How To Say Discord In Roblox? Explained

Since most of the video gamers on the Roblox network are younger than 13 years old, Roblox maintains a rather tight screening policy. It blocks the word “Discord,” whether you type it in-game or during a personal conversation out of the game. If you are willing to learn the trick – how to say discord in Roblox, this article is dedicated to you! 

Even though it makes perfect sense why Roblox users aren’t allowed to speak the word “discord,” the group still needs it. Continue reading to learn the rationale behind Roblox’s nationwide ban on the use of the word “discord” and how to say discord in Roblox. 

Saying Discord is prohibited on Roblox owing to age limitations, as was already mentioned. However, there are five different ways to say discord in Roblox such as Changing the spell, adding a discord ID in the group description, sharing the Discord link, using symbols, and using numbers!

You must be surprised to learn about the super five tricks, let’s go through the article and learn in detail! 

Why Can’t I Say ‘Discord’ In Roblox?

The main factor in the company’s move to forbid the use of the phrase “Discord” inside its activities was the security of Roblox’s users. 

The majority of Roblox’s primary user base is made up of children or, at the very least, people in their younger years, although there are also many more adult Roblox users. Frauds have been occurring in a number of games for a long time; this is not a new problem, and the game’s developers are in no way to blame. It’s just the way the gaming industry has operated in recent years, but numerous safeguards have been put in place, particularly with regard to social media, to prevent younger players from being taken advantage of in any way.

The marketing of various other social networks and other platforms, including the well-liked chat site Discord, is prohibited on Roblox. Any communication between users of any third-party or social media platforms is also prohibited. It’s ideal if the programmers put some restrictions in place because there are so many Roblox users texting each other and there is no way for the programmers to control the information sent and received. For more experienced players, though, who just wish to discuss social networking sites and third-party networks in a responsible and respectful manner, this may be rather unpleasant.

In reality, aside from the potential negative effects on youngsters, the Roblox programmers have made it clear that they do not want to in any way promote the use of Discord to any of its predominantly younger audience members. This is due to the fact that all countries demand users to be at least 13 years old in order to utilize the Discord platform.

How To Say Discord In Roblox?

The inability to type the term Discord and then communicate it to other players in Roblox chat is bothersome. You may at least give the creators some credit in that regard because the motivation behind this is somewhat righteous. However, you can still trick the program and say Discord in Roblox. Here is how to say Discord in Roblox: 

#1 Change The Spelling

Changing the “Discord” spelling to “thiskord” is one method to how to say discord in Roblox, whether in a public or personal conversation. Keep the term sounds similar in order for the other gamer to understand you.

#2 Add Discord ID In Group Or Game Description

The quickest and easiest way to learn how to say Discord in Roblox is by incorporating the discord ID into the game description. You can also do the same for the group description!  Another thing to keep in mind is that you must not include the hashtag [#] symbol when specifying the Discord ID in the caption.

#3 Sharing The Discord Link

If you want additional members to join your Discord server, you may request them by submitting the channel invitation code in the message box’s invite line. Try this method to say Discord in Roblox now! It’s fun! 

#4 Use Various Symbols

The fourth method how to say discord in Roblox is using various symbols instead of letters! Discord can also be written using symbols, such as the exclamation point, pound sign, and any other sign that looks similar, such as “TH!SCHORDE”. In this manner, the Discord word could not be filtered out by Roblox, while other players would also receive this invitation note.

#5 Use Numbers

A different approach to learning how to say Discord in Roblox is adding numbers before or after each letter; this will prevent Roblox from picking up on Discord expressions like “D15C0R4DE5”. Additionally, you can substitute similar-looking numerals for alphabets, such as 1 for I and 5 for S. 

Wrapping Up

Hope, this short article guided you through how to say discord in Roblox. Try all the five methods that we have described in this article. If you have tried something else that worked and was not included in this article, share your thoughts with us in the comment box. Follow TopHillSport for more updates on Roblox and Discord! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Why Can’t You Say Discord In Roblox?

This is done to safeguard the younger players from being taken advantage of by other competitors (using social media platforms). Nevertheless, there is a tiny spelling change that must be made in order to type Discord.

Q2. What Is Discord In Roblox?

Players of Roblox have established a community on Discord. Your interactions and relationships with people, both new and old, can take place on private servers. You can discuss specifically Roblox and other topics in text channels because they are topic-based.

Q3. Can I Use Discord On Roblox?

An excellent method to get your friends interested in a videogame and get them to play it is to add Roblox to your Discord status. Each time you play a game on Roblox, the application will display your gaming status after just one time of setup. You must download the Discord desktop application in order to access this feature.

Q4. Why Is Discord Only For 13+?

Due to its open discussion, Common Sense Media also advises that Discord members be at least 13 years old. Due to the fact that everything is user-generated, there is a lot of potential for offensive material, including profanity and graphic language and images (although it is absolutely feasible to be a member of a group that forbids these).

Q5. Can Roblox Voice Chat Swear?

Roblox doesn’t allow cursing in text, photos, or uploaded audio to make Roblox safe and respectful for everyone, including Using misspellings, unusual characters, or other techniques to avoid detection of obscenities.

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