How To Set Custom Playing Status On Discord? Is It Customizable?

If your friends or know person from Discord are making efforts to keep the match going that you are currently playing or want to outshine whatever they’re playing, then you can increase your knowledge to know how to set custom playing status on Discord.

Discord shows a personalized custom playing status whenever you open a game. Then here you can know how to set a custom playing status on Discord according to your need and preferences. 

As soon as you open a game on Discord, it will show a name in-game time of the current game that you are playing. Playing status displays your current actions and status on Discord which later on becomes simple to the ones who are aware about your current status.

In this post, we will be discussing how to set custom playing status on Discord. In addition to that, we will be giving a detailed manual on Discord and all factors related to it. Stay on page if you find it useful.

How To Fix Game Activity Not Displaying Issue?

Game Activity Not Displaying Issue

A number of players and gamers are in confusion as to why they cannot find the “Game Activity” in the Settings section that is not available on Discord! Few have even blamed developers for this error. Well, well! In this matter, we have brought you good news.

Game Activity can still be accessed on Discord. If you have already logged into Discord on Safari, Chrome, Mozilla or any other browser, you will miss the option to reach Game Activity in Discord Settings. 

Just follow the below given instructions, to access Game Activity :

  1. Install the application whichever is available on Android, MacOS, iOS or Windows.
  2. After downloading, obey your guide of operating system to download the application.
  3. Enter your credentials, i.e. user ID and password.

And then follow all the steps briefed below to change your Playing Status on Discord.

How To Show What Game Are You Playing On Discord?

How To Show What Game Are You Playing On Discord

There are a couple of ways to do this on your handy device, either by Game Activity or by Custom Status. 

Let’s explore both the methods:

Custom Status

This allows you to express whatever you would like to show others in a tiny text message. If you feel like this method can work for you, then draft a text message saying something like “Playing_____” or anything else you feel like and set it as your Custom Status.

Game Activity

  1. Tap on the hamburger menu on the top-left.
  2. Search for the User’s profile somewhere at the base of the screen and click on it.
  3. You will now find your status as Online
  4. Tap on Set Custom Status.
  5. Next, you can set any Status you wish for.

How To Set Custom Playing Status On Discord?

How To Set A Custom Playing Status On Discord

If you have ever imagined how to play unlaunched games, here is the to fulfil your dream.

If you wish to know as how to set Custom Playing Status on Discord, here are the steps:

  1. Open the app and keep it running in the background.
  2.  Shuffle to Discord and link the program to the Playing Status.
  3. The status says “No game found” will then be converted into green color and will show the game name.
  4. Click on the name of the program and rename it.
  5. The modifications will now be visible to everyone as your Playing Status.

And here you are with the manual for knowing how to set custom playing status on Discord.

How To Change Your Game Status On Discord?

How To Change Your Game Status On Discord

Discord contains a default system that detects the current activity on your system and will list a number of games. Which means, if you are playing League of Legends on your Windows it will detect the file and will make your status public as “Playing League Of Legends.”

“Verified” games exist in Discord too. Here, Discord’s database is well aware of the game’s executable appearance and identifies it in a Task Manager. Next it’ll show your Game Status to other players. And you don’t have the access to alter this setting but we do have a hack to edit the other programs and unverified games. You just need do as the instructions says :

  1. Open and run the game in the background.
  2. From the Menu on the Left side click on Game Activity.
  3. From the resulting page, add the program or game all by yourself.
  4. Switch the Game Activity ON
  5. Next, to exit the game press Alt-Tab. 

It’s a necessity to have the program or the game running in the background so that Discord may detect the ongoing procedure. This set of instructions is ideally made for games but you can also use it for another program’s Status Message if you want.

After saving the changes made, Status Message will appear on Discord till you will be binging on that program. The Discord will change the Status Message once you close or exit from that specific program and switch to something else like every other game.

And if you do not wish to show or make your Gaming Status public, you can switch it off. Wanna know how? Read further!

How To Delete Playing Status On Discord?

How To Delete Playing Status On Discord

If you are not comfortable with sharing your Playing Status with the other gamers online, you can remove or edit that Playing Status all by yourself in a couple of minutes. Here is the guide to do so :

  1. Enter User Settings and then Activity Status, as already told.
  2. Un-check the “Display Current Activity” as status text by switching it off.

And there you go, Discord will not show your Playing Status to other gamers anymore. 

You have the room to opt for any other application to display in place of Playing Status if you don’t want to hide it simply. For instance, Notepad or Chrome etc.

Wrapping Up

That’s all for how to set Custom Playing Status on Discord.

All over, Discord provides an amazing experience to gamers and non-gamers as well. It is a communicating app and powerful VoIP as well. According to their reviewers and their users, no matter gamer or non-gamer, Discord fulfills almost all their needs as an interaction based software and tool. With its low charges and vast variety of features and subtle video call implementation, Discord has achieved the position of best texting application one can join today.


Q1. How To Modify Discord Playing Status On Mobile?

Ans. To enable your Discord playing status, kindly follow: 

Hamburger Menu > Avatar> Activity Status> Display Current Activity> Switch On

Q2. How To Edit Custom Status On Discord?

Ans. The procedure is same for the mobile and web versions. Here it is :  

User Settings > Set Status> Set A Custom Status> Enter Status Message> Select Time Period> Save  

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