How To Add Filter On BeReal?

BeReal is one of the most used photo-sharing apps today. Its mandatory one picture a day has made BeReal a hit among Gen Z. But in the era of unlimited photo editing and photo filter apps, BeReal users are constantly trying to Add Filters on BeReal. 

BeReal was launched in 2019 but gained popularity in 2022, and it’s really easy to use BeReal. Every day you will receive a notification at random times to click a BeReal. You will be notified as “Time To BeReal”. Then you will get exactly two minutes to take a BeReal picture from your front and back camera. You can also pause the BeReal Timer to get some extra time to click the BeReal picture. 

To add filters on BeReal is really easy. The Filter option is not available in the BeReal app, but you can use the natural filters. In this article, we are going to tell you different ways through which you can add filters on BeReal. 

The BeReal’s entire purpose is to give an authentic look into the user’s life without any catch. BeReal was made to give competition to Instagram, as BeReal asks its users to Be Real without any editing and filters. But, as we are addicted to filters and editing, let’s check out the easy steps on how to add filters on BeReal. 

How To Add Filter On BeReal?

To add a Filter on BeReal, you need to know the time of the BeReal notification, which is random, but we know the Time to BeReal.

Once you know the time of BeReal in advance, you can get ready and choose a perfect background to capture BeReal.

Do the makeup or touch-up before clicking the BeReal Picture. You can do a hairdo and change the dress to look beautiful in the BeReal pictures. 

Choose the aesthetic background for your BeReal Picture and good lighting to make your BeReal picture more beautiful and appealing. 

The key to adding filters on BeReal is timing, so once you know the time, you can add natural filters to your BeReal photos.

However, the motto of BeReal is to appreciate natural beauty. BeReal’s marketing strategy was “ what if social media was different”. 

If you have missed the notification you can also post a late BeReal also. You can not see others BeReal if you have not posted, but you can post a late BeReal too. 

To Sum Up 

For now, BeReal supports no filter because BeReal was made to be Different and Real. BeReal’s motto is to BeReal and show yourself without the filters. BeReal believes that all users should appreciate their true selves. BeReal was made to be an anti-social app, unlike its competitors like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Thanks for Reading. Keep following TopHillSport, and don’t forget to comment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does BeReal Have Filters?

No, BeReal does not support any Filters in the app. To add filters on BeReal is really easy. The Filter option is not available in the BeReal app, but you can use the natural filters. 

Q. What Happens If You Don’t Post On BeReal?

You can easily post on BeReal late in case you miss taking it on time. However, you must not forget that your timings will be visible to other users. So, how to post on BeReal late? Well, the process is just the same. You can launch the BeReal app > Get into your BeReal account > If you have not posted the BeReal, you will find the option of Post a Late BeReal > Click on that > Click your picture from both the cameras within 2 minutes time frame. 

Q. How Do You Use The BeReal App?

Those who are thinking of trying the BeReal application might get confused and want to learn how to use BeReal. It isn’t a difficult task to understand how to use BeReal. You need to download the app > Add your contacts and find friends > Take photos > Retake BeReal > Delete a BeReal > Share photos > Discover public content > See where your friends are. We will help you know everything regarding how to use BeReal, further in the post.

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