How To Jailbreak iOS 15.5 | A Step-By-Step Guide!

iOS 15.5 is the latest update and the iOS users are already hitting the internet for the Jailbreak solution. Jailbreaking iOS 15.5 is something developers are still working on. If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to Jailbreak iOS 15.5, this is the ideal blog to read through.

This blog is dedicated to all those iOS users who love to enjoy jailbreak features. This blog is the ultimate introduction to iOS jailbreaking explaining all details including FAQs. If this is the first time you are trying jailbreaking then I suggest you read this 10 mints blog carefully. 

This blog has covered most of the know-how about iOS 15.5 Jailbreaking on different devices. When you reach the bottom of the blog, you will be an expert in jailbreaking iOS 15.5. So, let’s learn and show your friends how to use Jailbreak features in iOS. 

How to Jailbreak iOS 15.5 on Windows and Mac?

The iOS family’s fifteenth major update is iOS 15. It adds wonderful new features and upgrades that give this new OS version an amazing appearance. The most recent iOS 15 update is compatible with all recently released iDevice models, including the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE 2020, iPad (8th generation), iPod Touch 7th generation, etc.

Jailbreaking iOS can be done by downloading various third-party apps. Considering the threat, the process of jailbreaking is not recommended. In fact, jailbreaking is not recommended at all by any experts. However, we do not like boundaries, which pushed us to download Checkra1n and Cydia and install this third-party software to access certain features that are not available in authentic iOS. But, the first thing that we need to know, is what is iOS Jailbreaking? 

 What is iOS Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is the method by which Apple’s os is tweaked to remove the restrictions and enable better user control of the device. These modifications often allow launching unsigned code, as well as writing and reading to the root filesystem, which are usually forbidden by Apple. The expanded powers permit customizations and unconstrained app installation that are not available to consumers with a stock device. Jailbreaking is most common on, and most connected to, Apple’s mobile operating systems iOS and iPadOS, however, it also comes in numerous forms on tvOS, watchOS, macOS, and audioOS.

Jailbreaking often involves adding an “unofficial installer” to your device, allowing you to download third-party apps, modifications, and additions that are not accessible through the App Store. These packages provide you countless options for things you can do with your iPhone that hasn’t been there before jailbroken. Cydia is the most well-known and established of these installers. On the other hand, Zebra and Sileo are two currently available and rising alternatives to Cydia.

The tweaks offered by Cydia and other package managers can be used to unlock your smartphone’s full capability, and get around restrictions put in place by Apple. It’s time to change the way your device looks, feels, behaves, and can do a variety of other things.

How to Use Checkra1n to Jailbreak iOS 15.5?   

How To Jailbreak iOS 15.5 | A Step By Step Guide_checkra1n

On a Windows computer, the jailbreak procedure is trickier than on a Mac. You must have a USB flash drive ready and Windows 7 or later installed before jailbreaking iOS 15.5.

A well-known iOS jailbreak tool is Checkra1n. The checkra1n 0.12.0, based on checkm8, is now available and supports iOS 15 on devices (bata version though and not recommended for installation on a primary device.

How To Use Checkra1n to Jailbreak iOS 15.5?

  1. Use the following link to download Checkra1n:
  2. To run the Checkra1n DMG file, drag and drop it.
  3. Now, you have to connect your iPhone to your Mac and click Checkra1n to launch.
  4. After hitting the start button of the app, follow the instructions step by step. 
  5. Once your device is in DFU mode, Checkra1n will start jailbreaking process. The device may reboot more than once during the jailbreak process. 
  6. Now you will be asked to install Cydia. Tap on the icon and follow the installation process. 
  7. You will find both Checkra1n and Cydia icons as soon as the installation process is completed. 

How to Use Cydia Jailbreak iOS 15.5?

How To Jailbreak iOS 15.5 | A Step By Step Guide_Cydia

The iOS family’s fifteenth major update is iOS 15. It adds wonderful new features and upgrades that give this unique operating system version an amazing appearance. If you’re a fan of Cydia Jailbreak as well, you may get the most recent Cydia iOS 15.5 update directly from the Cydia website.

Cydia is specially built for iOS phones. This app doesn’t support Android phones. No android users can find this app in their app store or install it.

Numerous well-known jailbreak developers, like Luca Todesco, the Unc0ver team, Pangu, and others, have already begun working on the iOS 15 jailbreak now that Apple has already made iOS 15 available to the general public. Nevertheless, none of them seem to have yet made a jailbreak option for iOS 15 compatible. But fortunately for iOS 15 users, all iOS 15-enabled devices may already be jailbroken and downloaded Cydia iOS 15 using the CydiaFree online jailbreak app.

The most recent hot subject among those in the jailbreak community is Cydia Download iOS 15.5. In a recent release, our development team included all iOS/iPadOS 15.5 devices on the list of compatible hardware. Use this most recent update to get Cydia to download and install iOS 15.5 and install the most recent Cydia Free tweaks on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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Can you Jailbreak iOS 15.5 on iPhones and iPad?

Are you interested in jailbreaking iPhone or iPad running iOS 15.5? Here is the most recent information on the iOS 15.5 jailbreaks that you should be aware of before updating!

Since Apple has just released iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 to the public, jailbreak enthusiasts are likely all wondering the same thing: Can we Jailbreak iOS 15.5?

As usual, the answer to that question will depend on the type of gadget you’re using, and it isn’t always encouraging.

For instance, you’re okay to go if you’re using an iPhone X or an earlier model. Because Apple cannot patch the exploit via software updates on those devices because they have been jailbroken at the bottom level. You’re good to install it and then jailbreak it as long as Apple makes its new iOS updates compliant with that hardware.

However, if you’re using a more contemporary smartphone, things aren’t so good. Those with the latest iPhone 13 are out of luck totally, for example. There hasn’t been a new jailbreak released yet, but one might in the future. Never rule anything out, although it now looks doubtful.

Benefits of Jailbreaking iOS 15.5

Installing third-party apps and changes that Apple couldn’t or wouldn’t accept in the App Store is the main motivation for jailbreaking. There are countless apps that violate Apple’s rules or possess features that are prohibited by the rules of the App Store. Tweaks are not available on the App Store, since they are programs. They are expansions, modifications, or adjustments to the already installed software, and to the OS itself.

For instance, Apple doesn’t let you alter the device’s default user interface. Many jailbreak modifications that entirely alter the appearance of your device are available thanks to the jailbreak community.

How To Install iOS 15.5 Without Jailbreaking?

  1. Most iOS users dislike jailbreaking iOS 15.5 devices because of security reasons. However, as of right now, users on iOS 15.5 can get the majority of Cydia’s features from third-party services.
  2. The greatest tools to install jailbreak functionality on your iOS 15.5 device are available here.
  3. You can install the Cydia theme with Ela Themes without Jailbreak
  4. Change the default Lock Screen and Home Screen Themes without Jailbreaking with Desier. Set up Desier using zJailbreak
  5. Metawu: Customize your home screen, lock screen, home screen dock, and lock screen buttons
  6. Alter Home Screen Icons with Sudumo – No Jailbreak
  7. Exxumo – Modify iOS’s Default Settings

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Wrapping up

iOS is all about security as claimed by Apple. Jailbreak iOS 15.5 may be a legit process, but not highly recommended as installation of third-party apps is involved. On the other hand, the privileges of accessing jailbreak are immense. With jailbreak, you can do more with the iOS app. Let us know if you have tried jailbreak iOS 15.5 already. Have any questions? Let us know in the comment section. 

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

1. Is jailbreaking the same as unlocking?

No, unlocking and jailbreaking are two distinct processes. While unlocking removes constraints imposed by your mobile operator, jailbreaking eliminates restrictions in Apple’s software. When the iPhone first came out, you could frequently unlock your iPhone by jailbreaking it as well, but this is no longer the norm. As previously mentioned, jailbreaking an iPhone enables the installation of mods and third-party programs, whereas unlocking an iPhone enables you to use it with a different carrier.

2. Can we still use iTunes and App Store after jailbreaking?

After jailbreaking your device, you can use iTunes and the App Store. Actually, nothing will change. The only minor nuisance is that certain App Store applications, such as banking apps, have jailbreak detecting capabilities that prohibit them from operating while jailbroken. For the majority of programs, a change can get around this. The most noticeable modification to your phone will be the installation of a new app like Cydia after jailbreaking.

3. Can jailbreak let me download App Store apps for free?

Although technically possible, downloading unauthorized apps and changes on your jailbroken cellphone is not advised. You’re also stealing the money from diligent developers, which is unlawful. We do not support, handle, or condone concerns with piracy.

4. What’s the best jailbreak tool?

The kind of device you use and the iOS version you’re running all determine this. Only the jailbreak tools compatible with your gadget model and firmware may be used. For instance, if an iPhone 5s user wanted the adaptability of a semi-untethered jailbreak, they would run unc0ver on iOS 11–12.2 and Chimera on iOS 12.3–12.5.1. The best tool that can be recommended is checkra1n if they desired a clean jailbreak that is impervious to patches but has the drawback of being somewhat tethered.

5. Is jailbreaking legal?

Let’s start by dispelling a widespread myth: jailbreaking is entirely lawful. Prior to 2010, jailbreaking was once assumed to be prohibited by the US government because of its use in copyright litigation. However, the government has consistently maintained the standing of jailbreaking as officially legal for many years and shielded it from more general copyright law concerns.

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