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Have you ever tried to track someone else’s IP? This is not usual. However, sometimes you may need to find out people’s IP addresses. How to do it? Exposing IP addresses with Grabify is not new, but may not be approved on all platforms. Grabify Discord is however a thing, which is widely accepted. 

You can get some of the most sophisticated and thorough statistics data and metadata for each click on your links with Grabify IP Logger URL & Shortener. Your IP Logger link provides access to data on the user’s IP address, location (country, city), and other factors. This program shortens lengthy links. When a person clicks on your short link, share it with another user and capture their IP address.

Grabify may sound sneaky. But, clicking on Grabify links is not necessarily malicious. Grabify Discord will encourage you to use this popular software. To shorten the URL, visit the Grabify site and paste the link. Get the generated shortened link and post it on Discord! Share links with gamers and find out their IP. 

What is Grabify Discord?

Playing games and making friends on Discord is super fun. But, have you ever thought about knowing the locations of your gaming friends? Learning locations may help you to create a better friend circle. Shorten or create URLs on Grabify and enjoy finding the true locations of the video game players. 

Grabify Discord Server

Unfortunately, there are no Grabify Discord links. No one ever thought to create an amazing Grabify Discord server or a Grabify Discord bot to use on popular Discord servers. However, it may sound interesting but, we found the Anti-Grabify Discord bot. Well, there are always haters, no matter what you do. The Anti-Grabify Discord bot has only 89 members. In this discord server, people mostly discuss how they have been cheated by clicking on a Grabify link. 

Why Are People Joining Anti-Grabify Bot?

Well, as more people are getting IP exposed using Grabify links, they are becoming mad and joining the Anti-Grabify Discord bot. As mentioned by the members of the Anti-Grabify Discord bot, this amazing discord bot helps in deleting existing Grabify links from your server and making it “clean”. It is also claimed by the Anti-Grabify Discord bot supporters that IP grabber links not only steal your IP but also access all of your information via the browser. With the exposed IP address the hackers may slow down your WiFi connection or crash it completely! This is a repeated Cybercrime reported by thousands of online gamers. 

Wrapping Up

Cyber security is no doubt one of the most important things that we should consider. Grabify Discord helps to expose IP addresses via clicking their custom links and tracker code. However, not many people support this method and join the Anti-Grabify Discord bot to protect their server. What measurements have you taken against security hacks as a gamer? Learn more about Tech updates and Cyber security from TopHillSport only!


Q1. Do Grabify Links Work In Discord?

The freshly created shortened URL can be used on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many other websites, including Discord. The fact that Grabify is not required in the link is one of its features.

Q2. Does Grabify Grab Your Ip?

Grabify is a free online application for capturing IP addresses and shortening URLs. (IP snatching simply means getting/grabbing people’s IP addresses, as the term implies.) As you might have suspected, there are many other tools available that can perform the same function as Grabify.

Q3. What Happens If I Click A Grabify Link?

They basically provide you a tracking link, and they are aware of the IP address from which it was accessed. Depending on how your ISP issues IP addresses, they can then use this IP address to match it with your ISP and infer a more or less accurate location.

Q4. Does Twitter Block Grabify?

If you’ve previously clicked a Grabify link, use the same device to navigate to the “Remove My Data” page in the footer of Grabify. I find it interesting that Twitter prevents us from tweeting Grabify URLs, which is not so cool.

Q5. Does Grabify Work On Snapchat?

The Grabify IP Logger & URL Shortener is utilized in this case. It is a well-known service for locating IP addresses of internet users and Snapchat users. Additionally, Grabify is easy to use, cost-free and requires no registration. The procedures given below can be used to use this tool to find a Snapchat user’s IP address.

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