Discord Slash Commands Not Working – How To Fix?

The innovative and fun new method for creating and utilizing bots on Discord is called Slash Commands. With Slash Commands, all you need to do to start using your preferred bot is type /. You may be familiar with several bots like Discord Birthday Bot, Midjourney Discord Bot, and Discord TTS Bot to name a few, which make you familiar with Discord Slash Commands too. But, face it, Discord Slash Commands not working – what happened?

Whenever you need to add a bot to Discord or you may need to create one unique bot, what you will need is slash commands. Slash Commands are a brand-new, fun way to create and communicate with bots on Discord. All you need to do to utilize your preferred bot with Slash Commands is enter /. Yes! You may wonder, but it is as simple as that. But, what if Discord Slash Commands not working? 

Earlier we were familiar with text commands, which was not bad but certainly needed good memorization. All the time you have to write exact commands for the bot. but the slash command brings up a list and you just have to pick the right command from the suggestions! Unfortunately, most of the Discord users (read all!) are recently facing Discord Slash Commands not working issue. How to resolve it? Check out the possible solutions for slash commands not working Discord.

How Does Slash Commands Work? 

When and if you are confronting the Discord Slash Commands not working issue, you must check for the solution. However, first, how much do you know about slash commands? Learn how slash commands work, and only then you will understand how to fix the Discord Slash Commands not working issue. 

Until now, every Discord user who has used a bot has communicated with it through text commands, which require the user to input (or occasionally guess) the precise command that the bot requires to operate. 

We recognize that bots are just as crucial to Discord as text chat, voice channels, gifs, and emojis and that they can provide an unbelievable amount of value to servers. We wanted to make them equally simple and intuitive to use because of this. With Slash Commands, you may now access a list of commands that the bot can execute by simply typing a slash (“/”).

Discord Slash Commands Not Working

As a result, consumers will not only be more aware of all the commands your bot is capable of, but they will also be able to see new functions as you add them. To ensure they can get it correctly the first time, especially on mobile (you now have one more ally in the battle against your phone’s autocorrect), we have also added validation, error states, and helpful UI.

People who use screen readers and other assistive settings will be able to use your bot as easily as they browse the rest of Discord thanks to the inclusion of Slash Commands, which also contributes to increased accessibility.

Discord Slash Commands Not Working – How To Fix? 

Remember that the slash commands are still in beta on many discords (including MEE6), where some inconsistencies are expected before we move on to debugging. You can always use the legacy version of the command, such as! rank. However, considering the level of the issue, here are the three possible solutions for you:

Method 1: Primary Solution

Step 1: the first step to resolve the Discord Slash commands not working issue – select your server from your discord account. Open the Settings now, and disable the Slash Commands at the bottom of the page. Turn it back on after a 24-hour wait.

Step 2: Go to the plugin that isn’t appearing in Slash List, scroll down to the commands, and disable them all if the first method didn’t work. Then, after another 24 hours, switch it back on. For instance, if you can’t find the commands /rank and /or levels, go to the Levels plugin and disable the commands, wait 30 minutes, and then enable it again.

Step 3: Next, go to your dashboard’s settings and disable the Slash Commands if the first two procedures didn’t work. After that, go to your server, right-click Custom Bot, remove it from the server, and then add it again through your dashboard. Turn on the slash commands once more after waiting 24 hours. Throughout the third phase, all data will be saved.

Method 2: Developer Portal Basic

Step 4: Select your application by going to the Discord developer portal (aka Custom Bot). Open the Bot tab next, and if all three of the Privileged Gateway Intents options are not already selected, select them. Code to require should not be enabled.

Scroll up right now to regenerate or reset the token. Copy the new token next, and make sure the Window Popup Blocker is not turned on in your browser’s settings (Discord uses it to invite your custom bot back). Then go to your dashboard, select MEE6/custom bot from the blue face menu, paste the new token there, invite it, and everything should be finished.

Remember that you will need 2FA enabled on the Discord Account owning the Custom Bots as well (Discord disables a lot of functionality when it’s not synchronized; you can verify by visiting the server settings -> Moderation -> bottom of the page). Now try Level 1 troubleshooting; it ought to work. If your discord bot slash commands not showing keep reading.

Method 3: Developer Portal Advanced

Step 5: This is the final step to resolve – The discord Slash commands not working issue. Select your application by going to the Discord developer portal. Go directly to OAuth2, choose URL Generator, and then select the top option that reads as follows:

– bot – applications.commands

The final choice is at the bottom:

– Administrative

Copy and paste the newly created link into your browser after it has been formed. Then, invite your bot (yep, we’re “double inviting” it) by permitting it once more, and your issue ought to be resolved. Not to mention that, Discord only permits 200 slash commands to be modified every day, so take care not to update the commands too frequently.

Hope your discord commands not working is solved now!!

Wrapping Up

Now that you are almost done reading the article, you have already explored all the possibilities to resolve the Discord Slash commands not working issue. The methods discussed in this article are used by the experts. However, if none of the aforesaid solutions works for you, let me know in the comment box. Meanwhile, here are some Discord server suggestions for you: Valorant Discord Server, MultiVersus Discord, and Meowbahh Discord Server to name a few. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Discord Forcing Slash Commands?

Due to Discord’s decision to stop sending raw messages as of April 2022, bots on more than 75 servers are now required to use slash commands. So stop typing “! pause” and other commonly used phrases.

Q2. How Do You Enable Slash Commands In Discord Server?

On your Discord server, install the Slash Command following the steps below: 

  1. On the Discord Developer Portal, visit the OAuth2 portion of the Discord application page.
  2. applications you want. Click the Copy button below to copy the commands’ scope.
  3. Paste the URL into your browser now, and go there. Click on Authorize after selecting your server.

Q3. Why Can’t I Use Slash Commands In Discord?

If your app doesn’t have any slash commands, your developer hasn’t yet made the switch. You can contact them or visit their support page to let them know as life can get busy and they may be juggling a lot.

Q4. Can Bots Use Slash Commands Discord?

Slash orders can never be carried out by bots because only people have the ability to initiate interactions.

Q5. Is There A Limit On Slash Commands?

Unlike messages (2000/4000), slash command options do not have a length restriction. The API will process it as long as you keep pasting and altering the option to add more characters.

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