How To Follow Someone On Truth Social?  

The recently launched Truth Social app has turned the eyes to itself in such a short time. Trump’s Truth Social has skyrocketed in the recent month. People want to know more about this app and its features. So, we are here with a post on ‘How to follow someone on Truth Social’. It will help you get a deeper understanding of the features of this application.

Social media has always been a part of our daily lives for a long time. These platforms’ numerous features help you stay connected with the world by staying at home. The craze for social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., has been seen. The same craze is visible for Truth Social. People are widely accepting the new application, Truth Social. 

This recently launched app has confused many people as many errors are shown when it is loaded. The application is just like Gettr or Twitter. Hence, the process for knowing how to follow someone on Truth Social is somehow similar to Twitter only. 

Want to know more? So, keep reading our post until the end, as we will be providing you with all the relevant information. Let us start with the post on how to unfollow on truth social without further ado!

What is Truth Social App? 

This application was launched on 21 February 2022. The Truth Social app is known for its several features. Though the app is new, the features are the same as other social apps. It also includes Truth feed or timeline, Re-truth, Comment, Like, Post or Truth, and others. The application has already attracted people and may successfully give tough competition to the existing apps. It will be interesting to see whether the app will stay in the market for a longer duration or fail to rule people’s hearts. 

Are you excited to know more about following someone on the Truth Social app? Let’s read further about why to follow someone on this app. 

Reasons To Follow Someone On Truth Social

Following someone on social media platforms can be a great experience. You can follow people you know like friends, family, celebrities, industry experts, and many more to enjoy the Truth Social app features easily. If you follow someone, you can be updated with information like what the other person is doing. It will appear on your Truth Feed or Timeline whenever he posts something.

The other person will be notified as soon as you click the follow button, and you may get a follow back from that person. The person you have followed will start appearing on your following list. Isn’t it exciting to follow someone on this app? 

Now, as you have made up your mind to follow people, let’s see how to follow someone on Truth Social.

How To Follow Someone On Truth Social?

As the application is considered the clone of Twitter, the app’s features are also similar to that of Twitter. You can follow someone on this app just like you do on Twitter. So, let’s have a look at the short steps that you need to know for following someone on the Truth Social app.

1. Discover

When you visit the Truth Social app, you will find the discover option. Here, a list of suggested people you can follow would be visible. This can solve your issue of how to find someone on truth social.

2. Search

If you want to find a person, particularly by name, you can simply click on the search box at the top. You will find a list of people with that name. And this will help you to solve your issue of how to find friends on truth social.

3. Profile

Once you find a list of people, you can select the picture of the person and ultimately reach the person’s profile page. This will help you to find friends on truth social.

4. Follow

If you have successfully found the person you want to follow, you can click on the follow button in blue color. With this, you now follow the person. After you have followed the person, you can now easily send messages through this app.

Wasn’t the process of following someone on Truth Social super simple!

How To Unfollow Someone On Truth Social?

If you have mistakenly followed someone, you can even unfollow them on the Truth Social app. Use the same process that you used for following the other person. Simply click on the following button next to the account name, and you have successfully unfollowed the other person. So now you know how to find people on truth social.


With this ends our post on how to follow someone on Truth Social. We hope that the post turns out to be useful for you. If you liked reading the article, share it as much as possible. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Is Behind The Truth Social App?

A. The Truth Social app is created by the Trump Media and Technology Group(TMTG). 

Q. Is Truth Social App On Google Play?

A. The app says it will soon be available on Google Play.

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