How To Fix HidrateSpark 3 Not Connecting | Resolve Your Issues Quickly! 

HidrateSpark 3 is the recently launched smart water bottle. People often face certain issues whenever a new product is launched in the market. Is your HidrateSpark water bottle not working well or are you having any issues? Here is a post regarding “How to fix HidrateSpark 3 not connecting” issues. 

HidrateSpark 3 smart water bottles are purchased by many people. In this world, that launches cool things nearly every day, who doesn’t want to have a smart water bottle that reminds you to have water with a notification on your phone? HidrateSpark 3 is the latest cool thing you can try out. It tracks your parameters to gauge how much water you need to intake.

HidrateSpark 3 is the new fashion. However, many people can be seen facing issues while using the app. You might face issues like your phone may not connect to the bottle or some other problems. You need to ensure your Bluetooth is properly connected to your phone and your internet connection is stable. If you’re still facing problems and confused about “how to fix HidrateSpark 3 not connecting” issues, check out the solutions we’ve mentioned further in the post.

You might face any problems or issues with your HidrateSpark bottles. Worry not! This post will help you learn “how to fix HidrateSpark 3 not connecting” issues. So, let’s not waste much time and begin the post to understand “how to fix HidrateSpark 3 not connecting” problems. Try out these hidrate spark steel troubleshooting fixes to solve your problem. 

How To Fix HidrateSpark 3 Not Connecting: Pairing Issue?

How to fix HidrateSpark 3 not connecting issues? You can check if your Bluetooth is turned on or not.  If it is turned off, turn it on, and try connecting your phone with a HidrateSpark 3 water bottle. If this doesn’t work, check if your internet connection is stable or not. If you are still facing an issue while pairing, hidrate spark not syncing your HidrateSpark 3 bottle with your phone, try using the below-mentioned fixes to solve hidrate spark problems.

  1. If you have an Android device running OS 6.0 or newer, enable location for Hidrate for pairing. This might work for you. This will help you to solve your issue my hidrate spark won’t sync.
  2. If there’s a problem during the setup process, click on Skip, and complete your app setup. Go to the Bottles tab and click Add bottle just next to Have a new bottle. If someone has paired the bottle to the app, log in to the Hidrate app account, and remove the bottle to unpaid it.
  3. Try completely closing the app and then reopen it. If it doesn’t work, switch on the Airplane mode for 15 seconds, and switch it off to try again. 
  4. On your iOS device, close the app. Go to Settings and press on Bluetooth. You might see a device H2Oxxxxxxx, x will be the unique ID of your device. Press the blue “i next to it and forget the device. Now, try adding the bottle again.
  5. On your Android device, close the app, and restart it. Try adding the bottle. Be next to the bottle, if it asks you to place your phone close to the bottle, just touch it to the lid.
  6. If all these steps don’t work, try resetting the sensor stick. To reset the sensor, remove, and re-insert the battery. For this, open your battery cover, and remove the battery. Reinsert the battery in the right way. Push the battery a little harder in the sensor to get a better power connection. Secure the battery cover and tightly screw the D-ring. The sensor should glow if it is done right. 

How To Fix HidrateSpark 3 Not Connecting: Loading Problems (Server Error/ Loading Error/ Screen Freeze/ Connection Error/ Ping Problem)

How to fix HidrateSpark not connecting

You might face loading problems like server error, screen freeze, connection failure, etc. Few situations may cause load problems. Let’s see how to fix HidrateSpark 3 not connecting due to loading issues.

  1. The server of the HidrateSpark 3 water bottle app might be down. This may cause a loading issue hidrate spark connected but not syncing. Try it after some time. 
  2. Your mobile data or wifi connection may not be working properly. Please check it and try again your issue hidrate spark not tracking water may be resolved.
  3. Too many users might use the app at the same time, this can be the reason for such issues. Try using the app after a few minutes. 

How To Fix HidrateSpark 3 Not Connecting: App Crashing Issue?

You might face an app crashing issue while opening the app. You might see a white/ Black screen when opening the app. Let’s see the ways to fix this problem. 

  1. Too many users are using the app, this might be the reason for the app crash. Try using the app after some time.
  2. It may be a temporary loading issue. You can press the recent application menu mostly on the left side of your phone. Close the app and open it again. This issue hidrate spark steel puck not resetting may be resolved.
  3. Try a Hard reboot on your mobile device. Click and hold the Home and Power buttons together for around 10 seconds. Release the buttons and hold the Power button till the screen turns on. Try opening the app again, this might work well. This will help you solve your issue hidrate spark pro not tracking water.
  4. Another option is to uninstall the app and reinstall it. This might fix the problem hidrate spark steel puck not charging.
  5. Try installing the older version of the app, if all the above fixes don’t work. 

How To Fix HidrateSpark 3 Not Connecting: Login Or Account Related Issue

You might face a login or account-related issue. Try out the below-mentioned fixes.

  1. The server might be down causing login/ account issues. Try logging in after some time.
  2. Wifi or mobile data connection is not stable. Please check it out and then try after a few minutes.
  3. Your login credentials might be wrong. Check them once if you are entering the right credentials or not.
  4. Your account may be deactivated or banned due to certain activities. Read the error messages. 

How To Fix HidrateSpark 3 Not Connecting: Installation Issues

You may face issues while installing the app. Check out the fixes to solve your HidrateSpark 3 bottle problems.

  1. Check if there is enough storage in your disk to install the app, if not make some storage to install the app
  2. Verify if the app you are installing supports your Android version or not. 
  3. Check if you have a stable mobile data or wifi connection.

These are the common issues and fixes for the issues you might face. In case you are facing some other issues like hidrate spark not charging, let us know by commenting below.


This post has provided all the relevant information regarding “how to fix HidrateSpark 3 not connecting” issues. You can try using these fixes that we have mentioned above to resolve your issues. If you still face any problems or have any questions regarding how to fix HidrateSpark 3 not connecting, comment below. We’ll help you solve your problem. Share the post to help your friends know “how to fix HidrateSpark 3 not connecting” issues.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Does HidrateSpark 3 Work? 

A. HidrateSpark 3 glows when you need to drink. It connects through Bluetooth to track every sip for keeping a track of your daily goal updated as you go.

Q2. Does HidrateSpark Keep Water Cold?

A. Yes, HidrateSpark PRO keeps the water cold for around 24 hours. 

Q3. Can I Put Hot Water In Hidrate Spark? 

A. No, these bottles are not designed for hot liquids. So, don’t put any hot liquid or hot water in HidrateSpark bottles.

Q4. How To Know If My Hidrate Spark Is Charging?

A. You can easily check if your HidrateSpark is charging or not. Every other LED on your puck illuminates and fades in or out green every ten seconds while put on charge. This is how you can check if your HidrateSpark is charging or not.

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