How To Invest In Truth Social? Play Your Highest Bid!

Same as Underrated Stocks, this latest social media platform developed by Donald Trump could be an entirely beneficial trading center. People question the same thing about other latest billionaire products like Elon Musk’s Neuralink and Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drugs. As the technology has been developed, the number of platforms has increased, resulting in even more advanced niche ways of operating social media and appearing to also increase the desired autonomy. One of these social media is our very new Truth Social, and in this post, we’ll learn how to invest in Truth Social. 

The factor where users get confused is that the rules start to change as these stages grow. For example Gettr and Parler. During the phase when these social media platforms were available and free to utilize, at present have higher the restrictions and have started reporting and suspending consumers from their platforms under their specifically made manual of “Violation Of Terms And Conditions”.

Truth Social is the latest social media platform that ensures to provide users with the supremacy of the social media cyclops once provided. With the President of the US, Donald Trump managing the production of his social media, it will receive all of the fame, attention of media, and investment to permit it to be a tough competitor of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram including Twitch too. 

If like other users you also think over the confusion of purchasing Truth Social Stock, then allow our article on “How To Invest In Truth Social”  to help you walk through this confusion in the data given below.

What Is Truth Social?

Truth Social is a newly launched social media platform that is being led by the former president of the US, Donald Trump. This stage has ensured to stand itself out from the other famed social media stages by devoting itself to providing an “available cost-free and sincere worldwide interaction without discrimination against political beliefs”.

This platform will be launched almost similar to the Twitter interface. Content on the stage will be called “Truths”. Shared content will be known as “Re-Truths”. Both of these will build up the newsfeed, which will be known as the “Truth Feed”.

Can You Buy Truth Social Stock IPO

Truth Social Stock IPO

You can’t purchase stock straight in Truth Social; although, you can buy stock from Digital World Acquisition Group (NASDAQ: DWAC) due to its merger with Trump Media & Technology.

How To Invest In Truth Social? Buy TMTG Stock

If you wish to buy the shares for TMTG, then you must know that the company is not on any stock exchange list yet. But they are planning to roll out the shares as soon as possible. The procedure for getting the company to be marketed publicly has been initiated already and is available for trading from December 2021. In between, you can purchase the shares of DWAC. DWAC has set foot into a definitive merger agreement, which gives a business combination that will end in the Trump Media & Technology Group appearing to be a publicly-marketed company.

As quickly as the declaration came out, the DWAC share has increased by 300%+. Hopefully, this clears your doubt on how to invest in Truth Social!

NOTE: This article doesn’t include any financial advice or doesn’t aim to give one. Kindly consult your financial manager before making any investment. This article is for information purposes only.

Estimated Value Of Truth Social Stock

Estimated Value Of Truth Social Stock

Since Truth Social is not a publicly marketed social media platform as of now, there is no amount to coat on how much a single stock in the brand would cost. The most precise way to measure an initial IPO cost would be to compare it to other platforms and brands. 

We can utilize the IPO opening amount of similar platforms to get a variety of what to expect for an amount when the organization does it public.

  • Facebook

Opening amount: $38.00

Previous Week High: $384.33

  • Twitter 

Opening amount: $26.00

Previous Week High: $80.75

  • Pinterest

Opening amount: $19.00

Previous Week High: $89.90

  • Snap

Opening amount: $17.00

Previous Week High: $84.34

  • Bumble

Opening amount: $43.00

Previous Week High: $84.80

  • Alphabet

Opening amount: $85.00

Previous Week High: $2,936.41

  • Match Group 

Opening amount: $12.00

Previous Week High: $182.00

With a platform that stands out among other platforms by ensuring their future users both a costless and entirely open experience and various following, making former President Donald Trump still has even after leaving his chambers, one could conclude what if the Truth Social ever becomes public, the cost of their IPO could drop somewhere around the opening amounts and above.

Hence, it would be secure to consider that its IPO starting cost could vary from $15-$85.

Whereas the active growth of a single share of stock could range from $80-$3,000 when examining the previous 52-week highs of brands in the same sector. So, this is how to invest in Truth Social, and get a high market value!

Can We Buy Stock In Truth Social?

It’s a pretty good doubt to have because this platform could be an entirely beneficial investment source. Especially when you take into notice the regular growth and extension of the platform, the authentic fan base of former President Donald Trump orders, and the capacity of Trump Media & Technology to attract on the investment reserved by DWAC because of their IPO.

No, you cannot purchase any stock straightly in Truth Social, you can own stock from DWAC due to its partnership with TMTG.

Wrapping Up:

As the Truth Social launches, all Trump and Truth Social supporters are looking for a method to support this social platform. Because it said that this social network will hear your voice. While we were with you, many users asked how to buy stocks in the Truth Social? Based on our knowledge, you cannot buy any share or stock from Truth Social directly as of now because of their partnership with DWAC.

To buy any share you have to encounter DWAC in between the procedures. But soon they will roll out their public shares and permit them to be marketed publicly. The soon we see this platform grow the closer we are likely to find its shares in the market. 

Truth Social has torn the news soon after the official announcement made by Donald Trump and his team TMTG. Everyone is interested in no official update about the Truth Social Stock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can One Buy Truth Social Stock?

Ans. No, you cannot own any stock in Truth Social as of now because the ownership of the company belongs to Digital World Acquisition Corporation.

Q2. When Is The Truth Social Stock IPO?

Ans. Truth Social has not registered an IPO, as they have a parent company.

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