How To Truth On Truth Social? Share The Truth With Truth Social!

The former American President Donald Trump has rolled out his own social media stage by the name of Truth Social after getting banned from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube at the beginning of 2021. Trump’s Media App is now accessible for download in Apple App Store and the social media platform is expected to be available on Android Play Store soon. Do you want to know more about it? Let’s start from the base, today we’ll discuss how to Truth on Truth Social. 

As per reports, the iOS is also available on the App Store from the mid of the 21st of February. The website of Truth Social is under process as it was not secured with an HTTPS URL while writing this piece.

A week or two ago, the junior Trump shared a screenshot sharing the ex-POTUS’ first most upload on Truth Social, through which it can be understood that the platform is way too similar to its opponents of the same genre. Same as Twitter, Truth Social permits its users to follow others and content with features such as like, comment, reply and share with others, etc. Although, it is true to say that the platform is not available for Indian users for now.

As mentioned above, the Truth Social app is accessible to iOS users only, so don’t try searching for the app on Android or iPad. As the app is available on App Stores, we got to know that it offers users to create custom profiles. Sounds great right! But how? And what is next to that? So let’s walk through this together and find out how to create a profile on Truth social and how to Truth on Truth Social.

What Is Truth Social?

This social media application is the idea of Donald Trump, who brought the strategy of Truth Social to raise voice against the “tyranny of the Big Techs” who have utilized their power to shut down voices in America. Because of this incident, Trump targeted social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube that restricted Trump after the Capitol Controversy happened on the 6th of January 2021. The stage will be headed by the companion chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

How To Create Account On Truth Social?

  • Download the Truth Social Media if you haven’t already.
  • Open the application, you will see a page asking to Sign-In or Create A New Account.
  • Click on Create New Account.
  • Enter your Birth Date, you will be allowed for further process only if you’re over 18 years.
  • Enter your Email address and Password, click Next through which your authentication will be confirmed .
  • You will receive a verification mail on your email address or an OTP. Feed that into the desired place.
  • After the verification, enter your custom username and secret keyword to build a new account.

Here is a detailed post on how to create an account on Truth Social.

Currently, the application is keeping its users on a ‘waiting list. The application says, “Because of the huge demand, we have kept you on our waiting list. We love you, and you are much more than just a number to us. But your waiting list number is given below”. 

After building up an account successfully, users will be provided with a waitlist number. The application will be automatically downloaded on devices that have already pre-ordered it.

How To Truth On Truth Social?

Want to know as to how to Truth on Truth Social?

Follow the given instructions :

  • Click on the New Tweet button on the top of the Screen.
  • The Truth box will come next.
  • Pen down the Truth you want to post.
  • Click on Post.
  • The truth will be uploaded publically, including anyone who you follow and vice versa.

After uploading the Truth, it’ll appear at the top of your and others’ timeline. It’ll be open for everyone to like, comment, share, and Re-TRUTH.

How To Post Other Media On Truth Social?

TRUTH’ is not limited to just text messages. Here you can post Photos, Videos, and Links along with your Truth. 

To post an Image or Video with your Truth, click on the New Truth option, then tap on the camera icon. You have the option to capture and post an image immediately or upload an image from your gallery. After choosing your image, type the Truth and post it.

In case you want to share a link with others, copy the link which you want to share, go to the New Truth button, write your Truth and add the URL below and post it as a usual Truth.

How To Re-Truth on Truth Social?

You know how to Truth on Truth Social, but what if you want to reply to a particular truth?

If you want to reply to a Truth or just want to share someone’s Truth, select the Re-Truth option below whichever Truth you want to reply to and add your Truth to it and post it as usual.

It’ll be shared on your and your follower’s timeline. Through you, they’ll get to see a Truth from someone whom they don’t follow or know.

Wrap Up:

So, that’s all on how to truth on Truth Social.

TRUTH Social launched on Apple’s App Store on President’s Day. Trump media & technology Group, the founder company of Truth Social, hasn’t revealed the number of downloads yet, but the waiting list crossed 400,000 registrations last Tuesday Morning.

The launch ceremony didn’t go well, as multiple hackers tried to bug it down the same day, but the team didn’t let them win and tackled the situation pretty well. This error embarrassed the TMTG group a lot. But still, after all this, Trump is holding his anger back and keeping the fight fair enough. 

In upcoming days, we’ll be seeing Truth Social accessible for almost every device as an open, costless, and ad-free social media platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Can We Post On Truth Social?

Ans. Truth Social isn’t limited to Truths involving just texts. Truth Social allows its users to share the Truth in every form they can, it can be an Image, Video, and Link. 

Q2. What Is Re-TRUTH?

Ans. Replying or Resharing a Truth on Truth Social is known as Re-TRUTH.

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