Meet China’s First AI Judge | The Brave New World Of China’s Digital Courts!

China, the hub of the latest technological inventions is up with another hype! This time the hype is quite high as China comes up with the World’s First AI Judge. Yeah, you read that right! AI JUDGE!!! Now Artificial intelligence will rule the world of justice!

Today you’ll find a made-in-China product in every home, be it the regular household stuff, toys for kids, the latest Android/ iOS games, or probably the smartphone with which you are reading this post on! You must have heard about robotic helpers, AI teaching, but AI judge is a brand new talk of the town! 

The triggering part is that China’s first AI Judge came just one month after the head of MI6 warned about the dangers of China. Where the new invention seems to have pros, it does have a good amount of cons as well! 

See, what all features are going to be in this World’s first AI Judge! Will this new move by China prove out to be beneficial to them or will it open doors to more controversies like always?

How Does China’s First AI Judge Work?

How Does China’s First AI Judge Work
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From supercomputers to robots, China has made judges that are equipped with artificial intelligence. Well, who would have thought of it? But China did! It is the first judge of its kind anywhere in the world. This robotic judge is able to give an accuracy rate of 97 percent when he is listening to arguments made verbally! 

This robotic judge is made through the Shanghai Pudong People’s Procuratorate. It is the busiest prosecutor’s bureau in China. When asked about the same, he stated, “Thanks to this technology the workload of prosecutors will be cut down.

The office stated that in certain cases the AI-equipped judge could be able to replace the prosecutor in making the correct decisions. But is it so? Like, Really?

This device can be used with a laptop or a computer and without doubt the technology, it is said to be able to analyze millions of records within its system. Well, do you know what is the best part? How will this machine make decisions? Wait!!! You must be glad to know that it will take references from past cases. 

Confused how?  

Then, it will be a delight for you to know that it was built with thousands of cases from all over the globe, filled in its system. These cases date in the years 2015 through 2020. It can be considered a good move. But, wait!!! Who knows were those cases answered rightly? That can be a matter of discussion!! What do you say?

Features Embedded In World’s First AI Judge

Features Embedded In World’s First AI Judge
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Since it is the first robotic judge of its kind, the developers have tried their best to fill all the loopholes and that is why they have embedded quite interesting features in the world’s first AI Judge and some of the prominent ones among all are: 

  • Can be used on a Laptop/desktop computer
  • Can replace prosecutors in the decision-making process.
  • This AI judge is eligible to spot theft, credit card fraud, heavy drivers, and other such things.

Capability To Detect Credit Card Theft And Fraud

At present, this judge has the power to identify dangerous drivers, fraud with credit cards, and any sort of theft. 

Not to a surprise, the people of China are somewhat not happy with this new invention. 

One prosecutor stated “Technically 97 percent accuracy could be very high. However, there is always the possibility of errors. If an error is made and someone is held accountable, who would take the blame? Prosecutor, creator of the machine or algorithm?”

“With the aid of AI, it is possible to have a mistake identified, but AI cannot substitute for humans when it comes to making decisions,” the prosecutor added and he is correct to some extent! 

Though China has been a great manufacturer of robots for a long time, this move can be a dangerous attempt. It is not that the world is supporting the move! No, not at all. China has made this breakthrough in the area of AI when the British intelligence service warned about the risk posed by China or Russia in this field. 

MI-6 has stated that our adversaries have plans to conquer AI quantum computing, and synthetic biology, and have invested a significant amount of money to develop the field. This is because they are aware that these technologies can provide them with an advantage.

But, is it fine to risk the essential judgments in comparison to money invested?

However, they claim that the whole new robotic judge is used as a desktop computer since it is able to analyze billions of data items in its database.

So, as per the data, the AI was developed based on thousands of lawsuits filed around the globe, from 2015 to 2020. As of now, the AI has been able to spot dangerous drivers, fraud with credit cards, and gambling activities, which includes fraud and theft.

Behind The Headlines: Concerns Over The Chinese “Robot Judges”

There are a lot of concerns regarding this new invention. The term “robot judges” people with the impression that somewhere around the globe, machines are replacing humans in the task of deciding cases.

While this new invention seems to bring out bright results in favor of the world, it does come with practical concerns as well! Read what’s the impact of this AI Judge behind the headlines in China! 

1. Is China Worried About The Efficiency Of AI Judge?

Of course, coming up with a new global model puts you into concerns, especially when you already have a controversial history regarding your past inventions.

That’s what’s happening in China right now. China does have come up with this grand move but somewhat the concern about its failure and non-effective working can be spotted clearly among the people of China!

As reported by Chinese Government  Officials, “It is for obvious reasons that it seems like there aren’t any independent research organizations that could permit us to objectively evaluate these reforms and the (positive and negative) results of these changes.”

This clearly shows the worries regarding the effective working of the China’s First AI Judge among the people!

2. Would It Be Fair To Introduce a Chinese “Robot Judge”?

In reference to the words by the Vice-President of the Hangzhou Internet Court, Ni Defeng in the opening video (starting at the minute at 0:45):

“What we’re doing right now isn’t understood as simply a way to improve efficiency. It also addresses the issue of justice in law. The speedier (justice) -it is (a) type of justice by itself since justice delayed means justice that is not served.”

Well, we are not sure about what you think, however, this statement gives the impression of efficiency being the most important value. It is easier to decide on claims with less expense. Fine but what is the reliability of decisions made and the needs of people?

It’s worrying that any system of justice (with or without AI) created with that mentality will not deliver the results we desire, especially if what we are looking for is justice done by and for everyone. People-centered justice.

It is important to remember that justice isn’t any less unfair if we are able to achieve the justice we deserve in just five minutes on an HD curving screen.

Can AI Be A Good Judge And Replace Human Judges?

Can AI Be A Good Judge And Replace Human Judges
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It obviously sounds weird that now AI will decide the good and bad for you! But Artificial justice is more effective than none at all, right? Is this morally logical?

A spokesperson from the Shanghai Pudong People’s Procuratorate, China’s most busy district prosecutor, who designed the machine, claimed that the use of technology “can assist in reducing prosecutor’s burden” and has the capability of “replacing the prosecutor in the process of making decisions” in certain instances.

Wrapping Up:

What’s your take on China’s new strategy to rule the legal world? Do share your comments below! Do spread the news with your friends. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How Effective Is The China’s First AI Judge Assumed To Be?

As of now, its accuracy is rated at 97%.

Q. Can Robots Be judges?

Over 3 million cases have been handled by China’s first AI Judge, which makes it look like a more impartial alternative to human justice.

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