How To Integrate ChatGPT With Slack? ChatGPT Slack Integration 5 Easy Steps!

ChatGPT – the game-changer AI inclusion that we were all looking forward to. If you are using Discord, then you might have already using ChatGPT Discord. However, as it claimed this AI Chatbot could be integrated into multiple social media. How about integrating ChatGPT on Slack? Do you know how to integrate ChatGPT with Slack?

Introduced on November 30, ChatGPT is already at the top of its popularity with more than 1 million subscribers! Many social media including Facebook has taken by storm to integrate ChatGPT. Similarly, workplaces are also eager to jump in and use this amazing AI bot. Integrating ChatGPT with Slack is such a great idea if you are dealing with multiple channels and may need an extra eye to proxy you with how to Integrate ChatGPT with Slack. This article will help you with the solution! 

To integrate ChatGPT with Slack, Make a Slack bot and get it’s API token > Utilize the Slack API to relay texts to ChatGPT Slack > To interpret the messages with ChatGPT, use the OpenAI API >  Return the ChatGPT result to the Slack channel, using the Slack API.

To know in detail and avoid any confusion, just scroll down, we have mentioned each step thoroughly. Follow them to integrate ChatGPT with Slack.

What Is ChatGPT?

Before we start with, how to integrate ChatGPT with Slack, let’s learn what is ChatGPT. Remember that GPT, which stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is exactly what this is. Because of the way, the nodes are connected in this deep neural network, it differs from other state-of-the-art NLP techniques in that it can perform calculations on lengthy sentences containing numerous different words concurrently rather than sequentially.

These transformers are extremely effective at computations since they take complete words into account.

They actively adjust knobs (known as hyperparameters) to improve it and support chatGPT’s reinforcement learning by confirming correct responses. The first versions of GPT were useful for translation, inference, and fill-in-the-blank.

Now that you are looking for how to integrate ChatGPT with Slack, you should know one fact this chatbot can be tricked! It does not matter how smart ChatGPT is, this is still an AI bot. Hence, ChatGPT integration with Slack may be a good idea, but you need to be careful about Chat GPT slack [it’s still learning!] 

How To Integrate Chatgpt With Slack? Slack Chatgpt Integration

Integrating ChatGPT with Slack is not going to be easy; because no extension is designed by OpenAI dedicated to Slack like Discord. Then, how to integrate ChatGPT with Slack? Follow the steps below to integrate slack ChatGPT.

Step 1: Create A Slack bot

#1 Go to the Slack website and create an account.

#2 Click on the “Apps” tab in the navigation menu on the left side of the screen.

#3 Click on the “Build” option.

#4 Click on the “Your Apps” tab at the top of the screen.

#5 Click on the “Create New App” button.

#6 Give your Slack bot a name in the form and choose the workspace in Slack where you want to put it. 

#7 To create your Slack bot, click on the “Create App” button.

#8 You will be directed to a section called “Add features and functionality”. Choose the “Bots” option in this section.

#9 Click on the “Add a Bot User” button. This will add the bot user to your Slack app.

#10 Give your bot user a name in the “Add a Bot User” form, after that choose the bot’s default username. To create the bot user, click the “Add Bot User” button to create a chatGPT slack bot.

#11 Click on the “Install App” tab at the top of the screen [you will be directed to the configuration page].

#12 Click on the “Install” button in the next section to install your Slack bot. 

#13 You will encounter a page with a “Add to Slack” button once the chatbot has been installed. To add the bot to your Slack workplace, click this button. And you can enjoy slack chatGPT like features on chatGPT slack bot.

Step 2: Get The Slack Bot’s API Token

#1 A page with a section labeled “Bot User OAuth Access Token” will appear once the bot has been added to your Slack workspace. You will require this API token in order to access the Slack API and manage your Slack bot.

#2 Take a screenshot of this page’s API token and keep it somewhere safe. To use the Slack API (not chat gpt API) and authenticate your bot, you must use this token.

this can also help you to get slack chatGPT. And it will support chatgpt slack integration

Step 3: Use The Slack API To Receive Messages From Slack And Relay Them Back To ChatGPT Slack

#1 Ensure that you are in possession of the Slack API token you acquired earlier when you built your Slack bot.

#2 Install your programming language’s Slack API client library.

#3 Import the Slack API client library into your code, then use it to utilize the API token to authenticate your bot.

#4 To establish a websocket connection with the Slack RTM (real-time messaging) API, use the Slack API. By doing this, your bot will be able to get Slack messages instantly.

#5 Make use of the Slack API to keep an eye out for events like messages being sent to the bot or to channels that the bot participates in.

#6 Use the ChatGPT API to send a message to ChatGPT after your bot receives one from Slack in order to get a response from the model.

#7 Use the Slack API to return ChatGPT’s response to the person who initially messaged the bot.

Follow these steps to do ChatGPT slack integration.

Step 4: Process The Messages With ChatGPT Using OpenAI

#1 Have an OpenAI API key on hand, please.

#2 Install the programming language’s OpenAI API client library.

#3 Import the OpenAI API client library into your code and use it to verify your API key.

#4 To communicate with ChatGPT and get a response from the model, use the OpenAI API.

#5 A JSON object containing the model’s forecast for the next word in the dialogue will be returned by ChatGPT as part of the response. This forecast can be used to come up with a reply to the initial message.

#6 To continue the conversation, send more messages to ChatGPT using the OpenAI API.

Follow these steps to do Chat GPT slack integration.

Step 5: To Return The ChatGPT Result To The Slack Channel, Use Slack API

#1 Ensure that you are in possession of the Slack API token you acquired earlier when you built your Slack bot.

#2 Install your programming language’s Slack API client library.

#3 Import the Slack API client library into your code, then use it to utilize the API token to authenticate your bot.

#4 Use the chat.postMessage method of the Slack API to send a message to the selected Slack channel.

#5 Name the Slack channel where you wish to send the message, its content, and the username of the bot that will send it in the method call.

#6 A JSON object with details about the sent message, including the timestamp and message ID, will be returned by the Slack API. This data can be used to monitor the message’s progress and, if necessary, change it.

Wrapping Up

As promised, in this article, I have shown you how to integrate ChatGPT with Slack; and as mentioned in the introduction., the steps are not easy. You may need coding knowledge and might have to write some of the codes [if required]. Follow the step-by-step guideline again. Try the process and let me know if more help is required. Follow TopHillSport. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Use ChatGPT?

It’s quite easy to use the ChatGPT chatbot because all you have to do is enter your text to get the information. To utilize any of OpenAI’s tools, you must first create an account, so if you don’t already have one, you must do so without any error.

Q2. When Was ChatGPT Launched?

According to Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, the chatbot ChatGPT, which the artificial intelligence (AI) research laboratory introduced on November 30, reached the 1 million user milestone on Monday. “ChatGPT debuted on Wednesday and reached one million users today!”

Q3. Where To Access Chat GPT?

Using the same login credentials, you can sign in to directly if you already have a profile at or Creating a free account at is required if you don’t already have one.

Q4. Does ChatGPT Have Access To The Internet?

It brings up two noteworthy points: One is that ChatGPT cannot access the internet or generate search results because it is trained on data only.

Q5. Does ChatGPT Cost Money?

Users must pay a charge to get customized AI photos of themselves developed by the technology even though the app is free to download.

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