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If you’re a common Twitter user, then you might have surely observed how tweets from unknown accounts sometimes pop up in your notification section. That’s what this post is all about. Here you will get to know how to turn off recent Tweets on Twitter.

In a few matters, Twitter also sends you these tweets as push notifications to your device. These recent tweets can be from anonymous accounts that you don’t even know anything about. You better learn how to turn off recent tweets on Twitter.

But unlucky we! There’s no permanent way to turn off recent tweets completely. Although you can toggle off the push notifications. For you need to know how to turn off recent tweets on Twitter or else you’ll have to suffer from loads of tweets notifications from unknown accounts. the correct way on how to turn off recent Tweets on Twitter is Settings and Privacy>> Notification>> Preferences>> Push Notification>> Recommendations From Twitter>> Save.

Or, what if we say that we have another trick too? Yes, one can reduce the recommendation in numbers. Let us make it your call. We’ll teach you all the tricks we have you use whatever suits you best.

What Are Recent Tweets On Twitter?

Twitter launched a big modification in Twitter’s feed section, which builds another bar to the wall disturbing the viewing process of your timeline.

After an update for all devices Android, iOS, and Web, Twitter transformed the Home tab into Recent Tweets, which is specially designed for its algorithmically built timeline that displays whatever Twitter likes to call premium tweets and expects you to like it too. 

Normally speaking, the ‘latest tweet prior’ series of a thing is liked by the users of Twitter. To do that or reverse things again, users have to pin a ‘Newest’ section on the Homepage. This can be done by clicking on the Stars icon on the top right of the page and choosing “Pin your newest tweets timeline.”

How To Turn Off Recent Tweets On Twitter?

Here are all the procedures for how to turn off recent tweets on Twitter.

Some of the time, Twitter sends these recommendations of tweets directly to your devices. To switch off notifications for recent tweets, one can follow the given instructions :

  1. Enter into Settings and Privacy of the application.
  2. Scroll down to the Notifications.
  3. Next, click on Preferences and then select the Push Notifications option.
  4. After that, scroll down to Recommendations From Twitter and Uncheck all of the fields.
  5. Simply Exit the page after doing the above step and your changes made will be saved automatically.
  6. Next, select — oh, wait-wait, that’s it. You’re done here. That’s all you needed to learn. See, simply. Now enjoy your organized timeline.

However, this will make Twitter stop sending recent tweet notifications to your device but it’ll not prevent them from popping up on your notification page.

The reason behind our inability to turn off the recent tweets is that this activity by Twitter brings user engagement, which is the main factor that shareholders pay attention to.

Although, you can teach your app to show you less unnecessary content.

How To Enable “See Less Often” Feature On Twitter?

How To Enable “See Less Often” Feature On Twitter?

When you find a Recent Tweet, tap on the three dots in the top right corner. Search for the See Less Often option at the base of the page and click on it. After clicking on it, this message will pop up, “However training the AI to show you fewer recommendations might work, but it’s not a silver bullet.

Unfortunately, it feels like the application will Step Back for some time before coming back to its usual behavior.

In a few cases, one may even enter the application and find that Twitter made his mind to fill your notification page with recommendations again.

Unfortunately, it’s more like this is all because of its design. In simple words, this feature is in action only because of fooling users and making us fool so that we may spend more time on the screen or application.

Wrapping Up

Twitter is among the most simple but complex social media applications depending upon how you use it. You can use it to blend into a stream of news updates and call it a day or you can enjoy it by creating lists, bookmarking tweets, threads, etc. Doesn’t matter how you make use of Twitter, there’s a host key setting that will go a long way towards the betterment of your experience on the application. 


Q1. What Do I Need To Use The Twitter Application?

Ans. You don’t need anything special to use Twitter except just a smooth internet connection and a Mobile Device. After having both the requirements you can successfully sign in and create an account to be account holder on Twitter. Whatever content you’ll be posting after that, will be called Tweets.

Q2. How To Modify Your View On Twitter Application?

Ans. To modify the font size, background mode, and text color through, you have to tap on More and then choose Display from the resulting page’s menu. Select your desired color and size. Make use of the Radio buttons to select between the default two black dark modes which dim the light out or the default white background. Options for both dark modes are available on both Android and iOS versions.

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