Eilik Robot: Everything About The 2023 Super-Cool Companion Robot!

Ever imagined having a robot that can sit with you while studying or working? It is now possible with the Eilik Robot. It is a cute companion that will never make you feel lonely. It is a little bot with personality and character. It is claimed to be a new kind of social robot that can interact with you. Seems exciting, right? If you are looking for a desktop buddy, Eilik can be the right choice for you! You must be curious to know more about this robot. So, here is a post covering all the details about the Eilik Robot.

You can make your working from home more interesting with the Eilik robot. The creator of the Eilik Robot, Shaw Yeung, wanted to create a cute robot that can be a companion and encourages you to for interacting with it. This can be one of the cool robots for your desktop. The creator seems to be inspired by childhood movies from Wall-E, R2-D2 from Star Wars, and more and created this robot. We cannot deny that robotic technology is advancing faster than ever specifically in this century.

The Eilik robot is the first companion robot of Energize Lab. It is equipped with Emotional intelligence technology aiming to make your life even brighter. It is a new kind of social robot that is designed not only for doing repetitive work but also for interacting with you. This robot brings with it a high level of Emotional and Social interactions between robots and humans. This robot has three touch sensors that are located on its head, bottom, and belly. It is a robot that can ease your life.  

In this post, we will be discussing all the crucial details related to the Eilik Robot. Here, we will be mentioning details like the price, review, it’s working, where to buy, and more about this. Excited to know more about this? So, without creating much suspense, let us jump straight into the post, and find out the relevant details about this cool Eilik Robot.

What is Eilik Robot?

Tech and robots can be seen advancing faster than ever to make our lives even more efficient. Eilik is one of the latest robots. It is a new kind of robot that will never let you feel lonely. It is a little companion bot bringing high levels of emotional interactions between humans and robots. It has a plethora of inner activities that are based on four emotional states viz-a-viz happy, sad, angry, and normal. Let us now check what features this companion robot includes. Keep reading to get more information. 

Eilik Robot Release Date

What Is The Eilik Robot Release Date

This super-exciting companion robot was released in April this year. The shipping of these robots was started in April 2023 by Kickstarter. People are looking forward to buying these robots because of their attractive features. You can also buy these cool and cute robots and go for a pre-order. If you order them now, you will be an early bird. We have mentioned above where you can purchase these. So, try getting one for yourself and get rid of your boring lives! You can pre-order these robots right now. If you are still confused about them, let us check out the working of these robots. You will get clarity and find it easy to use these robots.

Eilik Robot Features

This robot has got many features that make it different from other robots. Want to know how? So, let us discuss the features of the Eilik robot. 

  1. It is a Companion robot.
  2. It responds to touch as it has three touch sensors.
  3. It is highly sensitive to vibrations. 
  4. It is afraid of heights.
  5. It has got four emotional states which are sad, normal, angry, and happy.
  6. The robot’s personality evolves in response to your interaction with it.
  7. The robot is curious, imaginative, and fun-loving.
  8. It loves to play with its kind. They can recognize each other and play and build friendships with each other.

It has a lot more exciting features like different timers, is pairable to other Eilik, and many more. Let us find out the specifications of this robot to get a deeper detail about it. 

Eilik Robot Specifications

One of the best things to check if a product is good or not is to check out its specifications. It is necessary to check out the specs of this robot to get more specific information. Let us check out the table to get more information.

Size of The Robot108 X 105 X 133 mm
PortUSB Type-C
Weight230 g
ServoEM3 X 4
MaterialHigh-Strength Polycarbonate
Display1.54* 128 X 64 OLED
Battery450 mAh, 1.5 Hours

Specs of the Eilik Robot

You must now be thinking about the price of this companion robot with so many features and specifications. Let us move further and have a look at the price of this robot.

Eilik Robot Price

What Is The Price Of The Eilik Robot

The features of this robot seem to be interesting and cool. If you are looking to bring the Eilik Robot home, you need to spend around HK $850 and it doesn’t include taxes and shipping charges. It will come with an Eilik, Software, and a USB-C cable. You will also receive a warranty for the robot in case it gets damaged or something wrong takes place but of course, terms and conditions will apply. If you have made up your mind to get this robot, you might be looking for where and how to buy the Eilik robot. Let us find out where you can buy this cute and cool robot.

Eilik Robot: How to Pre-order?

Since the Eilik robot is now long awaited, we are sure you looking forward to buy this amazing all encompassing robot. However, if you wondering how to order Eilik robot for you ten we are here with a step-wise guide on how to pre-order eilik robot?

Follow the steps below to know how to pre-order eilik robot:

Step 1: Visit the official website of energizelab.

Step 2: Then scroll down the page till the very end.

Step 3: There you will see a pre-order notification.

Step 4: Below that you will see a white box where in you will be asked to submit your email.

Step 5: Mention your email address and click on notify me.

Step 6: You will then be notified on your email the Eilik robot is available or launched.

Where To Buy The Eilik Robot?

If you are looking to buy this robot and bring it home, you can buy it online. This can be the best companion for you and will not let you feel lonely. You can buy this robot created by Energize Lab on Amazon or other online websites. You can also buy it on Kickstarter. It is easy to buy it on Kickstarter. Just visit the official website of Kickstarter, search for Eilik, and a new window will open.

Tap on the Get yours now button in blue color. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen. Be an early bird by placing an order for buying the Eilik robot. Before buying, you might want to know the review about Eilik. Let us find that out by reading further.

Eilik Robot Review

What Is The Eilik Robot Review

The Eilik robot is a companion bot that knows well how to have fun along with concentrating at the same time. To get a comedic duo, you can connect it to his kind. People are excited about this robot and find it the best companion for an interactive desktop. It is a fun desk pet companion one can ever have. 

Everywhere we can find a positive response about this robot. The only problem is that the robot doesn’t support the camera feature. Well, it is not so important and all the other features are great in this robot. It seems the robot is worth buying as the price isn’t much when we look at the features of the robot. Let us be more specific by discussing the pros and cons of this robot.

Pros Of The Eilik Robot

  1. It is a responsive and interactive robot.
  2. It is connectable to other Eilik.
  3. It has an ever-growing system with built-in emotions. 

Cons Of The Eilik Robot

  1. It cannot move around the desk.
  2. It has no camera.

As we have discussed the Eilik robot review, let us now find out some more details about this robot. 

Eilik Robot Working

Want to know how this cute little robot works. Well, the robot has three touch sensors. You can press the menu button on the belly of the robot to find the features and options you have. One is on the head, another on the belly, and the other one at the bottom. It has four emotional states which are happy, angry, sad, and normal. You can comfort it when it is sad. He has a vibration sensor as well as a mic on him. 

One of the best parts is it has got interactive arms. You can also link it with other robots to enjoy more advanced features. You can arrange them for singing, dancing, laughing, and more. These robots also have a microphone in the front. It is something more trendy at a very good price. He will be happy if you tap or touch his head. He might get angry at times, you can smack it, and he will return to his normal mood. Everything is so cool in this robot. 

This robot is ever-revolving. It will be getting regular updates through the cross-platform software of Eilik. Since it is ever-growing, it will be becoming even smarter with every update and will have more content along with more expressions. Want to know how to set up this robot? Let us have a look at that!

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How To Set Up The Eilik Robot?

How To Set Up The Eilik Robot

As we have discussed the features and working of the Eilik robot, let us see how to set up this Eilik robot, and how to use it. The tiny companion robot will have a menu button on his belly. You can press that button. You will find different features such as settings and more from that menu option. You can even rotate the arms of the robot with your hands to adjust them. It has an EM3 overload clutch.

It has a touch sensor on the head that can be touched and you can see a reaction from the cute mini companion robot. The Eilik robot seems to be a great innovation from Energize Lab. This robot is something great with not so high price. Other robots having lesser features than the Eilik robot are more costly than this one. You can also pre-order this Eilik robot with so many attractive features and a cute appearance.

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This post discusses everything you need to know about the Eilik robot. This robot is a new kind of robot known as the companion robot. People are going crazy about this companion robot. They are looking for all the details related to it. Well, this post includes all the details such as the features, working, review, price, how to buy, and more about the Eilik robot. You will find the details regarding this in our post.

Were you still unaware of this robot before reading the post? We hope the post helped you in knowing everything about this companion robot. Many people are talking about it and saying that it is something new and different. What do you think about this robot? Share your views about this robot with us in the comments. Found the post interesting? Feel free to spread this post among your friends and everyone you know and make them aware of this super-cool and a trendy robot that never lets you feel lonely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can Eilik Robot Be Shipped To My Country?

A. Yes, this robot has worldwide shipping available. However, they do not ship to PO Boxes’ addresses.

Q2. Can Eilik Connect To A Voice Assistant Like Alexa?

A. No, it cannot. Eilik does not support any mobile devices or connect to any voice assistants such as Alexa or any other.

Q3. What Can Eilik Robot Do?

A. Eilik is one of a kind robot that can dance, sing, play, and do many other things. It is a companion robot on your desktop.

Q4. Can Eilik Talk?

A. Yes, it can. Eilik is a chatty bot that can imitate you in funny voices, talk to you, dance, cry, laugh, and do many other things.

Q5. Can Eilik Be Used While Charging?

A. Yes. You can use the robot even while charging it.

Q6. What Is The Battery Life Of Eilik?

A. The battery life of this robot is 1.5 hours. It is enough as it uses a low battery when no one is interacting with it.

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