How To Get Rare Usernames On TikTok | Few Rare Usernames To Try!

Have you ever thought that you should get a username that is rare on TikTok? Do you know you can actually get those rare usernames on TikTok? Do you know how to get rare usernames on TikTok? It has actually become a cultural phenomenon with the short form videos that are best for those who want to share their talent or creativity online.

When you create the TikTok account you need to select the username. This is actually the name that the other users will see when they see your profile or the videos that you have posted on this platform. But if you want to stand out of the crowd, then you can try to give a rare username that not many TikTokers have on this platform.

The TikTok username is your identity on this app. It will help others to recognize you and it is also the name that will show up when someone shares your videos with other via different social media platforms. So, if you are new and want to know how to get rare usernames on TikTok, then you have come to the right place. 

Here we have discussed a few of the rare usernames on TikTok that you can try out. These usernames will surely make your profile stand out from the crowd.

How To Get Rare Usernames On TikTok?

How To Get Rare Usernames On TikTok

Now, its time to answer your question on How To Get Rare Usernames On TikTok. Though you may think that there is a certain science to getting the rare username but it is not really as deep as you may think it to be. There are some people who may think alike and you may even have the same username that the other users have. But that definitely does not mean that finding a unique username is difficult.

Though there are a few policies on TikTok just like any other social media platform that will not allow you to use a certain username which may seem to be harmful to the community. But you can just jazz up things in the username just with a few easy tricks. Just see that the username that you want is available or not.

So, to find out whether the username that you want is actually available or not you do simple research. Just type TikTok in the search bar on the search engine that you use.

After the @ you just have to type the desired username. If it is available then the page will load as the title not found. While on the other hand if that is not available then the profile will load. See it’s really that easy.

What To Consider While Selecting A Rare TikTok Username?

How To Get Rare Usernames On TikTok

Well, the username game on TikTok is getting stronger day by day, don’t you think? More people are joining this platform every day. Since there are a lot of users the new users are finding it difficult to choose a username. The TikTok platform does not allow users to repeat the usernames of this platform which you can do on other social media platforms.

Some users think that it is very difficult to get a rare username is difficult. But if you see that your username is similar to other users then you can add some symbols to make it unique. When choosing a username you should keep in mind that TikTok does not allows usernames that can be harmful to the community.

Tips To Choose The Rare And Good TikTok Username

How To Get Rare Usernames On TikTok

Now, you know How To Get Rare Usernames On TikTok, let’s discuss some tips to get the usernames. As we have stated above the username is the public identity of the TikTok account. It is important that you consider it carefully before you choose one. Your username is what people will remember and will show up when they come to check your profile or share your videos. So due for this reason, it is important that you select the best and rare username that will suit you the most so that you have the best time on TikTok. So, here are a few things to consider when you choose the rare username on TikTok.

  1. Keep it short and memorable: the short usernames are easy to remember and it will also make it easier for others to find your account.
  2. Have an appropriate username: the TikTok community is diverse as it has both young and adults on this platform. Due to this reason, you need to select a username that will not offend or threaten anyone while you still represent who you are.
  3. Keep a unique username: TikTok has more than billions of active users. So, it is important that you have a username that no one else has taken. In this way, it will make your account stand out and can be easily identified.
  4. Keep easy to spell username: when you have a short, simple, and unique username that can be spelled easily it will become easier for your fans and followers to find your account on TikTok.
  5. Don’t depend on numbers in your username: it is best that you don’t use any kind of numbers in your username until and unless they are actually a part of your real name or brand. This is because it will make things difficult since people, will forget whether it is written or spelled out.
  6. Don’t use underscore (_): even though underscores look cool and hippy but these can make finding your account difficult on TikTok.
  7. Avoid using special characters: special characters such as !, %, $ can be difficult to type on mobile devices and these may also not be recognized by the search engines.

What Are Some Of The Usernames On TikTok That Are Not Taken?

What Are Some Of The Usernames On TikTok That Are Not Taken?

Let’s discuss How To Get Rare Usernames On TikTok. Well, some of the good and rare usernames that have not yet been taken are:

  1. Weekendwanderlust
  2. Theloveseeker
  3. Rookiemag
  4. Loversland
  5. Rainbowsalt
  6. Bigsecret
  7. Creaturesofcomfort
  8. Magicalllworld
  9. doyoutravel
  10. workparty
  11. comefeelme
  12. girlwithnojob
  13. havelesstravelmore
  14. lesparisiennesdumonde
  15. plantifulsoul
  16. themysteriousmystic
  17. thefreespirit
  18. sassystarlet
  19. fashionfever
  20. mixtapeprincess
  21. butterfingers
  22. hahaniceone
  23. narutofanatic
  24. souleaterenthusiast
  25. onepiecejunkie
  26. kurokobasketballfanastic
  27. cookiemonster
  28. infinitecosmos
  29. piratequeen
  30. roboticrobot

Wrapping Up:

Now after reading this post you do know how to get rare usernames on TikTok. We have also listed some of the usernames that are unique which you can try. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Are 4 Letter TikTok Names Not Taken?

The 4 letter TikTok names have become famous during the OG days and out of 1.7 million 4-letter usernames 7401 usernames have still not yet been claimed. You can simply open the name generator and with the help of it you can easily come up with the 4 letter username.
If you want then you can even personalize that 4 letter TikTok name by describing your account and yourself. on the basis of that information, the generator will generate the personalized 4 letter TikTok usernames for you.

Q. Can You Change The TikTok Username Anytime?

Do you know what is the best about TikTok? This platform allows you to change your username whenever you want to. Yes, you read that right. So go ahead and change if you feel like changing your username.

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