How To Fix Instagram Avatar Sticker Not Showing In 3 Ways?

3D avatars have been regarded as the future of personal identity in Metaverse. These avatars have also been introduced on Instagram. People are seen facing issues as these stickers aren’t working. Confused about “How to Fix Instagram Avatar sticker not showing”? We have got a post to help you in learning how to fix Instagram Avatar Sticker not showing.

Instagram is among the widely used social media platforms. The Instagram avatar sticker feature was launched in February 2022. With this characteristic, you can use such stickers on your IG story. This feature has been rolled out only for a few countries but it was stated that this characteristic will soon be added to other countries. 

Want to know “How to Fix Instagram Avatar sticker not working”? The Instagram avatar sticker is unavailable in various countries. As per reports, it is available in Canada, Mexico, and United States. Other countries are yet to upgrade this new feature of Instagram. If it is available in your country and you’re still having issues, you can try certain ways to fix this avatar sticker not showing. 

Here is a post to help you know how to fix Instagram avatar sticker not showing. You can try these fixes for solving your problem. Let us dive straight into the post and find out how to fix Instagram Avatar Sticker not showing. 

How To Fix Instagram Avatar Sticker Not Showing?

How to fix Instagram Avatar sticker not showing

If you are thinking about how to fix Instagram Avatar Sticker not showing, the main reason for this problem is the Beta testing phase. The feature is still in the Beta testing phase due to which only a handful of countries can try using this feature. If you aren’t in these countries you will not be able to use the Instagram Avatar sticker. If you are using Instagram while in Canada, the United States, or Mexico, you might also face this issue. Here are some of the fixes you can try if you are facing any issues using the Instagram Avatar sticker. 

Fix 1: Uninstall And Re-Install

The most common and effective way to learn How to Fix an Instagram Avatar sticker not showing is to uninstall the Instagram app. You can try uninstalling the application and then reinstall it. This might help you to fix your problem and you’ll be able to use the Instagram Avatar stickers again.

Fix 2: Update The Instagram App

How to fix Instagram Avatar Sticker not showing

Another effective fix that can work for you is to update your Instagram app. It is sometimes possible that you can’t use the latest features of an application because you are using an older version. So, you try updating the application using Play Store or App Store. 

Fix 3: Clear The Cache

You might face this issue due to glitches. The best way to get rid of such glitches is by clearing the cache. You can try clearing the Instagram app’s cache. You can try this and if all these fixes aren’t working for you, then you are only left with the last fix. This is the only option you can try.

Fix 4: Wait Till It Rolls Out In Your Country

As it has been discussed earlier that the Instagram Avatar Sticker is only available for the Beta Testing phase and just a few countries can use this, this can be the reason it isn’t working for you. So, you just have the option to wait until it rolls out in your country. Once, it launches in your country, you can also enjoy this feature.

These are the fixes that you can try out. They will surely help you fix the Instagram Avatar sticker not working. 


The main reason behind the Instagram avatar sticker not showing is that the feature has not been rolled out for everyone. It is in the beta testing phase. We have disclosed all the fixes that you can try to solve your problem of “How to Fix Instagram Avatar Sticker not showing”. If you are still left with any doubts, you can drop them in the comments. We’ll try to solve those problems. Also, don’t forget to share this post, and help your friends know “How to Fix Instagram Avatar Sticker not showing”. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Aren’t Instagram Avatar Stickers Available In My Account?

A. The main reason behind Instagram Avatar Stickers being unavailable in your account can be that they aren’t available in your country yet. This characteristic is only available in three countries as of February 2022, which include, Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Q2. How To Make An Avatar On Instagram Story?

A. You can do so by first updating your application. Then, you can go to the story creation tab and then press the sticker option. After that, select the Avatar Sticker for creating a new one.

Q3. Where Is The Avatar On Instagram?

A. You’ll find the avatar option by clicking on the menu option on the top right side of your profile. After that, open settings and then choose Account and select Avatars. 

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