How To Use Karuta Bot Discord? Karuta Bot Commands Guide

If you are an anime fan, then you are at the right place. Karuta bot is a bot which lets you play anime card games. Sounds interesting right? Yeah, we can understand being an anime lover how difficult it is to wait for anime related stuff. So let’s kill these unnecessary spaces and learn how to use Karuta bot Discord.

There are more than 78000 anime characters in the Karuta bot troupes that gamers can use. The cards and characters make the Karuta bot different from other anime bots. You can earn the anime cards and characters through the Karuta bot even if you are accessing a different server. Every card and character will remain valid on every Discord server in which Karuta bot is invited, it doesn’t matter which server you are using. 

Learning how to use Karuta bot Discord is not that easy but we will make it simpler for you. But for that we have to follow the sequence, adding before using! So, to add the Karuta bot open the Invite link >> select Server >> Authorization >> Captcha >> Done. See, we made it simpler. There is a lot more waiting for you in Karuta than just mentioned above.

Detailing and resolving every doubt of yours is our job, the Karuta bot’s every factor and feature is discussed below. Now it will be your fault if you say no to the served food! 

How To Add Karuta Bot To Your Server On Discord?

How To Add Karuta Bot To Your Server On Discord

As we talked about the sequence earlier, adding the bot first then learning how to use Karuta bot Discord. So, let’s move according to the plan!

The Karuta bot is so brilliant that it offers you the anime waifus, which you can get from Karuta bot itself via automatic spawning as well as from manual rolling. Users can go for whatever option feels best for them. The Karuta bot Discord offers the users with one more amazing feature which is the ability to trade and upgrade the anime cards.

Well, let’s get back to the main bone. Inviting the Karuta bot to your server on Discord is a matter of minutes, anyone can add the bot to their server easily. Follow the given instructions to complete this process:

  1. Head to the official Website of the Karuta bot, or head to this LINK.
  2. Click on the Invite button given on the screen.
  3. Login to your Discord account with your official Discord credentials.
  4. Select the Server in which you want to add the Karuta bot.
  5. Tap on the button that says Continue.
  6. Grant Permissions and Authorization to the Karuta bot by clicking on the Authorize button for its proper functioning.

After providing the authorization, the Karuta bot will successfully be added to your selected server on Discord. The process to add the Karuta bot to Discord is completed, now you are all set to learn how to use Karuta bot Discord. Also get ready to collect anime waifus, they are precious to anime lovers.

How To Use Karuta Bot Discord?

How To Use Karuta Bot Discord

Finally, you are prepared to learn how to use Karuta bot Discord. So, let’s begin!

The Karuta bot is nothing but a common game of trading cards. You are supposed to launch a deck prior beginning to play. Every pack of these cards contains 3 to 4 cards. If you buy a ‘blessing’ then you will have 4 Karuta cards in your pocket. In order to get the first three cards you are supposed to react to each and every of them individually. The full supposition of this game is based on this reaction.

After playing a game for a while, you will be allowed to create your own customized collection of cards.

  1. You can go for the option to then get the choice to build this collection so it may appear nice than earlier.
  2. Trade the cards with other gamers so that you may get hold of a particular card that you may not be having in the beginning.

In order to drop the cards you need to reset the permission that you had set up in the beginning.

  1. Head to the channel and then go to the exact places where you need the drops to happen.
  2. After this, enter the command – klset.
  3. This is place will be the place where your channel will be set up as the space to drop the cards accessing the Karuta bot.
  4. Next, enter the command – k!drop which will drop three cards.
  5. React to the that you desire over others and it will be claimed by you.
  6. Wait for minimum 30 minutes, so that the other cards too can drop just like the one before.

Now you know completely know how to use Karuta bot Discord. And of course, you must need to implement the Karuta bot commands for the same purpose. We will head to the Karuta bot commands once we have learnt how to use Karuta bot Discord.

Karuta Bot Command List

Karuta Bot Command List

When we have learnt how to use Karuta bot Discord, then let’s also put some effort and learn its implementation.

Just like other Discord bots, Karuta bot also has a prefix which is “k!”. You are supposed to enter this prefix before typing the command keyword that you wish to use on your server. 

Let’s sink in the most commonly used Karuta bot commands:

Setup Commands

  1. Antisnipe – Setting a grace period before the Karuta bot inspection 
  2. Chestset- Setting your server chest goal
  3. Dropmode – Switching the drop mode
  4. Mergemode – Switching the merge mode
  5. Permissions – Enabling as well as disabling commands on Karuta bot in the channel
  6. Prefix – Setting the custom command prefix for all commands on karuta
  7. Queuemode – Switching the queue mode on or off in the channel
  8. Scompemsate – Redeeming compensation due to unintended downtime on your server
  9. Set – Setting the current for the cards to drop

Basic Commands

  1. Burn – Burning cards or dyes and then collecting it’s resources
  2. O Daily – Claiming your reward after each day
  3. Drop – Dropping a card set in the current channel so that anyone can grab it
  4. Gems – Purchasing gems from the website of Karuta bot
  5. Monthly – Viewing your voting rewards every month
  6. Multiburn – Burning multiple card at once
  7. Upgrade – Upgrading your cards
  8. Visit – Visiting and connecting with card character
  9. Vote – Voting is allowed twice a day for Karuta bot if you want tickets to use in the Ticket Shop.

Collection Commands

  1. Aliasremove – Removing the alias
  2. Bits – Viewing your bit inventory
  3. Collection – Viewing a card collection that you can use with another user
  4. Dye – Applying dye to a card in mint condition
  5. Dyerefill – Refilling the dye charges
  6. Dyeremove – Removing the dye
  7. Dyes – Viewing your dye collection and of another user
  8. Frameremove – Removing the frame
  9. Inventory – Viewing your inventory as well as of another user
  10. Iteminfo – Viewing details about an item in particular
  11. Morph – Spending 250 bits for morphing a card that changes appearances randomly.
  12. O Morphremove –  Removing the morph
  13. O Spreadsheet – Exporting the card set to a CSV spreadsheet format
  14. Tag – Tagging a card by specifying its codes
  15. Tagcreate – Creating a new tag
  16. Tagdelete – Removing a tag
  17. Tagemoji – Changing the emoji of a tag
  18. Tagrename – Renaming a tag
  19. Tags – Viewing your tag list as well as that of another user
  20. Trimremove – Removing the trim
  21. Untag – Untagging a card by specifying its codes
  22. Use – Using any item that’s in your inventory
  23. View – Viewing basic details of your card or dye

Information Commands

  1. Affection list – Looking up your affection list and that of another user
  2. Cardinfo – Viewing the information of card in details
  3. Cooldowns – Viewing your grab and drop cooldowns and that of another user at present
  4. Leaderboard – Looking up a particular character’s affection leaderboard
  5. Lookup – Looking up the character details
  6. Nodeinfo – Viewing details of a particular node
  7. Reminders – Switching reminders and action in particular
  8. Serverinfo – Viewing details of a server such as statistics and active effects 
  9. Userinfo – Viewing your details and that of another user such as statistics and active effects
  10. Workinfo – Viewing the card worker statistics

Karuta bot is a very famed Discord bot from the gamers perspective mainly. It can be utilized in a number of ways to enhance your experience on Discord. The anime fans are huge fans of the Karuta Discord bot. 

Wrapping Up

Karuta bot is a game bot by Discord that lets the gamers play a card game solely based on anime. Actually, it is a card game bot on Discord which is supposed to be collected by the players. Along with that the Karuta bot allows its users to trade, upgrade and even earn anime characters. Right now Karuta bot has a collection of over 78000 anime characters. The major difference between Karuta and other anime bots is that the cards and characters earned by you will be yours on a different server too! Which means that your troupe will be rational over every Discord server which has Karuta bot added into it. In addition to that, Karuta bot also lets you get anime waifus by manual rolling or by automatic spawn, through this, users get both choices. The card upgrade and trading system provided by Karuta bot is also super cool and rich in features.


Q1. What Does Karuta Bot Do In Discord?

Ans. Naruto Botto is a Discord Bot for collecting Naruto characters and many more!

Q2. How To Buy Karuta Tickets?

Ans. Vote for Karuta, it’s allowed two times a day, to get tickets for use in the ticket shop. Claim your daily reward. Drop a set of cards in the current channel for anyone to catch.

Q3. How To Command A Karuta Bot?

Ans. Commands

  1. n help – Renders event details
  2. n start – Creates your account to start the ninja road
  3. n mission – Sends your team on a mission
  4. n report – Performs a report
  5. n profile – Shows your statistics and info

Q4. What Is A Discord Clan Bot?

Ans. The Clan Manager bot, which is a general bot which allows you to create your clan and unlock new feature when the clan level rises. You are also allowed to invite others to join your clan to be able to defeat other clans.

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