How To Move Bulk Instagram Messages From General To Primary And Vice Versa?

Do you also want to mark those text messages on Instagram as unread? Do you also want to arrange your Instagram DMs accordingly? Actually, all of this is possible now. Instagram has just added a few new features for business accounts that allow users to move and arrange their Instagram DMs according to them. That’s why we bring you this post sharing important tips and instructions for your doubt, “How to move bulk Instagram messages from general to primary or vice versa”.

As your Instagram handle increases, you will organically observe an increment of DMs in your Instagram inbox. Doesn’t that sound good? Indeed it does. It’s a symbol that you are growing on social media platforms and your audience is connected with you and looking forward to initiating a conversation with you or your brand (if you are running one).

Growing socially online doesn’t always come with happiness and entertainment, it also brings responsibilities and duties. Sometimes there might be situations where you have to prioritize a few conversations to upgrade your account and stay connected to others. 

But, will that be possible for you to memorize each and every user’s username? Examine whether they are worth a reply or not? Search each user’s name and then send them a response? I assume not. To prevent that situation Instagram has built two different sections, Primary and General. Here you can divide your chat list according to your priority. Sounds new and difficult? No issues, let’s crack it together. Read the manual till the end to know how to move bulk Instagram messages from general to primary sections.

What Are Primary And General Messages On Instagram? 

Instagram’s inbox involves certain features that allow you to manage a large number of messages more efficiently. This well-arranged inbox has two sections: Primary and General.


This section is for those text messages that are on top of your priority list. All the preferred messages will be presented over here, but you have the option to shift them from here to the General section. Notification alerts are turned on by default itself, if you want then you can turn them off by making changes in settings.


There is another tab parallel located to the primary section, called the General tab.

No chat will appear here until you move any from the Primary section to General. Here, you can move in those chats which are not that important to you or from which you receive few responses or you have a low conversation probability. Notifications for this section are disabled by default, you have to turn them on if you want to. You can do that by going to Settings.

Message Requests- What Are They? 

You can observe Message Requests in your inbox tab.

Requests are DMs only but from the people that you don’t follow.

You are allowed to choose to accept or decline these DMs. These DMs will not be titled as “seen” to the sender until you accept the Message Request. You have to click on “All Requests” to view all of the requests. You can filter these Requests by tapping on “Top Requests” to see your Message Requests in an organized manner by important accounts on top.

Once you accept any Message Request, these requests will automatically fall into the Primary section of the chat. You can, later on, move it to the General section if you want to.

You can click on the filter symbol on the top right of the search bar to refine and get your unseen or tagged/flagged chats. For single messages, you have the feature to mark them Flagged so you can find them easily later on. You can do this with those chats whom you want to save or chats which are important to you. To manage a number of chats at once in a more organized manner, you can also click on the list symbol on the right side of your inbox at the top to manage multiple actions on a bulk of messages at once.

How To Move Bulk Instagram Messages From Primary To General?

So, how to move bulk Instagram messages from primary to general?

As already mentioned earlier, Instagram allows its users to access a business account with a filter in their Instagram DM section to manage their chats according to their importance. Yes, that’s true, it’s one of the pros of having a business account.

If you have a business account that means your account is open to your audience to communicate with you which means you might be receiving a huge number of text messages on a daily basis, in that case, you have this feature to move those unnecessary messages to the General section and keep important ones in Primary. But are these located differently? How to move these chats from one to another? What’s the motive? 

Well, by default when you move any chat to the General category, Instagram considers that as a less important chat for you so it doesn’t notify you about any of the older or newly received text messages on Instagram. But, how to move a chat from Primary to the General section for that? Here is a couple of easy steps that you can follow to know how to move bulk Instagram Messages :

  • Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone.
  • Go to the Inbox, below the search bar you will find two sections “Primary” and “General”.
  • Long press on any chat that you wish to move to the General section.
  • You will find a “Move to General” option, click on that. 

You can reverse the entire process mentioned above if you want to know how to move bulk Instagram messages from general to primary. Also, by clicking on the “Select” option on the top of the right corner of the display screen you will get to choose multiple chats from the list. By choosing multiple chats you can move a decent number of chats from one category to another.

That is all! You will have your chats managed successfully by this method, you will start getting notifications from both sections after turning them on from the Settings.

Although, this only works for those users who have a business account! 

Wrapping Up

That’s all for the guide on how to move Bulk Instagram Messages from general to primary.

To conclude it all, Instagram is one of the world’s most leading and popular applications which are being utilized by a huge part of the population because of its functionality and entertainment serving purpose.

Instagram is bringing many features in the market as per users’ requirements for their ease. One of them is filtering and managing Instagram messages, which is a necessity nowadays. Managing and sorting Instagram’s messages is an important task that must be done by a user handling a business account to avoid losing messages and keep connected to your audience and friends. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Switch On Notifications For The General Section In Instagram?

Ans. Go to the Instagram application on your phone, and open your Instagram profile. Next, enter Settings and then tap on Notifications. Scroll down a little, you will find “Messages”. Tap on “Primary and General”. 

Q2. How To View Older Message Requests?

Ans. To view older message requests, go to the Instagram app, open message requests. Scroll down till the end, you will find a “View All Requests” option, click on it and again scroll till the bottom, there you will find your oldest requests.

Q3. How Many Chats Can Be Moved From Primary To General At Once?

Ans. There’s no limit. You can select as many as chats you can and move them to whatever tab you want at once.

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