How To Report Or Delete Someone’s Comment On BeReal? Easy Steps 2023!

BeReal is a social media platform where you have to be true about yourself! But sometimes people talk shit wherever they get to, and your comment section is the target place for them to post unlikely comments. To get rid of such comments today we will be exploring how to report or delete someone’s comment on Bereal.

BeReal promotes your authenticity, originality instead of the filtered or fake you! But sometimes this may go wrong as not everyone on this planet has the same broad mindset, few people may start commenting on you, your looks, features and whatever crap they get to talk about! But BeReal has also given you the authority to shut such people up by either blocking them or their comments. So for now let’s see how to report or delete someone’s comment on Bereal.

Here’s a quick sneak peek into the “how to report or delete someone’s comment on Bereal” guide: Open BeReal > Open Comments > Select Comment > Long Press On Comment > Delete. And done!!!!

If you practice how to report or delete someone’s comment on Bereal and a user still continues to harass you or post foul comments on your BeReal, then you can either block or report their account to stop them once for all. 

How To Report Or Delete Someone’s Comment On BeReal? 

How To Report Or Delete Someone's Comment On BeReal

On BeReal, people are supposed to introduce themselves unfiltered to everyone else using the same platform and have a healthy true connection with each other but instead of encouraging you for being you, sometimes people start making fun of you which is unpleasant, and should not tolerate such behavior anyhow. 

So in order to prevent people from doing such activities on your BeReal profile you can learn how to report or delete someone’s comment on Bereal for short-term relief. By deleting or reporting a comment dropped by someone else on your BeReal post, you will be stopping them from commenting again on any of your BeReal posts and making that comment disappear from your post forever so that no one will be able to view that comment.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to report or delete someone’s comment on Bereal: 

Step 01: Launch BeReal application on your iPhone or Android device.

  1. In case you don’t have the application already downloaded then you can also head to the official BeReal website and log in to your account from there.
  2. Once you enter the application or the website’s home screen, open your BeReal post and find the one from whom you have to delete a comment.

Step 02: Open the Comment Section and find the comment that you want to report or delete.

  1. Once you open the comment section, find the comment that you want to delete.
  2. Select the comment by long pressing on it.

Step 03: Once you select the comment that you need to be vanished, a quick Menu will pop up at the top right corner of the screen including multiple options.

Step 04: From that Menu, find and click on the Delete button, it will be represented by a trash icon.

And woof! That comment will be gone forever from your comment section. And this was how to report or delete someone’s comment on Bereal.

How To Report Or Delete Someone’s Comment On BeReal – Video Tutorial?

If you are unable to understand the process in written way then here is the step wise video tutorial for how to report or delete someone’s comment on Bereal:

Wrapping Up

BeReal is a social networking site where all the users post their pictures of themselves and their real time activity that they are doing at that exact moment. BeReal choses any two moments from the entire day and notifies its users to upload their picture. But sometimes BeReal has to pay a heavy amount for their “being real” strategy. 

As we all know that every social media app has its ugly side where many of the users start insulting and bullying each other the app instead of appreciating their true self. But to overcome such situations, BeReal has set some boundaries and restrictions for the ones who comment foul for other users.

BeReal has allowed everyone on the platform to directly delete or report the comment that is unfriendly to you. If you don’t know how to report or delete someone’s comment on Bereal. And you can also report or block a user once and for all if they keep commenting wrong about you. To know how to report a BeReal post or user you can visit @TopHillSport for the ultimate social media hacks, tricks and solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Hide Comments On BeReal?

There’s nothing like Comment Privacy on BeReal. If you are commenting on someone’s BeReal post then friends of that BeReal user can also see your comment in their comment box.

Q. Does Your BeReal Delete After 24 Hours?

A user is allowed to delete a BeReal post only once a day. If you are deleting one of your posts today, then you won’t be able to view your friend’s BeReal either until you post another BeReal of your own.

Q. Who Can See Your Comments On BeReal?

All your friends on the platform can see your BeReal comment. BeReal posts can only be viewed in the application by your friends once a day just like Snapchat. 

Q. Can Someone See If You Screenshot BeReal Comments?

Fortunately, yes. You will get notifications from BeReal everytime someone clicks a screenshot of your BeReal. The difference is just that you will get to see the number of screenshots if you are an iOS user and if you use an Android device then it will show only a yellow shutter and won’t tell you the number of screenshots that have been clicked.

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