How To Register On Truth Social? Easy Steps To Follow!

Are you also seeking a guide on how to Register in Truth Social App? Then you are at the right place. Here, we are going to tell you all about How To Register On Truth Social Media App. Stick till the end to know more.

The President of the US Donald Trump is all ready to roll out his very own social media platform “TRUTH Social Media App”. Trump has been restricted from popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube after his followers troubled the US Capitol on the 6th of January. It happened also because the TMTG is intending to make this public through a unique social media platform as Truth Social.

This platform was invented by the latest organization formed by a collaboration of the TMTG and a distinctive acquisition organization, Digital World Acquisition Group (DWAG). The platform’s main motive is to develop “an opponent against the liberal media consortium and fight against the Big Techs.”

Trump’s latest platform has rolled out a beta category in November 2021. This beta version was accessible only to special guests. However, this platform is available for “pre-order” on Apple’s App Store. This pre-order thing lets users invite other interested candidates to Pre-order and join the waiting list. It’s worldwide launch is in the first season of 2022 hopefully. Let’s begin with how to register on Truth Social.

The Trump Social Media

As of now, this application is available only for Apple users on the App Store. The Android users are supposed to wait a little bit more as there are no updates on the full launch date of the application.

In a statement Trump said, “All of us live in a universe where the Taliban has huge presence on Twitter, yet your beloved American President has been shut down”.

In November, Truth Social is about to launch it’s Beta access. The exact date of beta roll out is not confirmed yet. Rumours say that the platform will be accessible for each and every one in the mid of 2022.

After Trump being banned on all big social platforms including Facebook and Twitter due to his US Capitol Controversy on 6th of January, his followers and supporters wanted him to initiate his own platform. Advisors said that it can give  Facebook and Twitter a tough competition and can affect their market shares upto 20%. 

How To Register On Truth Social?

As we mentioned above, the beta version was accessible in November 2021. Fortunately, till then, all of us have a chance to utilize an invite link to use the Truth Social Media App via Trump’s authentic website. If you are interested in the beta version of this application, you have to register for Truth Social Media App. Till the complete launch, you can join the waiting list to get the accessibility of the platform.

To register yourself for the waitlist, do as the below mentioned instructions says,

  • Open Truth Social official website.
  • You will observe the “join the waiting list” form.
  • Enter the asked details.
  • Hit that agree button given in terms and conditions.
  • Tap the “Register” button.

Finally, you have successfully joined the waiting list.

How To Create Account On Truth Social? 

After downloading the application successfully, move forward and open the application.

  • Tap “Get Started” in the app to initiate the process.
  • You will reach the “Create Account” page.
  • Enter your Name, E-mail, Birth date and tap Next.
  • You will receive a verification code in your email. Enter the verification code you received and tap “Next”.
  • In the next step, insert the password of your choice. ( There should be an 8 letter password including numbers, special letter and symbols).

Wrap Up:

Truth Social Media App is developed by Donald Trump, Former President of the US. Because of Donald Trump’s fan following, experts believe that Truth Social can give competition to Facebook and Twitter. From November, users will get access to this platform. 

We hope that this article of ours on how to register on Truth Social has helped you sign in for free on Truth Social. This application can be accessed from website, social media, and website links. 

Frequently Asked Qusetions

Q1. On What Fact The Truth Social Media App Is Based?

Ans. The motive of the platform is:

  • Political discrimation free stage.
  • Cancelling cancel culture.
  • Fighting against Big Techs.

Q2. When The User Will Get Access to Use Truth Social App? 

Ans. According to the data on Apple App Store, the website plans to roll out on the 21st of February 2021.

Ridhika Gupta

Ridhika is an overthinker by mind and a writer by heart! Along with pursuing her Master's, she is always on the verge to try something new with each sunrise in the tech and social world! Come join her in the journey and find answers to your queries!

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19 Responses

  1. JDaveF says:

    I have downloaded Truth Social on my iPhone, and gone through the steps to register, and it’s failed. When I enter a user name and password I get a message “Account failed to register”. No explanation given for why it failed to register, or how to rectify the error. Lame!

    • Ridhika Gupta says:

      Hey JDaveF! Thanks for reaching out. We have posted a complete guide on “How to fix Truth Social Account Failed To Register Error”. Please visit the site and check that post.

  2. Dorianne says:

    I have the same error. Where is the link to your article about how to fix the error?

    • Ridhika Gupta says:

      Hey Dorianne! Thanks for reaching out. Please check “How To Fix Truth Social Error Creating Account” on the site. Hopefully, your error gets resolved soon!

  3. Ginger says:

    What site? Can you please post a link directly to the site and How to fix failed to register?

    • Ridhika Gupta says:

      Hey Ginger! Thanks for reaching out. You can visit the site directly from the link that we have inserted in step one. Also, check out our other post on “How to fix Truth Social Error Creating Account”. The site is loading slowly as too many users actively register themselves. Keep trying!

  4. Mitzi says:

    Same here I can’t get mine to register either. But it also never sent me a text to verify my cell number.

    • Hey Mitzi,

      We can understand that it might be irritating if you are doing everything right and still it fails to work. But, since it was the first day of the app launch, this might be a server glitch. We advise you to take a break from the registering process and try again after some time with the same mail or an alternative mail. Also, try verifying your account with your cell number in a while.
      Thank you fr reaching ut to us.

  5. G Mains says:

    I keep getting “oops you forgot something “ but it won’t say what!

  6. lynn says:

    Have a error saying you missed one step when I tried to put in username .

  7. Doreen says:

    Error you missed a step and won’t take @ any user name. What step is missing. Email verified. Pw put in. Tried even long sentences and weird uncommon user names. Keeps stating u missed a step

  8. Doreen says:

    Thank you so much Ridhika for responding back so promptly. Thanks for the answer to my question as it was driving me bonkers. Lol. Have a great day and a big thanks again to you and your team for reaching out to people in regards to their questions and/or frustrations.

    Blessings to all ♥️

  9. Bryan Nichols says:

    Truth social verified my email but it won’t let me put in a password. What do I do.

    • Shubham Attri says:

      Hey Bryan, we advise you to wait for the stable version to release. Currently, it is the Beta version that allows only 500 users to have the access to the account. You can register your username.

  10. Kent Rintamaki says:

    True social I having a hard time sigh up I can’t get accepted to make new accounts I deleted the first one

    • Ridhika Gupta says:

      Hey Kent Rintamaki! Like you said that you already created an account on Truth Social, maybe that’s the reason why you are facing a problem creating another one. Try to create a new account from another device, that may work for you.

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