How To Check Someone’s Discord Account Age? Is It Possible?

Are you interested in knowing when a specific user’s Discord account was built? Or, want to confirm if an account is actually a real person or a bot? Or, do you want to find out the Discord account age of your own account? If that’s the case, then you’re at the correct place, cuz we’re gonna teach you how to check someone’s Discord account age in this post.

Discord is a quick texting, digital distribution, and VoIP platform. Its consumers communicate with each other via text messages, voice calls, and video calls. Discord has become more popular among people, especially game players. Youth is getting attracted to Discord. Few users also try to check another’s discord account age.

To know how to check someone’s Discord account age you need to, click on the others user’s Username >>> click on Copy ID >>> Go to Discord Lookup >>> Paste the ID into the box >>> click on Lookup >>> complete the captcha verification. This is how you check someone’s Discord account age. But what about your account age? Don’t you wanna know that.

Few Discord servers contain hundreds of thousands of members, while others are more low-profile. In any case, if you’re curious about finding the account age of a particular Discord account on your server, you can do so with simplicity. Read on to know how to check the Discord account age of a user. You’ll find answers to all your questions and more.

How To Check The Age Of My Discord Account?

How To Check The Age Of My Discord Account

Discord is a Voice Over Internet Protocol service and chats application that has become a go-to communication software for gamers all over the world. Discord can do much more than just send an ordinary text or a voice message, and it offers a host of great features that are well-suited to gaming – like custom servers, voice channels, and lots Of late, Discord has rushed in popularity even zaniamong teams an remote workers due to its extensive customization options and unique functionality.

It also provides a way for users to find others in their areas of interest and has servers dedicated to almost every subject in the world.

To check the age of your own Discord account, you first need to make sure that it has Developer mode on and Streamer mode off on Discord.

Enable Developer Mode

  1. Login to your Discord account and enter User Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Advanced and switch on the Developer mode button.

Disable Streamer Mode

  1. Go to the User Settings, then Streamer Mode.
  2. Turn off the Enable Streamer Mode Option.

How To Check Someone’s Discord Account Age?

How To Check Someone Else's Discord Account Age

Initially, you are supposed to copy the Discord ID of the account whose age you want to check from the right sidebar on Discord. Here are the steps on how to check someone’s Discord Account Age.

  1. Right-click on the Username of the user whose account age you want to find out and tap on the Copy ID.

NOTE: If you want to check your account’s age, then copy your Discord Copy ID

  1. The Discord ID will be copied to your Clipboard.
  2. Head to Discord Lookup.
  3. Paste the ID into its ace and tap on Lookup.
  4. Complete the Captcha Verification.

There you go, the website will now show you detailed information about the Discord user’s account, such as badges, username, account creation date, and whether that user is a bot.

From the user’s account creation date, you can easily calculate their discord account age.

How To Check When Someone Created Their Account On Discord?

How To Check When Someone Created Their Account On Discord?

There are both freshers and experienced users on Discord. If you have been using Discord for a long time, then you may even forget on which date you created your account on Discord. If so, just move on to learn how to check how old your account is. Let’s find out:

  1. Open the Discord Profile of that person whose account age you want to find out.
  2. Next, copy their Profile ID.
  3. Visit Discord Age Checker.
  4. Paste the copied ID in the given box.
  5. It will show you their Account Name and when the account was created.

A Few Important Settings To Check Discord Account Creation Date 

A Few Important Settings To Check Discord Account Creation Date
  1. Open your Discord account and select the Username.
  2. Keep scrolling until you see “the Streamer mode” option.
  3. Select Appearance and enable the developer mode.
  4. Next, you can check someone’s Discord account build-up date.

Wrapping Up:

Discord provided us a great stage to interact with our community like business, gaming, and other things, but sometimes due to multiple people, we want to know the Discord account creation date for our own account or someone else’s. There are bots for your help too. Using the above-mentioned guide, you can discover plenty of details about the Discord user. Not only is it effective, but it is a fun way of finding information about a person who created the discord account.

Checking your account’s age is an easy activity, where you just need your Discord ID to do it. However, the good news is that you can also check your friend’s or server account’s age. Remember you’ve to enable the developer mode to get the ID of the account.


Q1. What’s The Minimum Age Limit For Creating A Discord Account?

Ans. To create a Discord account and use the Discord app or website, users need to be a minimum of 13 years of age or even more, depending upon local legislation.

Q2. Does Discord Delete Inactive Accounts?

Ans. No, Discord doesn’t delete any old or inactive accounts.

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