Genshin Impact Discord Server | How To Join?

Same as most of the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games, Finishing Impact has also devoted an official Discord server for its players where most of the news is uploaded. But, ever thought about joining this channel to read that news? For that, you should know how to join Genshin Impact Discord server. Read on to know that.

Discord is a well-known communicating platform among gamers, mostly because of the fact that it provides both text and voice-based chat facilities. Are not limited to only chatting about their favorite games and web content, but can communicate through chat while playing online games too. 

To know about how to join Genshin Impact Discord server you need to open the Genshin Impact Discord link >> go to the server >> click on the Join Genshin Impact Official button >> If Invite Expired pops up >> Retry after some time. So, this is how you will join Genshin Impact. 

But will you join any server without knowing about it completely? What does it offer? What are its features etc? Let us help you with all of this then you’ll be completely ready with the guide on how to join Genshin Impact Discord server. 

Genshin Impact Discord Server

Why I Cannot Join The Official Genshin Impact Discord Server

Genshin Impact has won the hearts of many fans in the entire world. With active communities on different platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube there’s no lag in Genshin Impact content if you know what to search for. And of course, the right place is at the core of the community – and that is our Genshin Impact Discord server. Along with hundreds and thousands of fans thronging the official server as soon as it launched, no one could have even imagined that it would become this large and popular in the world this quickly. 

But, is this Genshin Impact Discord server fully occupied? Back on October 30, 2020, only a month after the game’s first launch,  the Genshin Impact Discord server crossed 734,000 subscribers, declaring the title the biggest Discord server in the world. Originally, it did not take too long for the servers to reach maximum capacity, with 800,000 players subscribed. Unluckily, because of this the first official Genshin Impact Discord server became fully occupied, so no one could not join the server anymore.

Whenever one will try, it will show:

Dear Travelers, 

Our Genshin Impact official Discord has been at its maximum capacity for quite a while. Now we are happy to announce that our second Discord server, the Genshin Impact Tavern is now available. Paimon cannot wait to see you all.

Genshin Impact Discord Server Link

Looking for the official Genshin Impact Discord Server link, you have come to the right place. We have the official and verified link of the Genshin Impact Server Link.

What Is Genshin Impact Discord Server?

What Is The Genshin Impact Discord Server

Before knowing as How To Join Genshin Impact Discord Server, let’s know a little more about it in detail.

The Genshin Impact Discord server is entirely devoted to its fans of the famous open-world RPG, letting you have fun while engaging the community. Whether you want a place to bluff about your recent game achievements, talk about the latest content and upcoming Genshin Impact leaks, or wanna share your favorite Genshin Impact memes, it’s a place for all the lovers of insatiable Inazumans to meet like-minded travelers. And of course, there are a number of other fun events too to take part in, and much more. So what’s the wait for?

So, the Genshin Impact is a free-to-play, action role-playing game designed by miHoYo. It is miHoYo’s first-ever open-world game and is accessible on mobile, PC, and the PS4 and PS5. The universe of Genshin Impact known as Tevyat is a vast and amazing world full of dungeons, puzzles, and loads of other rare locations. Tevyat is made of 7 different big nations named, Liyue, Mondstadt, Sumeru, Fontaine, Inazuma, Snezhnaya, and Natlan. Every mentioned nation is ruled by a god and each god is bound to one of the seven elements that can be used by the player character in the combat. 

The players are known as Travellers from is another-world whose twin is kidnapped by one of the gods and the traveler becomes trapped on Tevyat.

The game is an action-based battle game with elemental magic and the ability to toggle between four different characters with different skills. The combat in this game is very simple and smooth like traditional RPGs. The seven elements, each of which depicts one of the seven gods, are Dendro, Hydro, Cryo, Pyro, Electro, Anemo, and Geo. Every god in Tevyat has its own weakness and restrictions to these elements which can be exploited by the players.

Genshin Impact is purely free to access and uses a concept known as Gacha Game Monetization to allow players to buy new characters, new gear, and other resources.

How To Join Genshin Impact Discord Server?

How To Join The Genshin Impact Discord Server

Call all your friends, and fellow players, and meet other like-minded nerds. The Genshin Impact Discord is the perfect and complete place for you to share your love of Mjhoyo’s popular RPG!

How to connect genshin impact to Discord? here’s how!!!

  1. Head to the Official Website Link of the Genshin Impact Discord server.
  1. Open the Genshin Impact Discord Server.
  1. Tap on the “Join Genshin Impact Official” button.
  1. If the “Invite Expired” message pops up, easily retry after some time.

You can also try joining the Genshin Impact Tavern which is the second Official Discord of the game.

The first Discord has been fully occupied at maximum capacity for a while now at 800,000 members, making Genshin Impact the biggest Discord server worldwide. The maximum limit has been reached.

How To Download Genshin Impact Discord Server On PC, PS4, Android, And iOS?

How To Download Genshin Impact Discord Server On PC, PS4, Android, and iOS?

To download the Genshin Impact Discord server, travelers need to first make use of their browsers. The steps for downloading the Genshin Impact Discord server are mentioned below. After downloading, just head on to the invitation link of the Genshin Impact Discord server.

Downloading Steps For Genshin Impact Discord Server Download On PC

  1. Download and open the PC Client Launcher File.
  1. Checkmark I have read and agree to the Software License Agreement.
  1. In the next step, select the Install Now button.
  1. Complete the Installation Process of the PC Launcher and Run Now to the launcher.
  1. Tap on Get Game to download Genshin Impact’s game files.
  1. Finally, Download the Game.
  1. Next, tap on the Game to Start playing.

Downloading Steps For Genshin Impact Discord Server Download On PS4

  1. To download the Genshin Impact on PS4, head to the PSN Store.
  1. Search for Genshin Impact on your web browser.
  1. Tap on the Download button and the game will initiate downloading.
  1. After downloading, let it finish the Installation Process.
  1. In the end, tap on the Game icon to initiate play.

Downloading Steps For Genshin Impact Discord Server Download On iOS And Android

  1. Open the respective Apple Store and Google Play Store.
  1. Search for Genshib Impact on your web browser.
  1. Tap on the Install button to install the Genshib Impact Discord server.
  1. After installing, open the Application and the In-Game Data will start downloading.
  1. The size of the application would be around 5.5GB, so its downloading speed will depend on Internet Speed.
  1. After following all the steps, you will be able to play the Game. 

Wrapping Up:

That’s all for how to join Genshin Impact Discord Server.

Genshin Impact, the MMORPG that is making the gaming community heat, also has its own official server. The Genshin Impact community has developed even more since its beta phase launched. MiHoYo’s open-world role-playing game now has millions of gamers on PC, mobile, and console.

This game has already reached its maximum limit of 800,000. You can even declare joining this server one huge Gacha, a monetary system that Genshin Impact uses for its characters and weapons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How May One Join Genshin Impact Second Discord Server?

Ans. Create a Discord account >>>  Tap on the invitation link >>> Accept the invitation. 

Q2. Why CanNot One Can Join Discord Servers?

Ans. If your invitation link has expired, you won’t be able to join Discord servers. Another reason could be the number of times users can click on the link before it expires. If the number has been exceeded, you cannot join the server.

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