How To Claim Truth Social Username? Register The Name You Want!

Everyone in America is getting crazy about Truth Social. What does this application have new for the users? Is it providing what it promises? People across the US and Canada are registering for this new app, and many users are reporting problems while claiming the username. If you are also facing similar errors while creating an account, then this post on how to claim Truth Social username will help you out.

After the launch of Gettr last year, Truth Social is another rival social media platform launched by TMTG on 21 February 2022. Although the initial response to the app was very good, people started registering for it. However, users encountered various issues, and finally, the waiting list changed the minds of many users. Some people are also reporting that this platform is not completely censorship-free. Few users have been blocked.

We will be guiding you through different steps on how to claim Truth Social username. We will also guide you on how to solve the errors if you encounter them. Let’s begin

How To Claim Truth Social Username?

Before you can claim your username on Truth Social, it is necessary to create an account first. If you already have an account, then you can skip these steps. However, if you don’t have an account yet, follow the steps ahead.

Step1. Create An Account On Truth Social

If you want to know as to how to claim Truth Social username, you need to have an account first. Here is a guide on how to create an account on Truth Social.

After you have created your account on Truth Social and verified your email address, you should see a username section on your screen. You have to select a username, toggle on the terms and conditions and click on finish.

Step 2. Reserve Your Username

Although you can set up your username later, if you want to reserve your username before the waitlist, you must donate to NRSC. You can join the waitlist for free, but you cannot reserve your username. Once you click on the donations, you have different amounts to pay at the NRSC website. 

  1. $26
  2. $35
  3. $50
  4. $76
  5. $100
  6. $250
  7. $500

You have to type your username above and donate the amount based on your username below.

Those users who have signed up through NRSC’s portal for the Truth Social report are getting endless emails requesting more funds. Some users also reported getting SMS as well.

The NRSC’s Truth Social page is created for reserving the username for monthly recurring donations. The notice on recurring payment is written in a smaller and lighter font.

Requirements For Truth Social Username

While setting up your username, you can use the following only.

  1. Letters
  2. Numbers
  3. Underscore

No other symbol is allowed. Use a combination of them to create a unique username, just like on Instagram.

Truth Social Username Error

Truth Social users are reporting their username is showing “Oops, looks like you missed a step.” The developers of Truth Social are answering this query, saying that when you try more than 5 times to claim your username and if it’s not available, the  Truth Social will automatically block your IP and pop this error up.

How To Solve Username Error?

To solve this error, follow the steps written below.

  • Reboot Your Phone.
  • Turn off and on your mobile data. Or, Turn on the airplane mode and turn it off.
  • Uninstall the Truth Social app.
  • Install the app again.
  • Check your error will be fixed.

If you are getting errors like “Please choose a different username to continue. Thanks”, you can easily solve this error by simply writing a different username.

Wrapping Up:

Here we end our journey on how to claim Truth Social Username. We hope this post solved your error.

We have discussed how to claim your username, how you can reserve your username, and how to solve the errors that are reported by users while setting up the username. It is also true that most of the errors will be solved as more and more users get registered. The load on the server will decrease eventually, and so will the errors.

Keep visiting our website to stay updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Truth Social A Paid App?

The users have to pay $4.998 every week to use the Truth Social platform. After spending that amount every week the users will be able to access daily news, quick profile verification, private groups, and a more organized feed.

Q2. Is Truth Social Available?

Yes, Truth Social is available on the Apple store. You can download it from there. This app is currently accessible for users of the United States and Canada.

Q3. How Do I Get The Truth Social App?

If you are an iPhone user, then you can go to the App Store and download it from there. If you are an Android user, then here is a guide for you.

Q4. Why Is The Truth Social Not Working?

The Truth Social app has a huge demand. The server is unable to handle the demands in just one go. So, the app is not working properly. You can wait for some time, and the problem may get resolved soon.  

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