commands! 

The regular Discord bots have been popular with the other big servers on Discord for a long time. These bots offer services that are necessary for your server’s growth. You might be thinking, which bot will it be now, right? Well, it’s going to be Katheryne bot for this session! Interesting right? Then let’s learn how to use Katheryne bot Discord.

The biggest hurdle that these bots remove is the help of such bots. These are designed by the best developers, because of which an admin doesn’t need to sit in front of the screen all day, no need to be online all the time! Hence, all the admin’s duties occur automatically even in their absence. Such bots automate the servers, moderating them in the foremost ways possible to offer members the best experience.

To know how to use Katheryne bot Discord, you first need to learn how to add it to your server so that you may use it later. And for that, head to the Katheryne bot website >> Add to server >> Sign-in >> select server >> allow Authorization >> checkmark on Add bot >> Apply command >> check back your server now, you’ll find your bot over there. We can imagine how curious you might be, but there’s a lot more to crave for! 

We’ve commands, features, guides and alot more for you below. All you need to do is explore and explore! The given data is entirely based on your interest in Katheryne bot and its manual. So what’s the wait for? Go, have it all!

Features Of Katheryne Bot

Features Of Katheryne Bot

Discovering the features of Katheryne bot before exploring how to use Katheryne bot Discord, would be the ideal sequence to learn about it ideally. 

  1. Setting alarms or reminders, for getting notifications of any happening on the server.
  1. The characters artifacts features with few weapons for its users. 
  1. The wish emulator, because of this feature the bot is highly appreciated.

Concluding all, the bot provides entertaining features which can be enjoyed on a regular basis without getting bored. Give this bot a shot for sure and boost your servers. 

Kathereyne Bot Invite

Step 1: Visit the katheryne Discord bot official website and add it to your Discord server as the first step.

Step 2: Click “Invite Now”.

Step 3: A pop-up window requesting access to your Discord account and your login information will display.

Step 4: A window seeking permission to access your account will display when you log in. The “Add to Server” drop-down menu can be found and chosen. By clicking here, you can add a bot to a list of Discord servers. After choosing a server, press “Continue.”

Step 5: Examine the server permissions that the bot requests. Choose Options and deselect them as necessary. When you’re ready, press “Authorize.”

Congratulations! katheryne Discord bot has been successfully added to your Discord server.

Katheryne Bot Commands

Command List Of Katheryne Bot

* is the default prefix of Discord katheryne bot.

Remember to mention the prefix every time before the keywords. 

  1. *banners – List all possible banners
  1. *crystals – See how many Crystals: Crystal you are having 
  1. *inventory – Gives a user’s wishing inventory 
  1. *leaderboard – Shows top users
  1. *profile – Check the wish simulator stats of yourself/others
  1. *setprofile – Change elements on your profile 
  1. *trade – Trade characters from your wishing inventory with other users
  1. *wish – Genshin Impact wish simulation 
  1. *botinfo – Check cluster number, guide count, ping and shard count
  1. *donate – All donations go towards paying for the bot host
  1. *invite – Get invite link to invite Katheryne to your server 
  1. *prefix – View or change the bot prefix 
  1. *report – Send a bug report 
  1. *support – Generate a link to the bot support server 
  1. *vote – Vote for the bot to get rewards 
  1. *daily –  List available domains for the day & their materials 
  1. *timer – Set a timer
  1. *timers – View or remove the currently set timers 
  1. *artifact –  Show information on an artifact set
  1. *artifacts – List all the possible artifact set in the game 

Here you are done with the Katheryne bot commands, with the help of this you can easily learn how to use Katheryne bot Discord.

Create Your Own Katheryne Discord Bot

Create Your Own Katheryne Discord Bot

You can create your own Katheryne bot and learn how to use Katheryne bot Discord, and to build your own Discord bot you need to make an application first on Discord developers. And in order to achieve this, you need to follow the given step to katheryne genshin bot.

  1. Go to the  Discord Developers 
  1. Create an Account if you don’t have any, yet! 
  1. Tap on the New Application option to create a new application.
  1. Enter a Name for your application of your choice. 
  1. Next, tap on Create to finally save the Discord application you created.
  1. Convert your Discord Application into a Bot Account.

After completing the above guide, tap on the Bot tab on the left side of the menu to begin with your own Katheryne Bot.

How To Fix Katheryne Bot Not Working?

Few of the times the Katheryne Bot may get bugged and stop functioning, like it may be offline and might not respond. This may occur due to a bot katheryne server down because of some reason, if you go through the same issue then check in the Katheryne Support Community Server. 

Also, remember to allow sufficient permissions to the Katheryne bot, it can be achieved in the settings tab. 

Wrapping Up 

katheryne bot vote is one of the best bots on Discord. It has gathered a lot of love from its users. Katheryne bot genshin impact bot which offers its regular services to every server on Discord. It has and still covers a large number of servers on a daily basis. In numbers, it has covered more than 180.63K servers of different communities. Every user prefers Katheryne bot for its perks. The bot katheryne is popular because it provides few of the best features which can be utilized on almost every server for regular moderation of the katheryne bot vote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Command A Katheryne Bot? 

Ans. Check wish simulator stats of yourself or others. Change elements on your profile. Trade character from your wishing inventory. Genshin Impact wish simulation.

Q2. How To Use Bots In Discord? 

Ans. Type the prefix and the keyword into the box on a text channel and press “enter”. 

Q3. What Does The Katheryne Bot Do?

Katheryne Bot change elements on your profile like your Genshin UID and namecard image. Trade characters from your wishing inventory with other users.

Q4. What Is The Number 1 Discord Bot?

MEE6 is currently the top-voted bot for Discord. So an argument can be made that it is the best out of all the Discord bots.

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