How To Download Snapchat Memories? 2 Easy Methods To Opt!

The Memory feature of Snapchat app is the one who received most of the love from the users. It reminds the users of the good time that they have spent in their past with their beloved one. It is just as easy as breathing, you just need to know the basics, for which we are always in your service. Today, you will be learning how to download Snapchat memories with us.

Snapchat memories are the most feasible feature mainly made for those who don’t like recalling or getting reminded of their old memories via snaps and stories that were created  by themselves only for viewing in the upcoming future. Simply understand that it is a means to get a reminder of some of your unforgettable memories through snaps and stories from your Snapchat account.

If keeping up with the every major-minor, happy-sad moment of your life is your cup of tea, or exchanging freaky snaps, short videos and many more is one of your day-to-day activities, then sweetie, this post is going to be the honey of your pancake. Because we will be discussing Snapchat memories, how to download Snapchat memories and many more. 

Just scroll around if you wish to know all about Snapchat and it’s memory feature along with the most asked question by the Snapchatters, i.e “how to download Snapchat memories”. Well well, let’s dive in…

What Are Snapchat Memories And Flashback Memories?

Before jumping direct to how to download Snapchat memories, let’s know a little more about Snapchat memories nad Flashback Memories. Here is a short description of the both terms:

Snapchat Memories

Snaps and Stories are Snapchat Memories that one can choose to save for later instead of letting them get deleted with time like other platforms or media apps. You can access these Memories whenever you like. You are allowed to view, edit and send or even repost these Memories. 

Flashback Memories

These are like commemorations of your Snap Moments. Which means, if you capture any good or bad moment on 25th of August 2019, it will pop-up every 25th of August as a featured snap or story, allowing you to share it as a Memory on any platform you want. These are generated by default, so you do not need to make any modification or changes to make it appear – Just cross-check in your Memory area if you get any Flashback of the same day.

How To Use Snapchat Memories?

Snapchat Memories are generated by default in your Snapchat handle, which eases the procedure of using this feature much easier. 

To view Memories, glide upwards from the camera page. Each saved snap will be visible to you over there in rectangular shapes and saved stories will be presented in circular outlay. Scroll via all of your saved snaps or you can make use of the search feature to look for particular snaps.

Post-clicking the search bar, you will observe your Memories managed and placed in accordance with categories and locations, reducing the huge search process for whatever you are looking for. Snapchat also has an advanced feature, which lets you search for particular keywords, i.e : Enter “Sunset” or “Car” to find the specific snaps of sunsets and cars.

How To Download Snapchat Memories?

Snapchat Memories have modified their splitting experiences for companies. Now you are allowed to download stories and snaps, re-share old Snaps, and film fresh stories from previous snaps.

Let’s move onto the solution of your question, how to download Snapchat Memories? Basically there are two methods on how to download Snapchat Memories :

  1. Method #01. Update Your Snaps And Stories.
  2. Method #02. Modify Your Settings.

But in case, if you are on a holiday? Or, if you shared the memory of Paris in your own way? They might be one of the memories that you do not want to let go. If you are seeking a permanent solution for that, in order to protect your precious snaps from getting deleted, then start downloading them. Yes, that only. The only way to keep your memories safe for ages is to download them. 

Method #01. Update Your Snaps And Stories

If you decide to disable your Snapchat account for some reason or want to increase the lifespan of your Snapchat memories, we recommend you to back-up all your memories.

Snapchat suggests the same, before you take any big action, back-up your snap memories which is a regular activity for the deactivation of any social media account. 

To keep a check on your snap memories, it is necessary to check back on your snaps and stories. If they are backed up by default, they will appear the way they do. If not, then a revolving arrow icon will appear. This icon usually has a blue backdrop and has a couple of arrows revolving around each other forming a circle. If this symbol pops up on your snaps then, understand that your snaps need an update, you should give one.

If that icon is not there, then consider your snaps as backed up. To ensure that they are, verify :

  1. Launch Snapchat on your phone, and open your Snapchat account
  2. Next click on that cogwheel symbol, next your Settings page will be opened up.
  3. Scroll the options and search for Memories, once found, give a hit.
  4. Search for Back-Up progress next, if it displays Completed, then you are good to go. If not, then check back for another message.
  5. After backing up. The other message will say “No Network Connectivity ” or “XY Snaps are left”. The XY is the number of snaps that are left to be backed up and will be deleted with time if not being backed up.

NOTE: Here, you will get a couple of chances to fix issues. You can either check your data availability – if you have a good data package, then this might not be the issue. If you still cannot connect to the Wi-Fi ASAP, so that Snapchat can run in the background.

If you already have logged out or maybe you have uninstalled the application intentionally or intentionally, well in this case you would not be able to regenerate or backup your Snapchat Memories.

Method #02. Modify Your Settings

However, all of your Snapchat memories are kept safe in the Cloud Storage of Snapchat. You need to save those to your camera roll if you want them to be stored somewhere other than Snapchat’s cloud storage. You also get the facility to save them to your camera roll by default every time to capture a snap.

Although it takes a few extra steps than usual, after the completion of the process, you would not need to give it a second thought for converting your snaps into the memory. Follow the given instructions to know to download Snapchat memories :

  1. Enter Snapchat and open Settings.
  2. Scroll downwards till you find Memories.
  3. Click on “Save To…” to save your desired snap.
  4. Tap on “Memories & Camera Roll” or Camera roll only.

And if you want your snaps to be downloaded into camera roll only, then, in that case you need to download each snap specifically.

Wrapping Up:

That’s all for how to download Snapchat memories.

More than 187 active snapchatters are using Snapchat daily and that too 20 times a day to keep a check on their friends activity. On the other hand, many users think that snapchat is a platform where videos and pictures get lost. Although it’s been popular for its sharing content strategy and memory feature. With such features, one can find the history of all Snapchat posts and archive astonishing content for reuse on other platforms.


Q1.  How To Reshare Snaps And Stories From Memories?

Ans. To Reshare a Snap, Swipe upwards from the Camera Screen, Select Snap/Story you want to reshare and long press on it. You will see a list of options, click on Export, Next choose the platform on which you want to resshare.

The last step will lead you to that particular page of social media that you chose. Proceed further as usual.

Q2. How To Create New Stories From Memories?

Ans. Combine content from previously recorded memories from multiple days or stories. From the Memory page, Click on checkmark and then, select the snaps that you want to include in your story, next click on add (+) icon to create the story. 

After that, export the story to save or save to download on other platforms or share.

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