How To Decrypt Secret Conversations On Facebook? 4 Easy Clicks!

Have you heard about secret conversations on Facebook? If not, let me tell you that Facebook has officially launched a new feature. This new feature is called Secret Conversation. This is the new end-to-end encryption that is made available to all Facebook users. So If you don’t know about secret conversations then here we will tell you how to decrypt secret conversations on Facebook.

The privacy concerns of Facebook have a new secret weapon. Now that Facebook has secret conversations, you can hide your conversation on Facebook Messenger from the government, hackers, and Facebook.

Facebook Messenger has a secret folder that has all the messages that you don’t know existed. When you get a message on your Facebook that is not your friend then Facebook will alert you. But Facebook does not do this for every message that you get from a person who is not your friend on Facebook. If you want to know about the secret conversation on Facebook then here we will discuss how to decrypt secret conversations on Facebook.

The steps are really easy to follow. So you can follow these steps and easily decrypt the secret conversation on Facebook. Even many business journalists have found this secret vault and almost everyone has messages in that vault that they never knew that they had received.

What Is A Secret Conversation On Facebook?

Before we go on to discuss how to decrypt secret conversations on Facebook it is important that we know what is a secret conversation on Facebook. The Facebook secret conversation will protect your messages on the Messenger app as it has end-to-end encryption. When a message is encrypted it will convert the messages in a form that the sender and receiver will be able to see it. Your message to someone will just be some letters and numbers. If your message is in a secret mode then government, cybercriminals, and even Facebook will not be able to read its content.

It is not possible for Facebook to decrypt the messages. The privacy experts say that Facebook will not hand over the encrypted messages to the authorities with search warrants. Just like Snapchat, this new feature of Facebook provides extra security. The Facebook messages disappear after five seconds or up to a day. You can use secret conversations if you are sending sensitive information. You can even use this feature if you think that your smartphone apps are spying on your data.

How To Decrypt Secret Conversations On Facebook?

How To Decrypt Secret Conversations On Facebook

Could be that at times you send some important messages on Messenger and want to keep your information secret. So if you want to decrypt those chats then here are a few steps that you need to follow. Following these steps, you will not cause any harm to the information and you will not be in danger also. So let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow:

  1. Firstly when you receive an encrypted message you will have to decrypt it immediately. So that you will be able to read them. You need to copy and paste that message into a text.
  2. After you complete the first steps then you will get a key that the sender will send you. You can easily decrypt the message that you have received using this key. You can also take the correct information from the encrypted message
  3. Now paste the encrypted message and then enter the key. Now click on the decrypt option.
  4. Finally, you can read the original message that you have received.

Can You See The Deleted Secret Conversation On Facebook Messenger?

What if the secret message you receive got deleted from your Facebook account? But you want to see it. Then you need to worry as here we have discussed some steps by which you can see the deleted secret conversation on Facebook. Follow the steps given below:

  • On your Android or iOS device open your Facebook Messenger app.
  • Now tap on a recent conversation
  • In this section, you will get access to the conversation that you archived on Facebook. Using the search bar you can find the messages that you want to see
  • Now you have found the conversation. Next, you have to tap on the three-dot icon then on the option hidden chats. Now you can restore the conversation that you deleted on Facebook Messenger.

How To Start A Secret Conversation On Facebook?

Do you know how to start a secret conversation on Facebook? Now that you know what is a secret conversation you should also know how to start a secret conversation. You can use this feature to protect your privacy. Here are two ways by which you can start a secret conversation. The first way is to create a new message. Then you have to click on the Secret option. Next, you can type the message and send it to your friend. The second method would be to open the existing conversation. Next, click on the contact name and then enable secret conversation.

Wrapping Up:

Now that we have answered your question about how to decrypt secret conversations on Facebook then you can follow these steps. The steps are really easy to follow. You can use this feature on Messenger when you want to talk to people. You can use this every time you start a new message thread or when discussing a sensitive topic.

Frequently Asked Question

How To Say Whether Someone Has Started A Secret Conversation On Facebook?

When someone sends you a message using secret conversation then you will get a popup bubble. This popup bubble will notify you so that the other person will know that you have participated in an encrypted chat room. The text under your profile picture will inform you that you both are having an encrypted conversation.

How To Create Auto Disappearing Secret Messages On Facebook?

If you want to create auto disappearing secret messages on Facebook Messenger then let me tell you that you can do so. Facebook does allow you to set the timer so that your messages disappear after a specific time. To do so let’s take a look at the steps.
Open Messenger
Start any new conversation or you can start with an existing user as well
Now after you type the message click on the timer icon. In the text box, you will find the timer icon
Set the timer for a time you want your message to be visible before it vanishes.
Next press set timer
Now click on the send button to send an auto disappearing message
You will get a message which says that your secret message will disappear after that specific time you selected.

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