How To Get Unshadowbanned On Twitter? Effective Ways Revealed!

Shadowbanning is becoming too common on Twitter nowadays. Reduced retweets, likes, or views to your tweets unlike before can indicate that your tweets or even your username have been shadowbanned. In such cases, it is normal to wonder about what got you shadowbanned and how to remove yourself from the Twitter shadowban penalty. In this guide on how to get unshadowbanned on Twitter, we have covered every possible way in which you can remove your shadowban.

You can get unshadowbanned within 48 hours from your initial shadowban if only you cease tweeting within that time frame. Raising the slogans of #justice in your Twitter timeline will only raise your Twitter penalty. Thus you should always avoid doing that.

To successfully unshadowban yourself, make sure you check what got you shadowban in the first place. A wrong tweet or hashtag can get us shadowbanned in a matter of seconds. In such cases, try to find your wrong move. This can be a tricky task but we are mostly aware of what wrong we did. Find your wrong move and then avoid doing that in the future. However, before that make sure you are indeed shadowbanned. 

Once you have made sure that you are shadowbanned, then follow these ways to get unshadowbanned. Some of the listed ways will also make sure that you never get Twitter shadowbanned again.

Why Do You Get Shadowbanned On Twitter?

why do you get shadowbanned on twitter
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You can get shadowbanned on Twitter for multiple reasons and new accounts are more prone to being shadowbanned than old Twitter accounts. So in order to get unshadowbanned, you first have to know why you got shadowbanned in the first place. 

Here is a list of reasons which can get you shadowbanned on Twitter.

  1. Rapid tweeting and spamming
  2. Automated followers, retweets, and likes
  3. Low following/follower ratio
  4. Frequent engagements with unfollowed accounts
  5. Being blocked or reported many times
  6. Unverified Twitter accounts
  7. Harmful vocabulary
  8. Frequent usage of generic hashtags
  9. Irrelevant preferences
  10. Frequent copy-pasted tweets

How To Get Unshadowbanned On Twitter?

It takes 48 hours to get unshadowbanned on Twitter. All you have to do is stop tweeting or even checking your Twitter account for that time period. If you continue tweeting or following more than necessary people in a day, then your shadowban penalty will increase. There are chances your account might even get suspended from Twitter altogether.

Thus, the first thing that you should do if you get shadowbanned on Twitter is to stop your Twitter activity for a few days. Other ways of getting unshadowbanned on Twitter are-

1. Unchecking Saved Preferences On Your Twitter 

Sometimes Twitter feels that your “Preferences” are wrong and on the basis of that, it shadowbans you. Thus, once you have made sure that you are indeed shadowbanned, try changing your preferences in your account settings.

Here are the steps that you should follow to uncheck your saved preferences.

Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Safety > Data Sharing and Off-Twitter Activity > Ads Preferences > Interests > Uncheck all checked preferences 

Step 1: Log into your Twitter account and swipe left from your Twitter timeline.

how to get unshadowbanned on twitter

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on the “Settings and Privacy” option.

how to get unshadowbanned on Twitter

Step 3: Click on “Privacy and Safety” under “Settings and Privacy”.

how to get unshadowbanned on twitter

Step 4: Scroll down in the privacy settings and tap on “Ads Preferences” under the “Data sharing and off-Twitter activity” tab.

how to get unshadowbanned on twitter

Step 5: Tap on “Interests” in the “Ads Preferences” tab.

how to get unshadowbanned on Twitter

Step 6: Uncheck all the checked preferences or uncheck what doesn’t match your interests.

how to get unshadowbanned on twitter

After doing this, leave your account as it is without tweeting for 48 hours and your shadowban will be removed. This step of removing shadowban also makes sure that you don’t get shadowbanned in the future too (provided you avoid getting in trouble tweeting).

2. Maintaining Healthy Following/Follower Ratio

Following too many people and having fewer followers can also get you shadowbanned. Thus, if you are shadowbanned, for this reason, make sure you don’t follow too many irrelevant accounts that do not match your interests. 

Moreover, it isn’t simply about following too many people. You have to keep in mind how many people you follow in a single day. Are you confusing Twitter with your spammy behavior? If so, don’t repeat it. Unfollow all the irrelevant accounts on your Twitter following list and maintain a clean Twitter timeline. 

3. Unspamming Tweets

If you’re tweeting too frequently and that too with copy-pasted content everywhere, then drop this act. This act of tweeting too much in a day and that too with copy-pasted content is regarded as “spamming”. So if you are engaging in this bot-like behavior, don’t do that anymore.

Try limiting your tweets in a day and stop tweeting altogether after being shadowbanned. Doing that will remove your shadowban sooner and it will also make sure that you never get shadowbanned ever in the future.

4. Using Respectable Vocabulary

Do you get frequent arguments on Twitter? Were you using vocabulary that Twitter regards as harmful and triggers negative sentiments. Then make sure you use respectable vocabulary to put forth your opinions. 

You should know that Twitter never shadowbans you if you’re simply bringing forth your opinions. The only problem is how you express such opinions. Thus, it is best to first do a quick sentiment analysis of your tweets and then post them on Twitter.

Doing a sentiment analysis will not only get your shadowban removed but it will also make sure you never get shadowbanned again (especially for this reason).

5. Avoiding Automatation

Try to maintain a  natural and healthy follower base on Twitter rather than using automation tools to get more followers, retweets, or likes. If Twitter comes across such behavior on your Twitter profile, then obviously you’ll get shadowbanned.

Thus, the best way of getting yourself unshadowbanned is to avoid such practices on your Twitter account. Do not engage in behavior that will negatively highlight you in the eyes of Twitter AI. 

So, after you get shadowbanned, remove any spammed links or other automation tools from your Twitter account so that you can get yourself removed from the shadowban penalty sooner.

6. Avoid Getting Into Troubles With Paid Shills

Do you find yourself in constant arguments on Twitter? Do you think troubles constantly find your way even though you’re not doing anything? Then this might be a case of “Paid Shills” who are trying to mess with you to purposely test your patience and get you shadowbanned.

If you are a social media influencer or a big celebrity, then you might obviously have a queue of haters. These haters make fake accounts and try to test your patience by being rude in your tweets quite frequently. These are what we call “paid shills”. 

Hence, instead of engaging with them, it is best to avoid and block them. This way you won’t get shadowbanned and you will maintain a clean Twitter timeline.

7. Delete Problematic Social Activity

Another way to remove your Twitter shadowban fast is by deleting the problematic tweeting activity that got you shadowbanned in the first place. If you know the posts that got you shadowbanned, then delete them and make your Twitter timelines as clean as a day so that Twitter AI can’t find a speck of dust on you.

The traces will remain, but you have to bring forth the idea that you do know what you did wrong and you’re trying to rectify it. However, that’s the main problem with Twitter shadowban. You never know what got you shadowbanned in the first place. 

Thus you have to rack your brains a bit and try to find out the reason behind your shadowban.

8. Contact Twitter Support Team

Contacting the Twitter support team and telling them to address your problems is again the best way to get your shadowban removed. You have to relay your problems and they will give you feedback on what went wrong and how you can rectify it. 

How To Avoid Getting Shadowbanned On Twitter?

ways to avoid getting unshadowbanned on Twitter
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 As we already know the reasons for Twitter shadowban, avoiding the same would be “The” best way of never getting shadowbanned again. If you follow all the Twitter policies and engage in a respectable manner online, then you won’t ever get shadowbanned. 

You can follow these practices to never get shadowbanned on Twitter.

  1. Engaging in respectable tweeting behavior
  2. Not tweeting too many times in a day
  3. Setting your tweets private to your followers only
  4. Verify and confirm your email on Twitter
  5. Use your own hashtags than the generic ones
  6. Avoid using automation tools 
  7. Do not use copy-pasted content on your tweets

Wrapping Up

Being shadowbanned on Twitter is pretty common and you can get shadowbanned for numerous reasons. If you know you have been shadowbanned, then make sure you have a verified Twitter account. To get your shadowban removed, try unchecking unnecessary preferences from your Twitter privacy settings and also by contacting the Twitter support team.

Your shadowban will be removed with 48 hours or less if you cease tweeting in that time period. Additionally, to make sure you never get shadowbanned again on Twitter, ardently follow Twitter’s tweeting policies and engage in healthy tweeting only. Try using respectable vocabulary in your retweets and avoid confrontations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do You Get Out Of Shadowban On Twitter?

To get out of Twitter shadowban, make sure you have unchecked all your saved preferences on your Twitter privacy settings. Follow the following steps to uncheck your Twitter preferences to get unshadowbanned in 2021-

Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Safety > Data Sharing and Off-Twitter Activity > Ads Preferences > Interests > Uncheck all checked preferences

Q. Is It Possible To Get Unshadowbanned?

You can get unshadowbanned on Twitter in these ways-
1. Unchecking saved preferences
2. Unspamming tweets
3. Using respectable vocabulary
4. Contact Twitter support
5. Maintaining a healthy following/follower ratio
6. Deleting problematic tweets

Q. How Long Does It Take To Get Unshadowbanned?

You can get unshadowbanned on Twitter within 48 days if only you cease tweeting in that period. If you keep tweeting (fast tweeting) then your Twitter shadowban penalty will only increase.

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