How To Use Ani Game Bot Discord? Ani Game Bot Commands!

Ever heard of Anime? Or, a bot named similar to it? Ani Game Bot on Discord. Yes, we’re going to discuss this only and will make you learn how to use Ani Game Bot Discord. This bot has influenced many hearts and minds of many users. 

This bot deals with games related to cards. Users can have an amazing experience with this game. This bot allows you to communicate with players from all around the world. Here one has to beat floor guardians and level up the floor based on that.  Evolve and enhance your cards to take a lead on the bot, through this you can dominate the leaderboard too. 

Dreaming of learning how to use Ani Game Bot Discord? Do you even know how to add this bot? As expected, come. For this, you must open the official website of Ani Game >> Login with your credentials >> select the Server of your choice >>> choose Permissions >>> tap on Authorize >>> verify through Captcha >>> Bot added. Tummy full? Not eager to learn more? Oh, you are! Then go read, what else do we ask from you.

Oh! So you want to learn more! Come, we don’t have any lag, for you, information is always loaded like a gun, you just need to fire. Not exactly bruh! We meant to read, you just need to read. No, go…

What Are Ani Game Bot Discord Features?

This bot has amazing activities to participate in and become a member of the community. This bot has access to a number of dungeons to have fun with your friends or other players.

Ani Game is not limited to creating a clan, it also allows you to participate in battles and enjoy the best part of the bot. Unique Boss Event is another entertaining feature, where you can fight at the most difficult level with the unique boss. The players who beat the other get more rewards and his/her ranking increases on the leaderboard. There are also other activities on the theme of levels/stages, rest depends on the performance of the player in unique boss events or clan fights.

Ani Game Bot Discord Commands

Ani Game Bot Discord Commands

Ani Game Bot has made its place in the hearts of many users from all around the world, its commands make the game so easy like no other.

So, here we listed all the Ani Game Bot.


  1. dshop 
  2. dredeem
  3. dbuy
  4. shop
  5. buy


  1. clan


  1. items


  1. trade
  2. tr
  3. give
  4. cooldown
  5. market
  6. mk


  1. present event


  1. general permissions for server admins
  2. prefix
  3. redirect
  4. toggleclaim


  1. badges
  2. badge
  3. Nick
  4. sort
  5. inventory2
  6. inventory
  7. anidex
  8. cardinfo
  9. info
  10. team
  11. select 
  12. favourite


  1. edit
  2. profile
  3. track
  4. profile 2
  5. raidpass
  6. gold
  7. stamina
  8. marriage
  9. createdat
  10. diamonds
  11. donation
  12. donate
  13. username
  14. start
  15. forecast
  16. verify


  1. massenhance
  2. enhance
  3. evolve


  1. referral
  2. hourly 
  3. lottery
  4. reminder
  5. daily
  6. compensation
  7. ping
  8. leaderboard
  9. invite
  10. marry
  11. divorce
  12. gamble
  13. basics
  14. changelogs
  15. findcard


  1. raid
  2. dungeon
  3. Dungeon
  4. StageBattle
  5. battle fight
  6. StageCommands
  7. No Category 
  8. help

How To Use Ani Game Bot Discord?

How To Add Ani Game Bot On Your Discord Server

Adding the bot to your server is a pretty easy and simple task. Here is how to use Ani Game Bot Discord:

  1. Open the Official Website of Ani Game Bot on your Web Browser.
  1. Click on the Login button from the top right corner of the screen.
  1. Sign-In with your official Email Address.
  1. Select the Permissions you want to grant to your Ani Game Bot.
  1. From the next page, select your desired Discord Server in the Add Bot section.
  1. Next, click on Continue and then tap on the Authorize button.
  1. Verify your Identity as Human to the Captcha.
  1. Now, head back to your Discord server Dashboard and you’ll see Ani Game Bot Added to your server.

Start enjoying and playing your favorite card game with the help of commands already mentioned above.

How To Fix Ani Bot Not Working On Discord?

As you know how to use Ani Game Bot Discord, have a look at the ways on how to fix Ani Bot not Working on Discord.

Many times the Ani Game Bot gets defected, like it may get offline out of nowhere and might stop responding. All this is because the bot server is down due to some reasons, if you see such an issue in your server check in the Invite Tracker Support Community Server. And remember to give satisfying permissions to the Invite Tracker bot, this can be done from the Settings page.

Wrapping Up

The latest Japanese Anime RPG game has developed and it’s known as Ani Game Bot for Discord. In this game, you collect cards and fight with friends and opponents, sometimes on a higher level with “Unique Boss” too. Ani Game offers the best card collecting experience on Discord to every user. You can communicate and interact with real-time PvP, upgrade and evolve your cards and lead the leaderboards with your team.


Q1. How To Use Discord Bot Commands?

Ans. Enter the command into the text box on a text channel and click “enter”. The bot will do it’s work, you follow the bot.

Q2. How To Enhance Cards In Ani Game?

Ans. You require two max level copies of the cards to enhance it. These copies will merge togey to create an enhanced version of your card.

Q3. How To Select The Best Team In AniGames?

Ans. This is how selection of team in Ani Game Bot is being done:

Select card >>> add: .team add <cardid> >>> add: .team set <cardid> >>> enter players name >>> select position >>> tap on Done. 

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