How To Display Current Date On Google Calendar App Icon | Easy Steps To Follow!

If you’ve recently downloaded the Google Calendar app then you might have noticed that constant “31” date on the app icon irrespective of the actual date! Obviously, us being us, we want to change that 31 to the current date and that’s what this whole article is about! Let’s see how to display the current date on Google Calendar app icon! or how google calendar icon show date.

iPhone, Android, or iPad, no matter what kind of phone you use, the Google Calendar app is our go-to when it comes to setting a reminder for our daily tasks and important events. The app has an easy user interface and we can stay updated about upcoming events without any trouble. However, we still aren’t satisfied! We want an upgraded app icon that will regularly update the date just like our default calendar apps. But is that even possible?

If your Google calendar app icon doesn’t display the current date, stop blaming the app! The problem here lies in the default launcher of our phone which doesn’t support this feature! Thus, if you still wish to see the current date without opening the Google Calendar app itself, then change your default launcher! Come let’s dig in more about the google calendar app that shows date on icon.

The steps are pretty easy to follow and if you pay close attention to them, your job will be done soon. Let’s see how you can do that! to know more about how will google calendar icon show date.

Google Calendar Overview

Google apps suite has come up with a number of easy-to-use, free apps that have made our job extremely smooth. Such a Google Suite app is “Google Calendar!”

Google Calendar as the name suggests has been developed by Google INC. that provides us with services to manage and schedule our events. We can set reminders on the app to keep us updated about upcoming events, birthdays, etc. Google calendar automatically syncs information from our Gmail accounts and automatically adds reminders from the same.

Initial ReleaseBeta- April 13, 2006, General- July 2009
PlatformWeb, Android, iOS
TypeElectronic Calendaring

Google Calendar Initial Release

Google Calendar was initially released on 13 April 2006.

As we know that before the actual launch of any application a Beta testing version of the application is launched. So, the Beta version of the Google Calendar was released on 13 April 2006. The first stable version of the application was released in the month of July 2019.

How To Display Current Date On Google Calendar App Icon On Android?

Are you wondering how to show the date on google calendar icon? Well, here is the answer for you!! Although a great service provider, the Google Calendar app has become a hot topic due to an entirely different reason. The hot topic is regarding the icon of google calendar icon show date! 

People want the app to change its iconic “31” app icon display date to current dates and where many Android users can do it with ease, iPhone or iPad users can’t! That’s the reason why the Google Calendar team has been working on the issue and good news might already be on our way!

Nevertheless, if you’re an Android user and still don’t know how to change the Google Calendar’s app icon to display the current date, then know it now! Know how to display the current date on the Google app icon without any hassle! Below are the steps of how to display google calendar icon show date iPhone:

Step 1: Install the Google Calendar App from the Google Play Store App.

How To Display Current Date On Google Calendar App Icon On Android

If you don’t have a Google Calendar app, then first you need to make sure that you download the same from Play Store or other trusted sites. Some pirated apps have some issues with them which aren’t safe to use. 

Step 2: By default, your Google Calendar App will be showing “31” on the app icon. To change it to the current date, you need to install another launcher like “Nova launcher”.

nova launcher

On Android phones, the default launchers like “Huawei Home” in the case of “Huawei” phones, restrict and modify how apps appear on our home screen. So it is natural that your Google Calendar isn’t showing the current display and this isn’t even the app’s fault. To tackle such a problem, you have to install another app launcher and change it to default. this calendar app that shows date on icon will help you to solve your issue how to make google calendar show current date.

Step 3: To make sure that your app icon shows the current display date, install “Nova launcher” from the Google Play Store app.

Open the Google Play Store app and type “Nova Launcher” in the search box. After the app appears, click to install and wait till it fully downloads.

Step 4: After Nova Launcher is downloaded. Go to the settings of your phone and check your default launcher app to change it to Nova Launcher.

phone setting to change google calendar app icon

Once your app is downloaded, go to the settings of your phone and check the default launcher of your phone. To do that, go to “Apps” in the settings and then search for the “Home screen” or “launcher” app. If you have a Huawei phone, then go to the “Default apps” option. There you’ll find “launcher” and in the launcher, two options will appear. One will be your default launcher and the other will be “Nova Launcher”.

Step 5: Set Nova Launcher as the default launcher and customize the settings according to your wishes.

change default launcher to nova launcher

You can choose a theme of your choice and after making the necessary changes that you’d like to see on your home screen, hit on the “Apply” button”.

Step 6: Once you change your default launcher to Nova, the Google Calendar app icon date will also start showing the current date instead of “31”.

After you change your default launcher, your home screen appearance will also change. However, this will let you see the current date on the Google Calendar without actually opening the app. Thus, these were the steps of how to change date on calendar icon.

Can Google Calendar Show Date On Icon?

By default, the Google Calendar app icon on Android telephone doesn’t show the present date. Above we have mentioned the steps of how to display google calendar icon show date iPhone.

Why Does Google Calendar Icon Shows Wrong Date?

If your calendar icon not showing the correct date, then there could some solid reason. The reason the Google Calendar app icon does not display the current date is that the default “launcher” on your Android phone does not support this feature. To fix this problem, replace the default app “launcher” with the Nova Launcher app. This will help you to solve your issue google calendar icon shows wrong date on android.

Summing Up

Our default launcher makes it impossible for us to see the current date on our Google Calendar app icon. So if you wish to see the current date on your Google Calendar app, then install another launcher and make it your default. After setting another launcher as your default, your Google Calendar app icon will automatically start displaying the current date. You can install “Nova Launcher” as your default to display the current date on Google Calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Display Current Date On Google Calendar App Icon On iPhone?

Google Calendar app icon can be changed by changing the default launcher. However, this feature isn’t available on the iPhone. You can’t change your default launcher in iOS unlike Android and thus, it is not possible to change your Google Calendar app icon to the current date. The Google Calendar team is reviewing this issue and will certainly make the feature available to the iPhone users of the Google Calendar app and until then, let’s be patient.

How Do I Go To A Specific Date In Google Calendar?

There’s an easy trick to find a specific date or event on the Google Calendar app! You can simply ask your Google Assistant to list out the events or schedules of a particular month and VOILA! You’ll get your answer in a matter of seconds.

How Do I Update My Google Calendar?

To update your Google Calendar app, go to your Google Play Store and check for updates. If your app needs an update, the same will show, and thus, click on the update button. Once the update is finished, your app will restart with an updated version. Also, you should know that while an app is being updated, you can’t really use it until the update is fully downloaded and installed. 

Can Google Calendar App Icon Show Current Date?

No, the Google Calendar app icon does not show the current date, because of the default launcher. To fix this you need to replace the default app launcher with Nova app launcher.

How To Change Date On Calendar App?

Open the Google Calendar app and now tap on Menu  Settings. After that tap on General to change the start of the week, device time zone, default event duration, and other settings.


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