How To Reset Password On Truth Social?

Are you an iOS user? If yes, then congratulations! You are officially eligible to use Donald Trump’s new social media product, Truth Social. What? You are aware of it! Great! But we have something that you might not know, which is ‘how to reset password on Truth Social’.

Isn’t it obvious that you must be having an account on Truth Social when you have an iPhone and you’re aware of Truth Social launch! Yes, it is. Then, let’s help you with the mechanism of the Truth Social Media App, as it is new to the market and its users, many are getting confused and finding difficulty while operating it. To ease up all those troubles, here we’re starting with the biggest one, how to reset password on Truth Social. To know the most helpful solutions, peek into the post.

As we all know Trump’s Media venture has already launched into the market exclusively for iOS users on the App Store making the president’s return a signature statement for Big Techs, as they banned him from multiple social media platforms the previous year.

After the launch, few users reported that they were facing logging In and Out issues. Due to huge demand, many users were even placed on waitlists with a message saying “you’re not just another number to us, your support matters. But we’ve placed you on our waitlist“. While those who are able to access the application are also facing bugs. Let’s clear one of them below in this post.

How To Reset Password On Truth Social?

Truth Social is available the iOS users both as an app and as a website. So, In order to know how to reset the password on Truth Social, you can visit the website or do that from your app. Here is a detailed step by step guide for both methods:

How To Reset Password On Truth Social On Website?

If you are also facing issues while logging into your Truth Social account, you can simply change the password of your Truth Social account. You can reset it from your iPhone’s web browser by visiting the official Truth Social website. When you appeal to reset the password, Truth Social delivers an email to the registered email address that you used to build an account on Truth Social.

  • Open your web browser, go to the Truth Social official website.
  • In the sidebar list on the top of the screen, tap More, near the hamburger menu.
  • Next tap on Settings and Privacy from the resulting list.
  • From the Setting page, hit Change Your Password in the Account section.
  • Fill in your Current Password and then enter your New Password in their specific fields.
  • Confirm the changes from the Save option.

How To Reset Password On Truth Social On iPhone Via App?

If you wish to change the password of your Truth Social app,

  • Open Truth Social App on your iOS.
  • Click on the hamburger menu on the left of the page.
  • From the given menu, tap on the Settings and Privacy.
  • On the resulting page, Click on Account.
  • Next find and click Password on Account page.
  • Fill in your Current Password followed by New Password and confirm the submission by hitting the tick in the box below the password fields.
  • Tap Done in the right corner to save the changes.

Change Your Existing Password Without Password On Truth Social

Doesn’t matter where you practice to alter your secret keyword, on the official website or iOS app. You will be required to enter your current keyword anyways for safety and security purposes.

But, what if you don’t remember the password anymore? No worries, there’s another trick. When the website or application demands for the secret keyword, you will observe a hyperlink by “Forgot Password”.

Click on that and then it’ll direct you to your registered email and then will ask you to reset your password from the fresh.

Wrapping Up:

Truth Social Media App is brought up by the former president of the US, Donald Trump. This application is successfully available for all the Apple users, soon it’ll be there for Android users too. This platform says that it is the “America’s ‘Big Tent’ social media app. It appreciates a free, honest and open stage without discrimation against political ideologies.

Truth Media & Technology Group (TMTG) got itself enlisted in New York via a collaborator with an empty-check from Digital World Acquisition Corporation (DWAC)  and is waiting to receive $293 million cash from DWAC in a trust. In addition, TMTG raised $1 billion from private investors, which will not be utilised until DWAC gives the deal a closure.

TMTG ensures that they are going to strike their goal by the March ending by declaring availability of their full operation at least in the US.


Q1. When Will Truth Social Be Available For Android Users?

Ans. As per the reports, Trump’s Media says that by the end of March 2022 the Truth Social will be fully functional and operational for all at least in the US.

Q2. How Much Does The Truth Social App Cost?

Ans. The social media app is free of cost and covers 12.4 MB of space in your device.

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