How To Retake BeReal? Know The 3 Easy Steps!

BeReal is an application that is gaining a lot of popularity in the last few days. As the app is new, there are many undiscovered features. One of the undiscovered features is retakes on BeReal. Are you aware that you can take retakes on BeReal? Well, it is possible. This post will focus on how to retake BeReal. You will need to follow some steps to learn how to retake BeReal.

BeReal is a popular social media platform with many different features. You can take pictures on the platform without any filters. You will be asked to take a picture from the front and the back camera and you need to click that within 2 minutes. What if you don’t get the right picture? Well, fret not as there is a solution to it. But you need to do that within the two minutes that are provided to you. The solution is to retake BeReal.

To retake BeReal, Navigate to BeReal > Log in to your account > Click a picture when asked to > Press the cross icon > Retake a picture > Select where you want to share the picture. But before you retake BeReal, remember that users can see if you have used the retake feature or not.

Are you still confused about how to retake BeReal? You can follow this step-by-step guide to know the steps that are required to be followed for retaking BeReal. So, let us start with the post and discuss can you retake BeReal and how to retake BeReal.

How To Retake BeReal?

To retake BeReal, you simply need to launch the app > log in to your BeReal account > Take a picture when asked to > If not satisfied, press the cross icon > Take another picture > Share it publicly or with your friends.

Isn’t it easy? So, let us now discuss these short and simple steps on how to retake BeReal in more detail.

Step 1: Launch The Application

How To Retake BeReal

For knowing how to retake BeReal, you need to first launch the BeReal application and then log in to your BeReal account. Once you have logged in you will be asked to take a picture from the front as well as the back camera. Move to the next step to know how to retake BeReal.

Step 2: Take A Picture

When asked to take a picture, you can click a picture of yourself from both the cameras. If you are not satisfied with the picture, you will find a cross option. Click on that option to retake BeReal. Move to the next step to complete the procedure for retaking BeReal.

How To Retake BeReal

Step 3: Retake BeReal

You need to remember that it is only possible to retake BeReal within 2 minutes of the prompt to take the picture. If you don’t do that within 2 minutes, you will not be able to retake BeReal. So, do that in the given time frame. Once you retake BeReal, you can either share that publicly or with your friends.

That is it! This is how to take BeReal in just 3 super-easy steps. You can also try the Retake BeReal feature if you don’t find the pictures good enough. 

Can I Retake BeReal?

The BeReal picture-sharing platform is a newer one and that is the reason why people are confused about the features of the app. For those who are unaware of Retakes on BeReal, yes there is a retake BeReal feature on the app. If you are not satisfied with the picture you have clicked within the 2 minutes time slot, you can change that and retake BeReal. Isn’t it a sigh of relief! Well, yes, sometimes we might take the wrong picture. It becomes even more important in such a case to have a retake BeReal feature. You must now be wondering how to retake BeReal. So, let us read further to get an answer to how to retake BeReal.

How To Delete And Retake A BeReal?

If you are not impressed by the pic you posted, you can delete your BeReal and capture a new one. First, let’s see how you can delete a BeReal.

Step 1: To delete the BeReal on iPhone, tap the 3-dot icon next to your BeReal’s timestamp.

Step 2: Then tap Options, then Delete my BeReal. On Android, open the 3-dot icon next to your BeReal’s timestamp, then tap Delete my BeReal.

Step 3: Once you have deleted your BeReal, go to your My friends feed and tap Post a Late BeReal.

Step 4: You will be taken to the camera interface and there you can capture and share your pic.


This post is all about how to retake BeReal. We hope you have got to know about this feature of the BeReal platform. You can also try retaking BeReal, but don’t forget that you only have 2 minutes to do so. If you retake BeReal, others can check if you have retaken a picture or not. Was the post helpful? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Spread the post among those you know so that they also get to know how to retake BeReal. Are you aware of any other feature like this that people need to know? Then, do comment that below! Keep visiting our website to read more related posts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Retake BeReal?

A. Yes, you can. It is possible to retake BeReal. You just need to press the cross icon if you don’t like the picture and retake BeReal. 

Q2. Can I Retake BeReal After 2 Minutes?

A. No, you cannot. If you are unable to retake BeReal within two minutes, you cannot do that again. It is recommended to retake BeReal within two minutes only.

Q3. Do Retakes Reset On BeReal?

While you can retake your BeReal as many times as you like during the two-minute countdown, once you’ve pressed “post,” you can only delete and retake it once.

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