How To Pin More Than 9 Messages On iPhone

Whether it is texting individuals or a group of friends, it is nice to send a text to them. From Birthday wishes to send a reminder, iMessage could be the best option, as you can pin the conversation on the screen! However, you cannot pin more than 9 messages on iPhone.

Wondering, if you can pin more than 9 messages on iPhone. Sounds not only difficult but also impossible since no recent iPhone updates support to pin more than 9 messages on iPhone. It is quicker and simpler to send a message to the individuals you communicate with the most when using the Messages app in iOS 15 since users may pin their most crucial contacts as well as group messages to the top of the screen. 

The benefits of pinning messages on the screen are immense. You can pin your favorite conversation posts to the top of the display in Messages to avoid browsing through buried comment threads. Also, group messaging plans can be followed up on by pinning the discussion. Then why limit it to 9 message threads? Let’s learn how to pin more than 9 messages on iPhone.

How To Pin Messages On iPhone

When a person is pinned in Messaging on an iPhone, the discussion thread with just contact remains at the top as an icon ensuring that you can quickly tap into it and access the discussion at any time without having to look through iPhone messages. Unfortunately, iPhone offers the opportunity to pin only 9 message threads on the screen. How to pin more than 9 messages on iPhone? Well, that feature is not available yet. Meanwhile, here’s how to add contacts to the iPhone’s Messages app:

iMessage app> Locate the text message> long press> Menu> Pin> Connection will now appear at the top of your list of texts

Step 1: Launch the messaging app.

How To Pin Messages On iPhone

Step 2: Locate the text message from the individual or group you want to pin, not the contact icon, by long pressing it.

How To Pin Messages On iPhone

Step 3: In the menu that opens, select Pin.

How To Pin Messages On iPhone

Step 4: Your connection will now appear at the top of your list of texts.

How To Pin Messages On iPhone

Step 5: If you wish to unpin your preferred contact, hold down the desired icon for a long time and then hit Unpin.

How To Pin Messages On iPhone

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How To Unpin Messages On iPhone

You’ll receive a notification to unpin a conversation so you can add a new one once you’ve reached the maximum of 9. You just cannot pin more than 9 messages on iPhone.

Step 1: This is how unpinning a message looks. 

How To Unpin Messages On iPhone
Image: 9to5mac

Step 2: Long-press the chat post or icon that has been pinned from the list provided.

How To Unpin Messages On iPhone
Image: 9to5mac

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Wrapping Up

Looking forward to pin more than 9 messages on iPhone screen? Unfortunately, not even iPhone 16 updates have that feature. However, in this blog we have discussed, how easy it is to pin as well as unpin messages or text discussions on the screen. Got a question? Please let us know in the comment box. Follow Sportingibay for more updates on iPhone

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is iMessage?

iMessage is Apple’s in-house messaging platform. Although receiving and sending iMessages requires wireless data, the service is free. Via the Messages app, you may quickly exchange texts, images, or videos using iMessage. Only Apple’s products, particularly the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, are compatible with them. This implies that you can communicate with other iOS and macOS users using iMessage. A Wi-Fi connection or a mobile internet connection is necessary for iMessage to operate online. iMessage was first made available by Apple in 2011 and then added to iOS 5 as well as OS X Mountain Lion.

Q2. Does iMessage Use My Data Plan?

It is indeed feasible. iMessages are sent via Wi-Fi by the standard. iMessages will be sent via cellular data if your phone is not connected to a wireless network. This also implies that cellular rates might be applicable. Data plans do not apply to text messaging. Nevertheless, there can be a per-message fee for both sent and got a message based on your mobile provider.

Q3. Does iMessage Work Internationally?

Yes. Anywhere in the globe that has an Internet connection can use iMessage. In fact, iMessage might be your best bet when you’re traveling abroad, especially if you want to avoid paying roaming fees. Many locations now have free Wi-Fi, including airports, cafes, buses, etc. You can send an endless amount of SMS through Wi-Fi. Additionally, text messaging charges while traveling abroad could be expensive.

Q4. Can iMessage Work On Android Devices?

You cannot use iMessage on an Android device. This implies that Android users are unable to take advantage of iMessage’s interesting features. A communication sent to a person using an Android device will be received as a text or email or SMS. Emojis & effects so might not function.

Q5. Does iMessage Work Without Wi-Fi?

Yes. Emails will be sent via your mobile network if you don’t have Wi-Fi access, as was already mentioned.

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