How To Find Friends On Mastodon | Find Twitter Friends On Mastodon

Got your account on Mastodon? Have you understood the first steps after creating your server on Mastodon? If you are looking for how to find people on mastodon, this article is dedicated to you. Learn the step-by-step process to find friends on Mastodon. 

Instead of having a parent server that is held by the platform or a business, Mastodon is a decentralized social network that enables individuals to establish their own servers. For instance, social media sites like Facebook as well as Twitter have centralized management that makes decisions on the platform’s development, the release of new features, and other matters. Platforms like MInds, Aether, and Mastodon, on the other hand, use open-source algorithms and autonomous servers. How to find friends on Mastodon? Let us help you with how to find people on Mastodon?

How to find friends on Mastodon? Check other users’ follow lists, view other servers /public, and /or explore pages or you can look for users by category on Trunk or the You can also batch-follow users from categories on Trunk.

This article will help you to find someone on mastodon. So let’s go through the blog and explore how to find people on Mastodon and find twitter friends on Mastodon.

How To Find Friends On Mastodon?

Because Mastodon is decentralized, there will be no remote federation and no online content when you first launch a new Mastodon server. You (or other users on your server) must follow external users for your server to begin receiving federated remote content. A user who follows another user establishes a federation link. Such links are between users and servers, not between servers.

As an illustration, if you follow @mastohost on, your server will only get federation updates about @mastohost and not about other users. You should be aware that when you follow a new person, your server will only begin to get updates for content that was submitted after the following. Here is how to find friends on mastodon:

1. You Can Import The List Of Followers

You can either export your list of followers and import it into your new account via Account->Import and Export, or you can relocate the account by completing the move account procedures in the Mastodon manual. This way you can Mastodon find Twitter friends. It will help you to solve your issue of how to find someone on mastodon.

2. Check The Users’ Following Lists

It’s a good idea to check someone’s following and followers lists if you know them on Mastodon. You can check the followers or followings of the Mastodon account, for instance. Once you’ve found someone you like, you can follow them and view their following list to find Mastodon find Twitter friends. This can make the process easy of how to find people on mastadon.

3. View The Public And Explore Pages On Other Servers

In order to find more people on mastodon, you can also visit another Mastodon server’s public page (for instance,// or explore the page (for instance, On, you can discover a list of servers running Mastodon and other software that is compatible. This will help you to solve your issue of how to search for people on mastodon.

4. Search For Users On Fedi.Directory Or Trunk By Category

Going to Trunk is an additional choice. Users can upload their profiles on topics they post about on Trunk, a database of people on the Fediverse. To choose who you want to follow, look at the sections that might be of interest to you and the profiles that are presented.

It’s probably not a good idea to submit your profile to Trunk if you’re just looking to start and have little content on it because the Trunk administrators won’t have much information to decide whether or not to approve your submission. Additionally, has a curated collection of following suggestions broken down by category. This will helps you how to find people on mastodon.

5. Batch Follow Users On Trunk From Categories

Visit and select the categories you want to follow everyone from if you don’t want to manually browse through Trunk categories. You can then import that csv file into Mastodon to instantly follow all of the users in the categories you want. The produced csv can be imported into Mastodon under “Account->Import and Export->Import.” This way you can finding people on mastodon.

6. The Fedifollows Account On Mastodon

Finding people on mastodon is easy now. A Mastodon account called FediFollows frequently gives suggestions for users to follow. Visit to access it.

Wrapping Up

Hope, this guideline helped you with how to find friends on Mastodon and how to search for people on Mastodon. When many Mastodon users are facing issues finding friends on Mastodon, it’s our privilege to share the tricks with you. Let’s go through the article again and use the tricks we have discussed. Share your thoughts in the comment section. Keep following TopHillSport for more updates Mastodon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The App Mastodon?

The social media platform Mastodon allows users to engage in both private and public conversations. Decentralized governance, which enables users to vote on platform code changes, is the basis of this platform. Mastodon also includes an integrated chat component that streamlines communication with other users.

Q2. How Can I Connect Mastodon and Twitter?

There are various methods for connecting Twitter with Mastodon:
Step 1: First, use your Twitter account to log in to the Twitter app on your computer or mobile device.
Step 2: On, select the “Connect to Twitter” link.
Step 3: Once a web browser has opened, go to Click the “Connect to Twitter” button there as well.
Step 4: On the Mastodon settings page, click “Connect” after entering your Twitter login details.

Q3. How Do I Modify My Mastodon Instance?

There isn’t a general answer to this question because it depends on the specifics of your configuration how you switch Mastodon instances will work differently. But here are some recommendations for modifying Mastodon instances:
Check your instance’s status. To check the status of your instance, go to and fill out the “Find my instance” form with the IP address of your server.

Q4. How Safe Is Mastodon?

Mastodon is a popular social networking platform with plenty of users. However, it is unknown how many people actively use the network for illicit activity. In addition, Mastodon has increased security by implementing features like two-factor authentication and profiles that lock after a predetermined amount of inactivity. Overall, people appear to find Mastodon to be a secure social networking platform.

Q5. How To Find People On Mastodon?

Mastodon is a superb social networking platform with lots of features. It also has a huge user base and is highly user-friendly. you can try to find using different methods like searching on Twitter and adding those friends who have recently written about Mastodon or you can find facebook friends on mastodon. This can solve your issue of how to search for people on Mastodon or how do i find people on mastodon.

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