How To Enable Activity Status On Discord? Guide 2.0 For Beginners!

Discord shows an activity status whenever you open a game. Discord is an interaction-based stage, specially designed for gamers. As a result, the maximum features of this application resonated with the needs of gamers, for example, activity status and support for streaming. So, we present the instructions on how to enable activity status on Discord.

Whenever you open a program or a game with Discord, a status is added by Discord showing the name and in-game duration of the game you are playing currently. This feature offers gamers a number of different methods to customize their experience. It can be Usernames, nicknames, background, emotes, and text formatting.

Discord also supports a wide range of bots and even provides developers the room to play around and design their own versions of the main application. Which results in endless possibilities. In this post, we will be learning about how to enable activity status on Discord, with a brief guide on personalizing it to match the requirements.

As a result, there are a number of possibilities. Also, the gamers and regular users adore the ultimate personalization features. To favor the users, entertain their experience even more. So, automatically, Discord recognizes the game which you are playing currently and shows it as your status. Although you can make additions later. But for that, you should know how to enable activity status on Discord. Let’s start there.

Why Can’t I See “Game Activity”?

A number of users are imagining why “Game Activity” is not visible to them in their Discord Setting! Few of them went so far to declare that the reason behind this is the developers, they took this feature away from them. But we have good news for you all!

“Game Activity” is still an accessible option, although only on Discord, but still it’s good news.

If you logged into your Discord via the server, Web, Chrome, or Safari. You will not find that option here.

Firstly, download the application, if you have not already, among whichever is available on iOS, Android, Windows, or macOS.

Discord is an appropriate application, especially for gamers and non-gamers. Although, he has an incredibly powerful VoIP and texting application.

How To Enable Activity Status On Discord?

How To Enable The Activity Status On Discord?

The Discord status is convenient to operate especially when you intend to live stream a game in audio channels or just allow others to know that you are engaged in playing games.

In order to toggle on Activity Status on Discord, perform the given activities :

  1. Open Discord on your device and head to your Account page.
  2. Tap on the Settings symbol close to your Username.
  3. Click on Activity Status from the sidebar on your left.
  4. Switch on “Display Current Activities” as a status text.

And here we are done with learning how to enable activity status on Discord.

Usually, Discord identifies and adds a status for the current running games on your device by default, but you’re allowed to add other programs, by tapping on Add It.

How To Personalize The Discord Playing Status?

How To Personalize The Discord Playing Status

You may have pondered over your mates playing unlaunched games, all the credit goes to their Personalized Discord Status. If you ever imagined how to do the same, it’s easy. 

Here is the manual to achieve it :

  1. Open a program and keep it running in the background.
  2. Toggle to Discord and join the program to the Activity Status, as previously told.
  3. The status which said “No game Identified” will now appear as green and will show the name of the program.
  4. Tap on the name of the program and alter it to something else.
  5. The modification will be displayed on your Activity Status in actual-time.

Remember that Discord will link a program symbol close to the status if it catches the name of the game.

To examine the modification, switch to a server and tap on your username from the sidebar on your right.

How To Disable Activity Status On Discord?

How To Disable Activity Status On Discord?

If because for any reason, you do not need your friends or other players to know what game you are high on, you can opt not to show the Discord “Playing” status. 

Below is the manual : 

  1. Open your Discord, enter your Account Page and scroll till you find Settings, once done, click on it.
  2. Find User Settings and tap on it followed by Activity Status.
  3. Uncheck the option “Display Current Activity As Status Message ” by switching it off from on.

And here we are done, Discord will not show your Activity Status to other users anymore. You can also opt to show other applications if you do not wish to let others know what game you’re currently enjoying. For example, tap on “Notepad” or “Google Chrome” or anything else in the respected field.

Wrapping Up

Discord was designed for the special purpose of communication with the other players while enjoying an online, cooperative and competitive video game. Discord was launched in 2009, as a mobile social stage for players and gamers on both iOS and Android. 

Discord is mostly in demand among the youngsters who are into gaming because of the vast variety of features and personalization in the application which has nearly endless possibilities. Another perk is that it has both the experts and novices alike features which can be used easily by both.


Q1. How To Make Changes In The Activity Status Of Discord On Mobile?

Ans. To modify the Activity Status on Mobile:

Hamburger Menu > Avatar > User Settings > Activity Status > Display Current Activity Status As message

Q2. How To Set Custom Status On Discord?

Ans. To set a personalized status on Discord mobile version, follow the given instruction:

User Settings> Set Status > Set A Custom Status> Enter Status Message > Set Duration> Save.

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