Truth Social Phone Number Verification Failed (OTP Not Received)

So, President’s Day has passed, and the former President of the United States has launched the Truth Social application. Many users are calling the application full of errors, and the most common among them is Not Receiving the OTP code on the cell phone.

Let us tell you that entering the code received on the phone via SMS is part of the registration process on the platform. If you want to sign up on the application, you need to have the phone number and validate yourself via the code received. However,m many users have been complaining that they cannot receive the code.

So, here is the post that will tell you the major reason for this error and the troubleshooting method that will help you out in fixing this error. Along with, giving you a complete overview on truth social verification code.

How To Fix Truth Social Code Not Received Via SMS?

Truth Social application has been launched, and the users’ first impression of the application has not been that good. If you register on the application while creating the account, you need to undergo various verification processes. 

It starts with the Email Link Sign-up verification, and after that, you need to enter the code sent on the registered phone number. However, many users are complaining that they cannot receive the OTP sent to their mobile phones. 

So, let us first have a look at why this is happening.

Why Is Six Digit Verification Code Not Received On Truth Social App?

The 6 digit code for honesty on truth social is very important, as this truth social verification protects you against any kind of spam. Several users have faced the honesty 6 digit code or OTP code not receiving the error. There might be several reasons for this error. Let us have a look at the most probable ones.

Servers Are Busy

One of the most common reasons for the errors on the Truth Social app is the heavy loads on the servers. As we know, the application was hugely in demand before the launch, and there were several hundred pre-registered applications. 

So, as the application was launched, it automatically got downloaded into the devices. This might have caused a heavy registration request on the servers. It can be calculated as one of the reasons why Truth Social phone verification is taking so much time to authenticate the users.

Only a Few Users Have Been Given The Access

It is also said that only the testing version of the application has been launched yet, and only 500 users can have access to the platform right now. So, there are chances that you will receive the OTP once the application is fully launched.

How To Fix Truth Social OTP Code Not Received Error?

Above we learned about the USA number verification code. However, the Truth Social platform has not given any statement about the errors occurring or the error correction. This indicates that the developers are currently working on improving the platform.

However, you can also not deny that the beta version of the application is released before the launch of the fully functional application. So, errors are expected.

But, this does not mean that you will have to make peace with the errors. It is expected that the application will fully launch in March. So, we have to wait.

Wrapping Up

We know that users have been eagerly waiting for the Truth Social application to launch, and not receiving the OTP on the cell is such a turn-off. However, the platform is continuously working on developing the application, and it is soon expected to get free from unwanted errors. By using all the fixes mentioned above you can simple have your truth social phone number verification, fixed!

Keeping in mind that only the Beta Version of the application has been launched, we need to wait for the application to launch fully.

If you find this article interesting and informative, share it with your friends. If you face any further difficulty, ask us in the comments section. 

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