How To Delete A Zip Account?

Are you not interested in using your ZipMoney account? Intrinsically you would like to cancel (close) or maybe deactivate your account. Is it so? If you are also going through something similar to the above-mentioned case, then you are at the right place. Here you will get to know how to delete a zip account.

There are multiple reasons to prove your decision of deleting your zip account right. Of all of the reasons, email spamming can be the biggest one.

Zip Co. Ltd. was earlier known as ZipMoney Limited in Australian Public Limited Financial Technology Company. Hence, the company first originated in 2003. The head office of the organization is located in Sydney. Right now it has approx 24,500 retail partners and more than 2,100,000 consumers in Australia.

Wait! before knowing how to delete a Zip Account, you should know what this Zip Account is in reality and what you need to know before deciding to delete it.

What Do You Understand By A Zip Account?

ZipMoney is a line of credit with a limit of $1000 to $3000 for regular accounts and limits up to $50,000 for special consumers. ZipMoney provides their consumers an interest-free time period of the first three months with a full warranty on all products and up to 36 months with a few retailers.

Zip Money accounts incur a $7.95 monthly account fee when there’s an impressive balance at the top of every month also like a one-off establishment fee surely credit limits. To apply for a zipper Money account greater than $5,000, please consult the merchant you’d wish to purchase with or apply here.

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ZipMoney Or ZipPay – What Is The Difference?

How To Delete A Zip Account?

How to delete a zip account is a secondary thing. First, you need to know ZipMoney or ZipPay? Are both of them similar? Or, they are different? Let’s find out!


ZipPay is known for its interest-free online shopping feature with a limit of credit up to $1000, giving you the liberty to buy now and pay later, on your own terms and conditions. Payback starts from $10 every weekend.

  • Minimum repay amount – $40 minimum monthly repayment.
  • Credit limits available – $350-$1000.
  • Fees – No establishment fee, $7.95 monthly account fee.
  • Interest – never!
  • Direct debit payment method – either credit or open-end credit. 
  • TAP and ZIP – available in-store only.

Zip Money

Zip Money may be a line of credit with credit limits over $1,000. This application provides their customers a credit limit of $5000 for regular consumers and a limit of $50,000 for a few retailers.

  • Minimum repay amount – from $40 per month to credit limit of the account.
  • Credit limits available- $1000-$5000 directly.
  • Fees – establishment fee supported credit limit from $0-$99, $7.95 monthly account fee.
  • Interest – guaranteed 0% interest for 3 months.
  • Direct debit payment method- open-end credit or checking account details.
  • TAP and ZIP – not available for zip Money customers.

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How Does ZipMoney Function?

How Does ZipMoney Function?

As this is a “Buy Now Pay Later” system, it’s utilized in both ways offline (in-store) and online. How you should utilize their service is complex. Let’s simplify it down.

1. In-Store Stores :

For example, you’re purchasing at Westfield and that branded footwear that you have been stalking for weeks finally came on discount rates. But the twist is that you do not have that much amount at that time, what will you do then?

Provide the shopkeeper ZipMoney, and that’s it.

Yeah! ZipMoney is all that you want to buy that pair of shoes for yourself. Pay from your active ZipMoney account from your smartphone application. In case you don’t have a ZipMoney account, then simply sign in, and until it doesn’t ask for additional information from your end, allow the appliance, your account will be ready in minutes and will start functioning.

2. Online :

Along with ZipMoney, you will be able to shop while sitting or lying at your place only through your smartphone, following the online shopping trend. All the brands that are popular and accept ZipMoney are listed on the top of the official application so that it will be easier for you to do virtual shopping when you are logged in.

This same is applicable to retailers when they are shopping and participating. Just look for the ZipMoney symbol or stick to the prompts while searching for your cart.

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Pros Of Having A Zip Account

ZipMoney offers a wide variety of benefits, involving :

  • It’s easy because it deducts the need of a card every time.
  • The Sign-in process is easy, efficient and quick.
  • Several credit limits do exist, giving you the liberty to choose the one that you like.
  • It’s much better to pay back the exact same amount in parts than paying unnecessary fees.
  • It’s 100% free of credit interests to utilize on shopping for the first 3 months.

It’s said that always remember that ZipMoney is a lender if you utilize it much more than needed and cannot pay them back later then you will have to pay the fees and charges. Also, paying them back this way is a double danger risk, because it will depict that you made unwanted purchases.

As the financial decisions falling in favor of pros and suitability for financial situations are recommended. 

How To Delete A Zip Account?

How To Delete A Zip Account?

You can only delete your account by delivering an email to the organization, asking them to deactivate your account from their database.

This is how to delete a Zip Account:

  • Enter your Email application in your smartphone.
  • Draft an Email and send it to “” email address.
  • In the subject section, write “Application To Delete My Account”.
  • Next write the body of an email asking the company to delete your handle from their database, and clear all your data with them, if there are any.

So the email you’re sending must contain your full name, date of birth, address, and therefore the account that you simply would really like to shut.

Note that when your data or profile is deleted from the ZipMoney database, you’ll not be ready to retrieve them in the future. So, do not be in a haste here.

Wrap up:

Among many reasons people want to delete their ZipMoney account is once they do not want to use the payment platform. Another quite common reason is once you do not like receiving emails from them, you’ll stop Zip Money from sending you emails by deleting your account otherwise you can unsubscribe.

This guide will show you ways on how to delete a Zip account permanently.

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