Gettr As An Alternative To Twitter | Go Or No-Go?

Yet another Twitter ban and yet another addition to Gettr! With Taylor’s recent Twitter ban, users are walking on eggshells when it comes to Twitter. Twitter has suspended accounts of many Conservatives in the past year and this news wasn’t surprising. However, what’s worth noting is how Gettr is gaining from Twitter’s arbitrary bans. Let’s unfold the discussion today on Gettr as an alternative to Twitter and if it’s wise to think so.  

Gettr was initially released in July 2021 to abridge the shortcomings of major social networking platforms that are believed to house cancel-culture. In such a landscape, Gettr received attention with its noble aims of creating a healthy space of interaction for everyone belonging to any scale of the political spectrum.

Although with a bumpy start, Gettr kickstarted and is now welcoming a wide array of users on a daily basis. Moreover, Twitter’s actions of banning notable Twitter accounts are working in favor of Gettr. This obviously makes us question if Twitter is making space for its future competitor. Well, is it true? Let’s find out!

So without further ado, let’s find the possible links between Gettr and Twitter and all the questions surrounding these two platforms.

How Is Gettr Linked To Twitter?

gettr as an alternative to twitter
How is Gettr linked to Twitter?

The ideological debate of right and left has been going on for centuries now. However, the same debate has now found itself in the digital landscape on platforms like Twitter and Facebook which are owned by major Tech giants. Under such a background, the polarization of different political ideologies can be seen on social media platforms. 

Following the disconcerting events after the election of US President Joe Biden and the riots that ensued, Trump was banned from Twitter. Not only that but the former president was also banned from Facebook which caused a huge array of unrest among the loyal Trump supporters. 

Trump’s permanent ban from Twitter has led to a huge resurgence of political polarization on platforms like Gab and Parler, the major right-wing supporters. In the same shadow, the former advisor of Trump revealed his plans of launching a social networking platform with the aim of promoting freedom of speech and a no-censorship policy.

With the aim of stopping cancel-culture and providing a space for conservatives that were constantly being banned from Twitter, Jason Miller formed Gettr. Gettr being an alternative to Twitter, also rhymes with the latter. Absurd? Well, it is more like a thoughtfully planned move as the name Twitter is derived from twttr. Rings bells? 

Now, with such careful planning didn’t come to the careful execution. Gettr was officially released in July 2021, but just after the initial release, the platform was marred with controversies.

Accounts of renowned personalities were hacked, vulgar content was posted and the whole service was a mess. Thus, Getter saw a doomed start. Gettr was formed to rival major platforms like Twitter which were regarded as being guilty of silencing the voices of Conservatives. But sadly, the uneventful happenings on Gettr within a month of release made people believe that this service will also be a failure just like its predecessors, Gab and Parler.

However, the sad start of Gettr doesn’t mean the eventual demise of the service. The reason? Joe Rogan! Popular podcaster (who isn’t even a conservative) joined Gettr and this event led to an increase in the average users on Gettr. Gettr saw a spike in users and this is where our question shifts from the possible doom of Gettr to Gettr being an alternative or even a powerful rival of Twitter.

To know if Gettr is a good alternative to Twitter or if it will ever beat Twitter, let’s first look at the short overview and comparison between Gettr and Twitter. 

Comparison Between Gettr And Twitter: Which Is Better?

gettr as an alternative to twitter
Gettr Vs Twitter

A healthy comparison between Gettr and Twitter will reveal a lot of insights about which one is better and if Gettr will ever beat Twitter. Company history and app features tell us a lot about both these social media and microblogging platforms.

So without further ado, let’s look at the overview and feature comparison between Gettr and Twitter.

Overview Of Gettr And Twitter 

CEOParag AgarwalJason Miller
Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, macOS, WebiOS, Android, Web

Twitter was founded back in 2006, almost 15 years since its initial release. Meanwhile, Gettr is a new service that only came into being in 2021. Moreover, Twitter is available on a variety of platforms when Gettr isn’t.

In such a landscape, we’re bound to think if Gettr will (ever) overcome this major gap in which Twitter has established itself as a pillar in the world of social networking. But let’s not come to a hasty conclusion by looking at the number of years alone. To do that, let’s move to our next section which will shed light on the features available on the Gettr and Twitter app.

Feature Comparison Between Gettr And Twitter

PostYou can post videos, images, links, etc on Twitter.You can post videos, images, links, etc on Gettr.
ExploreYou can explore trending topics, people and read news on Twitter.You can explore trending topics, people and read news on Gettr.
LiveYou can host and attend live spaces on Twitter.You can host and attend live sessions on Gettr. 
Character LimitThe character limit per post on Twitter is 280 characters.The character limit per post on Gettr is 777 characters.
RepostYou can re-post the content of others and it is called re-tweeting.You can repost the content of others on Gettr on your own Timeline.
MessageYou can message privately on Twitter.There’s no messaging feature on Gettr for now.
Pin PostsYou can pin your own posts on Twitter.You can pin your own posts on Gettr.
ListsYou can make a customized timeline of Tweets by adding a handful of users to Twitter Lists.You can not make a customized timeline on Gettr.
BookmarksYou can save tweets as bookmarks on Twitter to go through them later.You can not add bookmarks on Gettr as of now.
MonetizeYou can host paid gatherings and earn donations on Twitter.Getter will shortly release its tipping feature where creators can earn from donations and tips from their audience. However, this feature hasn’t been released yet.
Other LimitsTwitter has the following limits-
Direct Messages – 1,000 per day
Tweets – 2,400 per day
Changes to account email – 4 per hour
Following (Daily) – 400 per day
Following (Account-based) – 5000
As of now, nothing is available about Gettr limits.
comparison between Gettr and Twitter

This feature comparison table between Gettr and Twitter reveals lots of things and one of them is that Gettr needs further updates if it wants to stand on par with Twitter. Well, it’s a given as Twitter has carefully established itself over a number of years while Gettr is fairly new. 

Now, even though Gettr is a new service, it is certainly good looking at the comparison table. Users have long complained about not being able to post long tweets on Twitter as tweets are restricted to 280 characters only. However, Gettr gives users a chance to post long content within the limit of 777 characters.  

Moreover, if we keep aside the sad start of Gettr (the Gettr controversies), then it is fair to say that Gettr almost provides all the features that Twitter has. Additionally, it wouldn’t be unwise to say that Gettr will make changes in its platform and introduce many more features to compete with established social media platforms. 

Now, coming to the conclusion drawn from feature comparison between Gettr and Twitter. Twitter is obviously a more well-established platform than Gettr if we look at the features. However, Gettr isn’t so behind the line. Looking at how new Gettr is, the platform is really good taking into account how other newly established services are marked with glitches in their early days. 

Gettr As An Alternative To Twitter

gettr as an alternative to twitter
Gettr as an alternative to Twitter

Coming onto the most impeding question of the hour! Gettr as an alternative to Twitter and should you switch to Gettr from Twitter. The answer to questions like these is clearly visible from the reason Gettr was formed in the first place.

Gettr was formed due to arbitrary and unclear Twitter policies which were believed to attack the conservatives of the house alone. From temporary ban to total suspension, many Conservatives have faced unjust Twitter policies and that’s why Jason Miller formed a platform where freedom of speech could prevail and where all thoughts from the political spectrum could travel without the fear of censorship or ban.

This freedom of speech principle adopted by Gettr became its selling point and that’s why notable personalities are shifting to Gettr. Now, one thing to note here is that people are active on both platforms.

Those who are not banned from Twitter, have active Twitter as well as Gettr accounts and the same goes for Joe Rogan. Moreover, Gettr is becoming a hub for conservatives and, Trump supporters stand to dominate the platform. In such a landscape, wouldn’t it be wise to say that the audience of Gettr is vastly limited to some proportions of the political sphere whereas Twitter houses a vast majority of users belonging to all spheres of life?

Moreover, Gettr is filled with misinformation that people want to avoid at all costs. Hence comes the answer to Gettr being an alternative to Twitter! Well, for now, it doesn’t stand a chance and the major reason for that is the need for active debate and engagement between both parties. With Gettr, a wall has been created for the wounded conservatives who are now being housed on the platform. Positive results will only come when debates are two-fold and reciprocated and not when one party hides in a shell while others are in another.

It is more like an angry child trying to make a house of its own. So forget about being alternatives, the two services for now look like two political factions which don’t look good in a digital landscape. 

For Gettr to be truly an alternative to Twitter, it has to move away from its audience base that resembles Gab and Parler to an awful extent. Gettr needs to move away from being a rival to Twitter and advance towards a more comprehensive plan which Twitter might have failed at, but Gettr can achieve. The plan is to house people from all spectrums and not conservatives alone standing on the principles of freedom of speech. 

(You should note that these conclusions have been drawn after using Gettr for a few weeks and after carefully analyzing the findings of the paper titled – “An Early Look at the Gettr Social Network”)  

Gettr Vs Twitter

Gettr VS Twitter! This thought has been revolving around the minds of many since the idea to develop Gettr was revealed. As we are well aware of (by now), Gettr was developed to bridge the shortcomings of Twitter where people get blocked or suspended without any reason or prior notice. 

With principles of free speech and no fear of censorship, Gettr has been gaining lots of daily users on its platform. Many old Twitter users have shifted to Gettr and now the total users on Gettr stand to be 4 Million Approx. Although, this number is far lesser than the hundred million users of Twitter. Nevertheless, it is a good figure taking into account how recent Gettr is.

Accordingly, in such a hot debate of Gettr Vs Twitter, we have answered a few of the questions that have been burning in all of us at the moment. 

Is Gettr A Good Alternative To Twitter?

Gettr is a new app that needs a stable base and lots of development for now. Although Gettr is getting renewed attention due to personalities like Joe Rogan joining the platform. You should still avoid deleting your Twitter account in favor of Gettr.  And this doesn’t mean we are discouraging you to use Gettr. (far from it)

It is just good to have different alternatives and the ones which don’t mean giving up one for another. In conclusion, the answer for Gettr being a good alternative to Twitter would be, you can try out Gettr, and if you feel that it has met all your requirements. Then go ahead and stick to it. 

Is Gettr A Competitor Of Twitter?

Gettr will surely become a worthy competitor of Twitter if it survives the fate of Parler and Gab. If Gettr is able to handle misinformation circulating on the platform and is willing to make some changes in its privacy policy, then Gettr will surely give close competition to Twitter in the future.

Will Gettr Beat Twitter?

Gettr beating Twitter in the race of competition? We are not sure of the answer yet as Gettr is an infant when it comes to Twitter. So all answers to questions of such kind shall be reserved for the future.

Wrapping Up

Gettr and Twitter are the hot topics of every news column these days. The reason? Twitter’s bad-boy image of banning conservatives and Gettr, welcoming them with open arms! Thus, in such a sizzling space, we have brought you the answers to questions that were burning in the minds of all Twitter users these days.

We hope our answers were able to satisfy you. If not? Critics are always welcome!

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