Facebook Adds A New Screenshot Notification Feature! Beware Snoppers!

Today we trust screenshots more than what we hear in person from somebody. Taking screenshots and forwarding them to your friends sounds so fun, right? But don’t you think it’s a violation of someone else’s privacy? Most importantly what if the same happens to you? Huh! Lucky you! Facebook now offers a Snapchat-like Screenshot detection feature. Want to know more about Facebook Messenger Screenshot Notifications? 

No doubt, watching your leaked screenshots is so damn disturbing and annoying at the same time. Thanks to Facebook’s initiative to bring about this new screenshot notification alert on each conversation. By now you must be so curious to know how this feature works? 

Can you now tell if someone takes a screenshot of your chat on Facebook? As per announcements made by Meta, yes this works! Now every time someone tries to screenshot your conversation or any shared photograph, you’ll instantly get notified about their activity. Beware snoppers!

Adding this Facebook Messenger Screenshot Notifications feature is a great move by Facebook as it ensures privacy more than ever. So, if want to know how this screenshot feature works, and what other hidden features are added by Meta to the platform. 

Can You Tell If Someone Takes A Screenshot Of Your Chat On Messenger?

You must have noticed that when you send normal messages or disappearing messages to someone on Facebook, you don’t get notified if they take a screenshot of that text.

But it’s not the same for all social media platforms like Snapchat. As soon as someone takes a screenshot of the chat or the media you shared with them, you instantly get notified if you take a screenshot. 

Taking this privacy check into consideration, now Facebook Messenger has also enabled this feature on the platform. 

Meta Announces Snapchat Like Screenshot Detection Feature!

Meta Announces Snapchat Like Screenshot Detection Feature

On January 27th, 2022, the CEO of Meta made an announcement by sharing a post on Facebook. That post said:

According to Zuckerberg now, “A New update will be implemented to the platform, which includes end-to-end encrypted Messenger chats. There will also be instant message reactions feature just like Instagram. In addition to this, you get a new Snapchat Like Screenshot Detection Feature for disappearing messages.

How Will You Be Notified When Someone Takes A Screenshot On Messenger? 

You must be wondering how does Facebook Messenger Screenshot Notifications work? As mentioned earlier, the feature works in a very decent manner.

You must have noticed earlier that whenever you share a disappearing photo with someone, and the receiver tries to take a screenshot of the same, you were not notified.

But now, you’ll be notified every time your snap is getting screenshotted. 

Facebook And Privacy 

Facebook And Privacy

Facebook’s privacy policy makes it very clear that strict action will be taken against every miss-leaded activity on the user’s end. That means if you try to share hatred content, or spread abuse and misguiding content on the platform, you might end up losing your account. 

Also, you should remember that your privacy is totally in your hands. Don’t think that if you share some private conversation with a person, or share a private photo with someone, it will stay secure.

Although the conversations are end-to-end encrypted, that won’t stop the user from taking actions like a screenshot. So, better be doubly sure of the photos, videos, and text messages you share with your friends or strangers.

How To Use Facebook Secret Conversations?

Many of you must not be aware that Facebook offers you a secret chat room to talk to the other person. Every conversation done within the secret conversations will remain safe with the sender and receiver and Facebook only. No one else will have the access to those conversations.

Also, secret conversations on Facebook can only be opened on the device that was used to send them. Both the users should have enabled the secret conversations feature on their device to use it.

Now that you got an idea of what is Facebook secret conversations, here is how to use Facebook secret conversations feature:

  1. First of all make sure that you are using the latest version of Facebook Mressenger.
  2. Now Open the Facebook app on your phone. Go to the chat section.
  3. At the top right corner of the chat section, you’ll find an edit icon (opencil like icon). Click on it.
  4. At the top of the screen you’ll be given the secret chat option. Select Secret.
  5. Now select the person with whom you want to  create a secret conversation room from the given list of users.
  6. You can even select time limit for how long you want to make the messages private/secret.

Note: You should be aware that despite using the secret conversations feature, screenshots could not be avoided. So, your privacy is in your hand.

What Other Features Are Updated On Facebook

Along with bringing this amazing privacy protection feature where you instantly get notified when someone tries to take a screenshot of disappearing messages, there are many other features that the platform announced to introduce.

Here ate the new features that Facebook Messenger lets you enjoy now:

  1. End-to-end encryption for group chats and calls on Meta.
  2. Instant and quick message responses to messengers. 
  3. Addition of new GIFs and stickers.
  4. Screenshot notifications  on Facebook Messenger.

Apps That Notify You When Someone Takes A Screenshot

Apps That Notify You When Someone Takes A Screenshot

Just like Facebook added this new feature of screenshot notifications, there are many other apps that already have this existing feature for their users. The platforms that notify you with the screenshot message are:

  1. Snapchat – When chatting on Snapchat, you must have noticed that everytime you try to take a screenshot of the chat or the shared snaps, the sender instantly gets notified about your action. A notification written as “xyz user took a screenshot of your chat/photo” appears on the screen.
  2. Instagram – Just like Snpchat, when you share a disappearing message/photo on Instagram, and the receiver takes a screenshot of the same, you get notified. But the notification of screenshot is not same sa Snapchat. On Instagram you’ll see a buffering icon below the shared snap. When you’ll swiperight the messages, you can see there a message written as “screenshotted”.

Wrapping Up:

Facebook has always been the user’s favorite social platform for earning, sharing content, chatting, and enjoying some features like muting words on Facebook.

From time to time, the platform keeps adding new features for its users. Like Facebook is planning to bring Facebook NFT marketplace. 

Keeping the user’s privacy in mind, its CEO announced the implementation of the Facebook Messenger Screenshot Notifications feature, which was much needed. Now you can use the platform with more trust satisfaction.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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