How To See Private Facebook Photos? 4 Spying Hacks To Try!

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat have been a great gift in this virtual world. Here, you can sneak peek into any other’s life, share what’s going on in your life or, get to know what’s happening around the rest of the world. But, not everyone wants to be seen by any other person. Yeah, they can consider you as a creep or a stalker. So, in order to meet the privacy needs of the users, apps like Facebook come with the liberty to control the visibility of your profile, pictures/videos. If so, then how would you want to spy on your Ex? How would you know whom your best friend is dating currently?

What if you get to know that this is still possible! Here is how to see private Facebook photos without being caught by the account holder.

Is it really possible? This question must be popping in your head and why not? These apps hold accountability to their user’s privacy. So, how could it be easy for any random person? Well, that’s the twist. Since no program is 100% safe, Facebook too has some loopholes. But hey! If you are about to do something fishy, then you must stop there asap. However, if you are just curious to know about your friend’s life or your close ones, then these methods will be fruitful for you without a doubt.

Also, you need not be a high-tech programmer if you wish to know how to see private Facebook photos? Obviously, it’s not a joke. Instead in paradox to this, you can see the private Facebook pictures in a matter of seconds. No matter you are being added as a friend or not. However, being friends can make the ask much easier. Well! Well! Well! if you want someone to do the work for you then Voila!! It is possible! You can make use of certain Sites or chrome extensions.

So, how to do so? Is it legal to see private Facebook pictures? If you are having such questions, then wait! You will get the answer below.

How To See Private Facebook Photos?

There are many Monitoring Software Tools that can be used to view private photos on Facebook. These apps and tools let you view all sorts of private and public Facebook profiles easily. Want to know how to see private Facebook photos using these third-party apps and extensions? Here you go!

1. Use ClevGuard

Use ClevGuard

ClevGuard is a Facebook Private photos Viewer with quick monitoring options. Using this tool you can view any Facebook profile and their private Photos & Videos.

Visit ClevGuard’s website and create an account with the Pricing plan.

  1. Download the ClevGuard Private Facebook Photos Viewer apk from the playstore.
  2. Install the Target apk file to monitor your Facebook account.

And it’s done. Now you can view private Facebook photos via ClevGuard Dashboard anytime.

2. Use Google Extension

Use Google Extension

It is another Facebook Private Photos Viewer that can help you out if you wish to know how to see private Facebook photos. Although you cannot have direct access to private photos, you can view the images in the “Tagged friends” section of Facebook.

  1. Go to the Menu Option in Chrome Web Browser > Extensions.
  2. Download Picturemate Tool and activate it.
  3. Make sure that the icon is visible in the Top-right Extension section.
  4. Log on to and navigate your target person’s profile.
  5. Scroll down to view private Facebook photos.
  6. You can only view 30% of all Facebook photos.

3. Try Facebook Reverse Engineering

Try Facebook Reverse Engineering

Facebook privacy settings offer three options Friends, Friends of Friends, and Public. Any of these options can be selected by the target person.

Simply analyze your Facebook profile and use this trick:

  1. Send a request to mutual friends by going to the section for Mutual Friends.
  2. You can view most private Facebook photos once they have accepted.
  3. It will work for all Facebook profiles unless you change your privacy settings.

4. Use PanSpy

Use PanSpy

With this Facebook Private Photos Viewer, you can view the full activity of your child’s mobile apps, including Facebook. To access all hidden photos and private ones, you will need to launch the Facebook Tracker.

You can access private Facebook photos and other benefits such as Access to Private Chats.

  1. Click on the Sign up button to register on your computer at PanSpy website.
  2. Choose from the following packages: Ultimate Edition or Premium.
  3. You will now get redirected back to the dashboard.
  4. Download the app to a mobile device belonging to a target individual.
  5. Navigate the Facebook app section using the left-side listings.
  6. You will need to enable tracking in the Facebook app.

That’s it! You can now monitor your Facebook account and view hidden photos.

How To View Private Facebook Profiles?

We all have times when we wish to see a private Facebook account. You, your parents, partners, colleagues, and anyone else you know may have a Facebook private profile. You can’t view their photos, information, or other posts if they have a private profile.

/however, there are certain smart tricks and third-party solutions that can be used to access private Facebook accounts. Continue reading to learn about different methods you can view private Facebook profiles.

Method 1: Use Social Engineering Skills

Use Social Engineering Skills

Social engineering skills are one of the best ways to view private Facebook photos. You can use this to find loopholes in Facebook and gather information about other users. You can learn more about the other user on Facebook by doing this without becoming friends.

Tip 1: Leave A Message On Facebook

You can simply send them a Facebook message if you want to get more information about their account. If you are not friends with that person, the message will be sent to their Messages section. After they accept it you can contact them and access their basic profile details.

Tip 2 – Be Friends With Their Friends

Facebook’s most prominent visibility setting is “Friends and family”. This would make the posts visible to both friends and to other people in their friend list.

You can add any friend to your Facebook account if the user has this visibility setting. You can also see their private Facebook photos, which are being tagged with their friends.

Tip 3 – Unlock Their Profile

This is one of the most clever ways to use social engineering to view private Facebook accounts. You can already access their personal information such as birthdays, addresses, and favorite music. You can also hack their account.

To unlock their account, you can either do complete guesswork for what their password can be. If this fails, you can then try to guess their Facebook account credentials to unlock it. If you have been added as their trusted person, you can request an authentication code to unlock your profile.

Method 2: Use The PictureMate Google Chrome Extension

Use The PictureMate Google Chrome Extension

PictureMate, another popular tool for viewing private Facebook profiles of others without them being friends, is also available. It is ideal because it uses the Facebook search algorithm and can look up any type of photo of the user on Facebook.

It will not display their private photos but it will show the images posted by friends of the searched user. This extension for Facebook profiles is free and you can try it out in the following manner.

1. You can start by visiting the official website for PictureMate to learn more about how it works. You can also add the extension to Google Chrome from this site.

2. After installing the PictureMate extension, restart your browser. After installing the extension, you will see the icon in the upper-right corner of your browser’s toolbar.

3. That’s it! After the extension has been installed, you will be able to go to Facebook and enter the keyword “photos from” followed by the name of the user you are looking for. The extension will start working after a while and you’ll get all the results.

How To View Private Facebook Profiles With mSpy?

You can use a device tracker to view private Facebook messages and photos of users. mSpy is an Android and iOS device tracker that’s very popular.

The feature is available on both jailbroken devices and standard devices. However, the Facebook profile viewer only works with jailbroken versions. These are the main features of mSpy you may find useful.

  1. Once the tracker has been installed, you will be able to remotely view all photos and videos that they have posted on Facebook or saved to their phones.
  2. You can also view all messages exchanged on Facebook (Messenger), using your mSpy control panels.
  3. You can access deleted messages from Facebook and their Facebook account credentials with its keylogger.
  4. You can spy on Facebook and other social media apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, and others.

You can also track your device’s location, contacts, call logs, and messages.

Wrapping Up:

So, dear fellow spy, this is how to see private Facebook photos and profiles. Now you can easily view what other people are doing in their lives by viewing their profiles secretly on Facebook.

If these tricks worked for you, do share the post with others as well. But it’s always better to use social media platforms in an upright manner. Instead of spying secretly on a person, it’s better to send a friend request and then try to interact with that person and their profile.

Still, having any doubts? Dropdown your queries in the comments section below. Happy Peek-A-Boo!

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