How To Use Afterpay On Amazon | Can You Buy Now Pay Later On Amazon?

Amazon, the world’s biggest and most popular shopping app launched some amazing features. By using amazon afterpay, Buy Now and Pay Later. Let’s dig in deep to know how to use Afterpay on Amazon?

If you are seeking to divide the amount of the expensive product in your cart, then Amazon’s this feature is going to be very useful for you. All you need to know is how to use Afterpay on Amazon.

To know how to use afterpay on amazon, you first have to visit the official website > Go to Amazon Australia > Pay up using your gift card. Here is how to use after pay on amazon. Nowadays, users are seeking easy and convenient ways to buy and pay. Afterpay is an ideal example, as this BNPL strategy is the latest alternate option for the basic credit card system.

To help you utilize the new BNPL feature on Amazon Australia, we have briefed all the payment options available in search of the answer of how to use Afterpay on Amazon. This article will help you learn about does amazon have afterpay. Keep readig this blog post if you want to know

Can You Use Afterpay On Amazon?

A lot of you have been wondering about amazon’s new afterpay feature, and wondering can u use afterpay on amazon? Well, here’s a guide for you to tell you can you do afterpay on amazon. Amazon Australia doesn’t allow access to Afterpay, although it does provide support to BNPL via Zip. Although, you will be able to make use of Afterpay in an alternate way.

Amazon doesn’t entertain this feature because they think it’s not worth it for such a leading platform. While few shops have now started accepting Afterpay to increase flexible payment arrangements. However, there is nothing like amazon afterpay. Come let’s learn more about how to use afterpay on amazon?

Does Amazon Accept Afterpay?

Can One BNPL On Amazon

Are you wondering do amazon take afterpay? So let’s know about does amazon have afterpay. Well, then we are here to break this to you that, Amazon does not entertain Afterpay. So there is no afterpay amazon in app. But no need to feel sad, you have BYPL. In BNPL, Amazon allows its users to buy the product and pay later program.

For Zip, consumers have to add their Zip card details which then will be used for the payment of the product you are going to buy. Here, you will get a time period of 4 weeks to pay off the pending amount. Thus, there you have your answer to your query that does amazon accept afterpay? NO.

So, for all those who are asking can you use afterpay on amazon? Well, then you have your answer!!

How To Use Afterpay On Amazon?

A lot of you have been asking how to do afterpay on amazon or can I use afterpay on amazon. Well, if you are reading this, then it means that this interests you. If so then let’s explore together, how to add afterpay to amazon with the below-mentioned guide :

Step 1: Visit the Official Website of Afterpay

Well, if you are looking for how to add afterpay to amazon then visit the official Amazon Australia page, you will observe an option to buy an Amazon Australia gift card. Select any one or more cards, ranging somewhere from $5 to $500. You will then receive your gift card via your registered email shortly after placing your order.

Step 2: Go to Amazon Australia

After you access Amazon Australia, you are now eligible to select and move your desired product to your wishlist from millions of choices.

Step 3: Pay up Making Use of Your Gift Card

After completing the above two steps, go to the checkout tab and select “Insert a gift card or promo code” in the payment mode. Insert your gift card digits and check out as you always do. You will be easily able to get access of using afterpay on amazon.

these were the steps on does amazon take afterpay or how to use afterpay on Amazon.

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Amazon After Pay Alternative

How To Run Zip On Amazon

Now you know about how to add afterpay to amazon. Lets know alternatives.

Both ZipPay and ZipMoney are supported by Amazon. 

ZipPay provides credit free of interest for shopping up to $1,500 whereas ZipMoney provides credits for shopping up to $3,000 for a limited interest-free period which is of 6 months.

To use a Zip account on Amazon Australia, follow the given guidelines : 

  1. Go to the Payment method of pay off after selecting your product.
  2. Click on “Pay At Your Pace”, they choose “Add your Zip Account” from the resulting page.
  3. Insert the registered mobile number of your Zip account and click on “Get Verification Code”. 
  4. Next, you will receive a unique code on your number, it will be valid for five minutes only.
  5. Enter the verification code in the given column and click Verify.

After being verified successfully, Zip will appear as an available option for payment whenever you will checkout.

You will also get the chance to select anyone among ZipPay and ZipMoney. Your available balance will also be shown to you. 

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Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a new pair of jeans, a book, or a new decor accessory, Amazon will always be our first option. Because of its quick shipping process and affordability. But what if you run out of cash, what would be your next action? Worry? Naah, absolutely not. Amazon has already solved that problem by launching the Buy Now Pay Later BNPL facility for the consumers.

With the help of this feature in Amazon afterpat, you can own many things on an interest-less strategy and an easy payment method by using your card or an account. The first payment is meant to be given on the spot and the remaining will be given once a week. This was a comprehensive and well explained guide on can you do afterpay on amazon and how to do afterpay on amazon. We hope this article was helpful and informative for you.


Q1. Does Amazon Have Any Buy Now Pay Later Services?

Yes, Amazon Australia does offer to buy now pay later service Zip.

Q2. How Many Weeks Are Given To Pay Off The Installments?

4 to 6 Weeks Max to the max.

Q3. Does Amazon Afterpay Work for Amazon?

Yes, amazon afterpay does work for amazon. So this clears your doubt about does amazon do afterpay.

Q. How Does Afterpay Work?

Customers may break up larger purchases into manageable repayments at stores that accept Afterpay, like Target, Nordstrom, and Home Depot. This is especially helpful when living expenses are on the rise and customers value flexibility. “Buy now, pay later” refers to the option to pay for your purchase over a longer period of time, such as thirty days, or in installments.

Q. Does Amazon Offer ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’?

Amazon accepts most payment methods, including its own Amazon Monthly Payments system for Amazon-branded items such as Kindles and Echo smart home devices.

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