How To Download Truth Social? Trump’s App For Political Talk!

Truth Social is a new social media app that everyone has been talking about. Donald Trump will be launching this app and it will be launched all over the world in February. So are you excited to know how to download Truth Social? Also, read how to register Truth Social App as you need to pre-order the app before the app is launched.

Donald Trump’s account was banned from many social media apps because of interfering with the political issues over those apps. The community guidelines of all those apps ban the accounts that go on sensitive topics like politics. Hence, Donald Trump is going to launch his social media app because of this reason. 

On the basis of screenshots leaked, we can say that Truth Social is like Twitter. In one of the screenshots, the profile page looks exactly like Twitter. The posts have icons. From these icons you can reply, retweet, share and add them to your faves. The Truth Social expresses each post of the individual as Truth in the description of the app. The retweet is called a Re-truth. So, here we will discuss how to download Truth Social.

Truth Social app offers a free open speech platform to the whole audience without discrimination against any political ideas. Truth Social app runs with some companies that have launched a joint venture to launch Truth Social. You can sign up on Truth Social and enjoy a social interactive session with the US audience.

What Is Truth Social App?

Before we go on to discuss how to download the Truth Social app we first need to know what is Truth Social App? Donald Trump declares that Trump Media and Technology Group is going to launch a new social media app. This app will be called Truth Social App, follow the truth. 

We all know that Trump was banned from almost every social media platform. Hence, due to this reason, he is launching his very own social media app truth. The main aim of this app is to follow the truth.

Donald Trump stated that he is excited to send his first truth on the Truth Social very soon. He further stated that TMTG was founded with a mission so that everyone has their own voice. This statement cleared the agenda of this app.

How To Sign Up On Truth Social?

  1. You’ll find two options, one is to log in to Truth Social. The second one is to sign-up to Truth Social.
  2. In order to access Truth Social, you need to have a account, for which you need to create a new account. Click on sign up.
  3. You will be asked to send a verification code to your entered email address to sign up to Truth Social. Click on send a verification email.
  4. Now open your registered email adress and look for the verification link. When you find it, click on it.
  5. This will redirect you to the sign-up page. You can either sign-up from the email link, or you can sign-up from the app.  Now you can directly enter your account details like set a unique username, set a strong password, and fill other required details.
  6. Click on confirm.

How To Claim Truth Social Username?

Although you can set up your username later, if you want to reserve your username before the waitlist, you must donate to NRSC. You can join the waitlist for free, but you cannot reserve your username. Once you click on the donations, you have different amounts to pay at the NRSC website. 

  1. $26
  2. $35
  3. $50
  4. $76
  5. $100
  6. $250
  7. $500

How To Download Truth Social App On App Store?

As we have heard that Trump is launching his Truth Social very soon, it is better to pre-register for the same. Since this app is not yet out, you cannot download it. So, if you want to download it you first need to register for it. So, when this app will be launched you will be notified to download it.

Yes, the Truth Social app is free to download. The application is built on top of Mastadon, which is free and open-source software. Here’s how you can register for the Truth Social app and enjoy Truth Social for Android, free and safe download. To get Truth Social latest version: Trump’s social media app follow these steps.

Download Truth Social App On App Store
  1. Go to the Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Now, in the search box type in “Truth Social”.
  3. Tap on the Truth Social application.
  4. Now, click on the Get option next to the name if the application.
  5. Truth Social will get download on your device.

How To Download Truth Social App On Android?

Do you want to know how to download Truth Social on your Android device? Wait! You must know that you are not allowed to download or even pre-register for the Truth Social on Android. 

The Truth Social app has been disclosed only for Apple users. However, it could be possible that you can access downloading and even using the Truth Social app in the near future. However, here are some steps that you can follow to download Truth Social for free:

Download Truth Social App On Play Store
  1. Go to the Google play store.
  2. Next look for the Truth Social app.
  3. Now press the install button.
  4. After your app is installed you can easily create your account and use it for free.

How To Install Truth Social App?

To install Truth Social App on your phone, follow these steps:

  1. First of all you need to give access to unknown sources. You can give peremisiion to acess Truth Social app on your device by goung to settings.
  2. Then click on download Truth Social App for iPhone/Android.
  3. Click on the downloaded file.
  4. Now click on “install“.
  5. It’s done. Now you can enjoy the app on your phone.

How To Pre-Order Truth Social App?

To pre-order Truth Social App, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Visit the official Truth Social App.
  2. Now click on “pre-order“.
  3. Enter details for pre-order.

How To Use Truth Social App On PC?

You can easily install and use Truth Social App on a PC browser. Like other social media websites, Truth Social can easily be accessed on any web browser. Just like you can use Truth Social App on your iPhone device, the same way it can be used on PC.

As we know that the application is available for iOS devices. So, in order to get access to the Truth Social application on your Laptop. You need to download the iOS emulators.

Download Truth Social App On PC
  1. Go to the official website of any of the iOS emulator. Now download the emulator on your PC.
  2. Now that you have downloaded the emulator on your PC you just need to know double click on it.
  3. Next, you need to complete the installation process.
  4. Now open the emulator.
  5. Press the app store icon that you will find from the homepage.
  6. Now in the search box you need to search for Truth Social app. Choose the Truth Social app from the search result and then download and install it.
  7. Now you have successfully downloaded the Truth Social app on your desktop. Now you can create your account and enjoy browsing.

What Are The Features Of A Truth Social App?

Now that we have spoken about the Truth Social app and how to download it. Now let’s look at some of its features.

  • Profile: When you download this app, the first thing that you need to do is create your profile. You can even add your photo, bio, background image, etc. to create your profile. Now, you can easily post and find friends to stay connected with you. However, if you want to connect with any of your friends, then you need to send him or her a request to join you.
  • Search: We all know that this search feature is perhaps the best feature of every social media app. Similarly, Truth Social also has this search feature. Now, you can type the name of your friends and search for them in the search bar. You can even send an invitation to your friends or family members to join this app.
  • Notification: With the notification feature you will be updated with who is following you, who reacted to your post, activities, etc on this app. Whenever someone accepts your request or sends you a request you will be notified about the same.
  • Truth feed: It will let you get engaged with all your likes. Whatever you have liked in the post, whatever you have commented, followed. All the posts that you follow you can see in your truth feed.

Wrapping Up:

So now you know how to download Truth Social, you can easily follow the above-mentioned steps and pre-register for it. But, if you are an android user, then you have to wait as there is no option for pre-register. However, the Truth Social can be a good alternative to Twitter, Getter, etc, still, this will be cleared only after Truth Social is launched.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Truth Social App Free?

Yes, Truth Social App is free. Anyone can use the app for free without any cost.

Yes, Truth Social App is legal and safe to use.

Q. When Can I Download Truth Social Media?

According to App Store Listings, the Truth Social App will be available on the platforms from 21st February 2022. You can easily download the app after that from the App Store.

Q. Who Is Funding For The Truth Social App?

The Truth Social app got the approval for funding and the funding probably will start in 2022. The new social media app of Donald Trump has the support of getting around $1 billion from institutional investors. But according to the deal, the approximate funding will be around $1.25 billion on this app.

Q. How To Sign Up For The Waiting List On The Truth Social App?

Here are some steps that you need to follow to sign up for the waiting list of this social media app:

  • Go to the official website of
  • You will see the form named Join the waiting list.
  • Fill up the form and press on sign up button.
  • You will get the message Thanks! Registration successful. This means that you have been successfully registered for the waiting list of the Truth Social app.

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