How To See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile?

Which social media platform do you use the most? My day is incomplete without a daily dose of news updates on Twitter. In recent times, Twitter has become the most reliable source for sharing and receiving world updates. Ever wondered how big business owners and famous personalities manage their Twitter accounts? With millions of users on Twitter sharing tweets, retweets it becomes difficult to keep a track of who viewed your Twitter Profile?

Twitter is a microblogging hub for different organizations, business marketers, political leaders, activists, and commoners too. People constantly post content on Twitter that earns them a good number of followers. But as hard it is to get followers on Twitter, keeping track of them is even hard. How to see who viewed your Twitter Profile?  Is it even possible to do so?

No doubt you get notified when someone likes your posts, comments, retweets, or starts following you on Twitter. But there is no such feature that notifies you about who viewed your Twitter profile. If you try the Analytics feature on Twitter you’ll get the number of profile views, likes, and retweets but How to See Who Viewed your Twitter Profile still remains a mystery. In order to find the username of the person who viewed your profile, you can use some apps mentioned in this post below.

So many apps and tools claim to get you the inner details of your profile but trusting all of them is not a wise choice. Be alert, choose the right ones!

How to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile? 

How to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile; How To See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile
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It’s good to keep track of your Twitter insights like follower growth, tweet engagement, which tweets earned you more traffic, audience response on your posts, and much more. All this is possible with the help of the Twitter Analytics Feature. 

But you cannot see who viewed your Twitter profile using analytics. Since Twitter follows the confidentiality policy to protect user privacy, it’s hard to find out the name of the person who viewed your profile on Twitter. 

At Least you can keep a track of the number of visitors on your Twitter profile using Twitter Analytics. You just need to enable this feature. Follow these steps to do so. 

  1. Open the Twitter App on your phone with your account logged in. 
  2. Select the “More” option. Then go to “Analytics”.
  3. Select the ” Turn on Analytics ” tab. 
  4. Now click on profile visits. 
  5. You can find full data on the number of people who viewed your profile. 

Other Ways To See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile


How To See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile; HootSuite
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Just like Twitter Analytics, HootSuite allows you to keep track of all your Twitter performance. 

How many followers you gained, your most popular tweets, every week’s trends, number of retweets, and most consistent followers that visited your profile the most. 

Isn’t this an amazing tool? 

You get accurate data about your profile. HootSuite can be used with an annual subscription. It’s the best tool for all your business needs. 


How To See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile; ProfileVisitors
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This is a Google Chrome extension that you can use with your browser to keep an eye on Twitter insights. 

It’s the easiest way to find out who viewed your profile on Twitter with the username. 

But, there’s a twist. You can use this extension only when the other user who viewed your profile is using the same extension as well. 

I know it’s tricky but that’s how it works! Also, there might be privacy issues using this extension, so it’s better to avoid such means. 


How To See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile; TweetView
Source: Hootsuite

Want to get hourly details of your Twitter profile? Well, TweetView lets you know what you’re looking for then. 

This is the best app to find out who viewed your profile on Twitter with an hourly update of the viewers. 

Get to know all your Twitter stalkers, profile visitors, and more using this app. 

To Conclude:

This article was all about your Twitter account analysis. Hope you found your answers on How To See Who Viewed Your Twitter Account. Use the apps and extensions mentioned above only when important as these third-party apps may affect your privacy.

It’s better to use the Twitter Analytics feature and get a daily report for your insights. It’s the safest method that causes no harm to your privacy. Rest is all your choice. For more such insightful tech. Updates stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Twitter Profile Views:

Does Twitter tell you who viewed your video?

No, Twitter Analytics will not let you see who viewed your Twitter profile and/or tweets. It can, however, tell you how many people viewed your profile, but nothing specific.

Does Twitter tell you if you screenshot?

Twitter allows you to take screenshots and screen records of the tweets. There is no such feature that allows other users to find out that you took a screenshot of their post. 

Do you get notified when someone bookmarks your tweet?

No, there is no such feature on Twitter that notifies users that you bookmarked their tweet. Only you and Twitter will know about this move.

Does Twitter notify you when you block someone?

No, the blocked accounts do not get a notification that you blocked them. However, if the blocked user searches for a person and is unable to find them then he/she will get to know that his/her profile has been blocked by that user.

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