How To Change Keyboard Sound On PC & Chromebook?

We do know that we can change the keyboard sound on our mobile devices, be it Android or iPhone. But do you know how to change keyboard sound on PC or Chromebook? Do you want to turn on or turn off your keyboard sound on desktop devices? What? Finding it difficult to do so? You need not worry as the on-screen keyboard on the Chrome OS does support the feature to change the keyboard sound.

Moreover, even on your PC, you can find built-in options where you can change the keyboard sound. The touch devices do offer either haptic or audio feedback when you type on them. So when the actual physical keys are absent then the feedback is actually helpful.

You can press or tap it. However, there are many users that do not like the keyboard sound so they keep it disabled. But, if you find the audio feedback for keypress useful then you will also like to enable the keyboard typing sound on your PC. Here in this blog, we will discuss how to change keyboard sound.

The volume control in your PC windows 10 and 11 is a very important feature irrespective of the device that you are using. Due to this reason, Microsoft provides many built-in ways so that you can control the sound volume in your PC. Let’s take a look at it.

How To Turn On-Screen Keyboards Sounds In Chromebook?

How To Change Keyboard Sound On Chromebook

So if you want to know how to turn your on-screen keyboard sounds in Chromebook, then here are some easy steps that you need to follow if you want to know as to how to change keyboard sound on Chromebook:

  • Open Settings app.
  • Then open the hamburger menu (three lines on the left).
  • Tap on it and expand Advanced.
  • Then choose Languages and Input.
  • Next, tap and expand the Input method. Here you will see your present keyboard.
  • Tap on the pop-out icon against the keyboard.
  • Then select Sound on keypress under the on-screen keyboard.
  • And you have successfully enabled your keyboard sound

How To Change Keyboard Sound On Your PC (Windows 10 & 11)

There are many ways by which you can change keyboard sound on your PC. However, this is applicable to Windows 10 and 11. So let’s take a look at ways how to change keyboard sound on your windows.

By Using Keyboard Volume Control On Your PC

If you want a keyboard shortcut for volume then the Windows PC has many keys to control sound. If you want to use them you need to press and hold the Fn key on your keyboard. Then you need to press the key for the action that you want to perform. You need to look at your keyboard for any F keys.

You can find the F keys on the top row along with the speaker icon next to them. So if you want to increase your PC’s keyboard volume then you need to press Fn+F8 at the same time. To decrease the keyboard volume you need to press Fn+F7. The shortcut to mute the volume on your keyboard is Fn+F6.

By Using System Tray Volume Control On Your PC (Windows 10 and 11)

However, the system ray changes the names on the basis of the operating system that you use. Like you will use Notification are in Windows 10 and Taskbar Corner in Windows 11. These always include a speaker icon that will help you to control the volume of your keyboard.

When you click on the speaker icon in Windows 11 or the icon next to the battery or network icon will open up Quick settings. Here at the bottom, you will see the volume slider. You can click anywhere on the slider bar to change the volume.

However, if you are using Windows 10 then in the notification area you will the speaker icon. Click on it to open the volume slider at the top. You can click or drag anywhere on the slider button to the desired position.

By Using Windows 11 Volume Mixer

Do you know Windows 11 have introduced a new volume mixer? This volume mixer is blended with the settings app. You can find it under System, sound, volume mixer. When you open it you will see the volume slider which will control the sound on your device.

By Using Classic Volume Mixer Both In Windows 10 & 11

The classic volume mixer that you can find in windows 10 and 11 will allow you to change the audio volume either for the whole system or for some apps. To get access to this you need to first open the control panel. Then you need to go to hardware and sound. In the sound, section click on Adjust system volume. You can even use the volume mixer window that pops up to set it to your desired sound level for system sounds, speakers, or any open Windows app.

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By Adjusting Volume From The Settings App In Windows 10 & 11

Still wondering for an alternative option on how to change keyboard sound on your PC, then this might help you.

You can even use the settings app to control volume in windows 10 and 11. Do to do so you need to open settings and click on the Sound in system tab. You can even right-click or press and hold on to the speaker’s icon from the system tray. Then click on Sound settings. Likewise, you can use the slider in the sound section to control the volume. However, this is applicable in Windows 11 PC.

To adjust the volume in windows 10 got to the settings app. Open Ease of Access. From the left column Access the audio tab. Then use the slider under Make your device easier to hear on the right side. Now you can turn up or down the volume.

Wrapping up:

So these are some of the ways how to change keyboard sound. The steps are not difficult to follow. If you follow the steps carefully then you can adjust the volume just in a few seconds. Do let us know which method would you prefer to use to change your keyboard sound on your PC?

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Customize Sound Effects On Windows 10?

Here are some steps that you need to follow to customize sound effects on Windows 10:

  • Open setting and click on Personalization.
  • Then click on themes and then tap on sounds.
  • In the sounds tab, you can either disable system sounds or customize each of them the way you like it.
  • To disable sound effects you need to use the drop-down menu sound scheme. Then choose no sounds.
  • To enable sound effects you need to use the sound scheme and choose windows default.
  • If you want to change the sound events then tap on the event under program events that you want to change. Use the drop-down menu and select a sound from the list.
  • Click on apply and then OK.

How To Turn Off Windows 10 Sound Effects?

To turn off the sound effects in windows 10 here are some steps that you need to follow:

  • In the search section of the taskbar type control panel. Click on search results to launch the control panel window.
  • Click on the sound tab.
  • When you click on it you will see the sound window on your screen.
  • Next click on the Sounds scheme dropdown list to expand it.
  • Choose the no Sounds option from the dropdown list
  • Click on Apply and OK.

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