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Discord is and always has been a great platform for gamers. However, why should only gamers have all the fun? Many organizations, radio shows, and even Government sites are now using Discord to get the maximum exposure. HM Treasury Discord is now on Discord! Launching the HM Treasury Discord channel went wrong as Discord users started trolling immediately! 

Since most of the Discord users are pro gamers, they are not appreciating the UK government making an entry into this platform. The UK Treasury received insults as soon as it joined the gaming chat app Discord. Even though the HM Treasury Discord has blocked any comments on the platform, trolls have managed to sign up for the forum using ridiculous usernames. 

How to join HM Treasury Discord? To join the Discord, you need a permanent server invite. After clicking the server invitation link, select “I am Human” in the pop-up box. To get the most out of HM Treasury Discord, all you need to do is confirm your server and follow the rules after joining.

This article will guide you on how to join the HM Treasury Discord as well as how HM Treasury Discord is indulging the trollers on Discord! 

What Is HM Treasury Discord Server? 

 HM Treasury Discord server is one of the very first government units that made their entrance in Discord Server! HM Treasury Discord or UK treasury discord is launched as a dedicated discord channel, where people can only read the announcements published by the well-known UK HM Treasury. Yes, HM Treasury Discord is a read-only discussion channel, where the followers can check the updates and announcements from the HM Treasury; however, the users are not allowed to make any comments on Discord hm treasury. So far, the HM Treasury Discord has 25, 167 members and is increasing. Unfortunately, a huge number of Discord gamers are joining the HM Treasury Discord invite link, just to make fun of the UK treasury! How to join the HM Treasury Discord link? Let’s go through the instructions mentioned in this article. 

HM Treasury Discord Server Link

If you have a Discord account and are in Discord for a long, then joining HM Treasury Discord join link will be easy for you. However, finding the HM Treasury Discord server link could be difficult. Hence, we took the liberty to help you out. We found the HM Treasury Discord server link for you. Click the link below and join uk treasury discord server or hm treasury discord join link server today!

HM Treasury Discord Server Link – Join Now!

How To Join HM Treasury Discord Server?

Considering you have already joined popular discord servers like Synapse X Discord or xQc Discord, it is easy for you to join the HM Treasury Discord server. Follow the steps below: 

To join the HM Treasury Discord Server > Discord Account > Login > Link > Accept Invite > I am Human 

Step 1: Open your Discord Account 

Step 2: Login into your Discord Account

Step 3: Click On the Link 

Step 4: Click on Accept Invite

Step 5: Check on I am Human box

Step 6: Joined the HM Treasury Discord Server or uk treasury discord link.

Do not forget to go through the rules of the HM Treasury Discord Server. Failing to meet the rules can ban you from the Discord server. 

HM Treasury Discord Server – Trolled

The UK Treasury was not prepared for that, which is astonishing, but those are the breaks. The UK Treasury received insults as soon as it joined the gaming chat app Discord. Despite the government preventing any comments on the service, trolls managed to register with ridiculous names, causing the Treasury’s system to automatically post messages with the word “Joke.”

Yes, if you need therapy and laughter for the day, just visit the “Welcome To The Server” message board of the HM Treasury Discord Server.

HM Treasury Discord Server – Trolled

We’ll leave it to you to figure out why people are responding to updates issued by the government by using the letter emojis “C” “U” “N” and “T.”

It simply demonstrates a general lack of knowledge about what Discord is and the kinds of people who use it. While removing postings and comments was a wise decision, no one seemed to understand that if people online are given the ability to damage something, they will undoubtedly do so. The HMTreasury Discord Server already banned the users from commenting, but, certainly, that didn’t stop the trollers. 

HM Treasury Discord Server

Twitter users reacted quickly saying: ‘Does Jeremy Hunt want to play Valorant with me?’

Another gamer asked the Chancellor to play Call of Duty with him, asking ‘Can Jeremy 1v1 me on mw [Modern Warfare] rust [a popular map in the shooter game]’?

A Twitter user asked: ‘Genuinely, what did they expect to happen here other than getting trolled?

‘Pity they are too cowardly to open up a text channel.’

‘People yearn for text channels!’ 

Another Tweet: ‘Read only? Afraid of replies?’

Although we sincerely doubt it’s him, I can confirm that Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt appears to have created a Discord account for himself. Given the responses under any and all posts mentioning him, it’s almost certainly for the best that this is the case.

Wrapping Up

It is very much clear that introducing of HM Treasury Discord Server is a disaster. Although HM Treasury has accounts on popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, they should be more careful before launching the HM Treasury Discord Server. Before trying out social media again, government departments should hire some young millennials or perhaps Gen Z communicators. We can only say that due to Elon Musk’s contentious takeover of Twitter, users are shifting their attention away from Twitter and onto other social media platforms. In addition to Discord, it appears that a large number of users are joining Mastodon. Hence joining Discord was a great decision that unfortunately went wrong! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Is The Meaning Of OFSI?

In order to make sure that financial sanctions are properly understood, applied, and enforced in the United Kingdom, the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) was established. A division of HMTreasury is OFSI.

Q2. What Is A Level 1 Sanction?

Level 1 penalties include one or more of the following: a documented verbal warning given in conjunction with the ACO, the need to redo an assignment, receiving a failing grade on the assignment, or having one letter grade taken off the course’s final grade.

Q3. What Triggers OFAC?

sending someone to law enforcement for help with a criminal inquiry or prosecution. A Cease and Desist Order may be issued to a subject of an inquiry, as well as other administrative actions including the rejection, suspension, modification, or suspension of a license.

Q4. Who Is Responsible For Sanctions?

Economic sanctions programs are typically administered and enforced by the Office of Foreign Assets Control against nations and specialized categories of people, such as terrorists and drug traffickers.

Q4. What Is The Difference Between Approved And Sanctioned?

While sanction has two completely different meanings—to provide official approval/ agreement to something or to punish something—while approval can simply mean to give formal permission to or agree to something. As a result, the sanction is more frequently used in official and legal contexts than approval in ordinary contexts.

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